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  1. Set up forms page

    Added Skittlez to help out this "tiny project".
  2. Set up forms page

    Changed Progress to 25
  3. Set up forms page

    Changed Priority to Low
  4. Set up forms page

    Sort the cluttered forms page out and set it similar like this. No ETA as of now.
  5. You can buy Java Edition here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/ As for Minecraft, it sounds like to me that @Remuchu and the MC staff team are actively working on both Survival and Prison.
  6. Have you done anything regarding to a discord bot on Python, especially discord.py rewrite?
  7. Update: I bought Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu. Pricey, but I got it at $40 roughly thanks to gamestop gift card. Game list expansion will be coming on June, and I will be planning to buy Mario Maker, Super Mario Deluxe, and a couple other things that I have yet to decide (e.g., BOTW, Mario Odyssey).
  8. You didn't use comic sans. Entering for the giveaway. Xy: idk what you talking about
  9. This is possible for our RedBot to do this instead of Tatsumaki. The only issue is that it may require MongoDB, and I am not sure if it may support on one of our machines. I can look into this and get the cog implemented on RedBot. Keep in mind that the bot has a plugin-ish system, so we could have one of our developers build a custom cog if I cannot find it, but I'm fairly sure that it exists somewhere else.
  10. I will be using comic sans, and there is nothing you can do to stop me from doing it.

    1. Korowa
    2. Roy


      Continue using it and get demoted.


      Just kidding, love you @Ben!

  11. Do you have a backup of a discord bot that you worked on? I would like to see it. What was it about?
  12. Do you mind showing me your work with Discord.py bots? And have you heard of Discord.py rewrite?
  13. I usually only reply to Developer applications depending if they have knowledge with Python. With that said, have you done anything regarding Discord bots with Python?
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