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  1. I'd like to also mention that because of this opportunity, TF2 is expanding a little bit with two more servers being hosted on one of those listed machines. Thread can be found below:
  2. Hello everyone. This division will be expanded with the three servers, they are expected to be worked for within next couple of weeks. The following gamemodes for this expansions will be: Hightower 2 Trade Turbine Hightower 2 will be completed as early as possible this week. No estimated date as of now, @Pedro will announce the launch on those two new servers.
  3. NFL: Carolina Panthers MLB: N/A, just like the sports in general. Watches locally on the Braves. NBA: Brooklyn Nets (this coming season, haven't become a fan of NBA teams until now.) NHL: Carolina Hurricanes (did not watch, but I like Carolinas professional team NCAA: Clemson Tigers - since 2009 The day MLB announces expansions into the Carolinas is the day I'm becoming fan of it. Otherwise, no favorites so far. NBA is something I'd like to take it up - watch the Nets when TNT is broadcasting and follow scores, game after game.
  4. What games on Switch do you have?
  5. I'm still trying to seek anyone that owns Nintendo Switch, previous post was in April this year. There is the overall games I got: Rocket League Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Pokemon Let's go Pikachu Minecraft Super Mario Bros. Deluxe - purchased in June Super Mario Odyssey - purchased in June Assassin's Creed 3 - purchased in June Super Mario Maker 2 - purchased today Bold includes the game bought since my post. I don't believe I'll be buying anything more this year. Kind of wanted to look for a friend to play if they have Mario Kart, SMM2 (patch was earlier this week to include friends in co-op play) and Rocket League.
  6. To not even go off-topic a little bit more further, I made a thread for Climate Change in order for the thread to not get hijacked: Let's get the thread on topic, please.
  7. To prevent this previous thread being hijacked, I decided to make this thread. I'll state what I said in the other thread: If you notice something else as evidence this year, we have had heat records in Europe, Alaska, and even a few of those northernmost place on earth. There are a few more things to note with evidence if you Google this, but it is fairly easy to realize that we're causing climate change too quick, which we are undergoing mass extinction event. Now, this is open to discuss - what is your thoughts and opinion on Climate Change and other issues like overpopulation? Do you think that it is happening right now, or is it something different?
  8. It's not worth having an opinion about everything else. A few thing that are worth sharing opinions: something you like, e.g. A product, a game, a genre of something you do, and things that affects you. Sharing an opinion on something that doesn't affect you (e.g., eating food, people being religious, etc.) is kind of unnecessary. You're just wasting your time sharing it when others doesn't need your opinion unless they've asked. Climate change, as example is something that affects us. I believe that it is already happening and evidence is everywhere. Another example of something that affects us is overpopulation, which is also happening. We need to combat that and take control of populations, encourage others to use protection.
  9. Not really, I'm Christian too, and I've met some weirdest Christians on internet. This conspiracy theory guy told me some weird stuff like Hollywood actors worshipping the devil and that Earth is flat. I refused to listen/accept the belief and he immediately tells me that I'm denying the truth and that I can't handle it.
  10. I would recommend to use a different custom gamemode rather than other types of 2Fort or HighTower for time being. I wanna see how successful would it be if we went into a gamemode like DeathRun, DodgeBall, or Combat Surf.
  11. Favorite games, not in order: Sims 2 Sims 3 Sims 4 Marvel's Spider-Man Assassin's Creed III (only played this game, nothing so far for previous) Minecraft GMod CS:GO RDR2 Mario Kart 8 Super Mario 64 Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Maker 1 Madden NFL series NCAA Football 14 NBA2k12 GTA San Andreas GTA IV GTA v Skyrim TF2 RuneScape Golf With Your Friends (solo ftw)
  12. Got up and finally decided to get a haircut. Not too bad this time.
  13. General Ban Appeal

    You are more of an annoyance than good, appeal denied.
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