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  1. Keep being strong and put your head up, and don't let anyone take control of your mind. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. Thanks everyone for your opinion and recommendations. I decided that I will be going with Note 8. Not only for camera, but for my daily usages. Given the fact, once I switch, I will not change phones for 2-3 years, unless told otherwise. Phones with better performance and duration is always best choice.
  3. The director of this film is actually the guy who directs horror movies. From what I've seen on other rumors, this is LIKELY to be scariest and darkest out of all films that this series had. I cannot wait.
  4. Ok, I'll look into it but I'm not entirely sure if they'd rig the phone to be slow after a system update for newer models. I'm not a rich guy who upgrades ever 6 months. I just want a phone that can last longer over 2 years or more, and iPhone 7 plus will not help as Apple make and sell models so often. S8 looks like it's good enough so far. I actually forgot to reply your post but... is there any other features other than long battery life?
  5. Thanks for your input. What about other android phones? What features do they have, listed in my OP? All of it? What about the battery life with Discord, or its browser? And how come you've switched from S8 Plus? I've noticed that Note 8 had a pen featured. I was planning to look at the complete review, so I could either drop it and go with another Android phone. Thanks, I'll look into it. Since you are still using it, do you mind telling me what's the battery life, esp. with Discord(if you're using it)?
  6. Any features included on what I listed on OP? Interesting, I'll look more into this.
  7. Ok, so I plan to switch to Android in January 2018 for several reasons. I want to take on Android that lasts longer, and because of that, Apple phone won't be taking control of it In a way that I won't be rushed to have a notification of new updates The way that you can customize everything, like getting a messaging app that will act like iMessages However... please keep in mind, I am not switching to Android just because I hate iPhone. I like it because of how simple it is. and how useful it would be. I am just tired of having the fact that they rig iOS to slow down your phone and the fact that materials will not last very long. Let's get down on the list. I want an Android that... lets you customize lock screen, unlock like numpads, patterns, and slide, and some other thing that I didn't know. Better camera Will last longer like 2 years or so Won't rig the system to slow down the phone for $$$ Ability to play some games on phone, including RuneScape. Released in either 2016 or 2017 I won't get all in one, but if it did have several features listed above, then I will get it. The current phone I am interested in is Note 8. I might lean towards to Samsung Galaxy S8. Keep in mind, if I find any of you people trashing Apple or posting off-topic, I will report your post.
  8. If we're going to post more emoticon suggestions, I may as well as give this a try - I won't mind if this emoticon will get rejected - at least it's in public discord. :bendab:
  9. When it comes to a restaurant? Most of the time, every place I go, my bill is usually around $7 to $12 -- which comes to a problem. I usually tip around 40 to 60%, which people tell me that it's too much. Generally, when it comes to a rule, "If you can't afford to tip, then you shouldn't go to restaurant" and some other heavy debates on tipping, which some have encouraged me to tip more than 20% because it's too small. When I put 20%, I end up checking about $1.50 - $3.00. Which I believe is too small. Feel free to change my view on tipping. So the general question of the topic: How much do you tip?
  10. Gotchu :yes:
  11. Congrats to you both!
  12. That’s different. is a official link that is used by the Discord. What I am saying is that being partnered will give us more perks towards to the server and will increase and encourage more people to join the server.
  13. The goal for Discord is to get it partnered. We are already qualified to apply, which shouldn’t hurt. Once accepted, the permanent link would be - while the advertisement is like this, we should get partnered by discord. It will give Roy a free discord perks like nitro, access to partner server ran by Discord staff.
  14. Before GFL, @Thomasdavid097 and I used to hang out on IRC, played on my small MC community, which lasted 2 years or so, and roamed around on Minecraft Classic. I introduced him into GFL when I told him on IRC about ZE. Before MC, I used to play RS like a nerd, playing all day in my own style
  15. You better get well soon. I don’t want @Thomasdavid097 to be only Australian on GFL above VIP.