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  1. Depends on the city/town you're going to live in Washington. I've recently visited Seattle for Alaska cruise in late May to early June. Went in the city to see Space Needle, museums, etc. If you're going to be in Seattle, I'd recommend: Museum of Pop Culture - it has video games areas, and it is pretty fun trying out those indie games. Glass museum if you're into it. Space Needle for the viewing Northgate mall. It has a movie theatre, AMC supposedly - I visited there to stop for the movie, some shopping, and lunch.
  2. Hi! I've bought PS4 Pro yesterday, and it is arriving tomorrow, which comes with 3 games as a bundle: Uncharted collection, The Last of Us, and Marvel's Spider-Man. I am planning to buy one more game at $60 (probably RDR2). So with that said, in August, I'm planning to buy a couple of games - Madden and probably one random multiplayer games. I suppose, to find out what games y'all have for multiplayer, I would like to try to play together as much as possible. Questions for y'all: What games do you currently have? Do you have PlayStation Plus? Additionally: What game do you recommend me to get in order to play multiplayer? I will figure things out as soon as I get PS4 Pro. I will probably purchase online subscriptions for this month and then get yearly subscription. P.S.: I am deaf, so if you intend to play PS4 online with me, keep that in mind.
  3. Bought PS4 Pro, will arrive in 2 days. Does anyone else have PS4?

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      I have PS4 but don't really play on it

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      i have ur mom on my dick ha ha 

    4. Finnick
  4. I think this was a trend when it comes to 3DS. They wanted to shift focus to make Switch Lite more portable - handheld consoles, so I kind of get why they're doing this. I might buy this console despite that I have original Switch, depending on the review, which I intend to wait
  5. It is reportedly cheap, $199 to be exact.
  6. Thoughts? This is interesting.
  7. Sandwiches. I typically buy lunch meat (turkey, roast beef, honey ham, etc.) and cheese whenever I can. Also, I sometimes have them grilled. Dinner can be anything on the menu in the house.
  8. Netflix: Riverdale Anne with an E The Umbrella Academy Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Drama and Supernatural Horror) Those show average about almost an hour or so per episodes.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, everybody. I've made my decision to go with iPhone XS. The battery size itself won't be a problem, as I intend to change phone every 2 years or so (or until I think the phone is slowly dying).
  10. Thanks for answering. One more - how's your battery capacity? You can find it in your settings. Ok, thanks for answering. I don't want a phone where my pocket can feel full and get uncomfortable sometimes (depends on the type of pants I wear lol). Why did you pick XS Max over XR and XS when your hand is small?
  11. How's your pocket with iPhone XS Max? Does it feel full?
  12. Going to deny this ban appeal, with the reasoning above said by @motorsteak. Come again later. Closed
  13. Are you a heavy phone user? What's your average of battery life for iPhone XS, and when did you get it? Thanks for the suggestion, by the way.
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