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  2. One thing you forgot to mention: If you accidentally left click with the builder gun in link mode, and you want to cancel a link, look at a non-luminfx prop and right click. That will cancel the link & won't cause as much frame lag (frame lag due to linking, I get some, pretty sure others do too).
  3. Why not just remove signature access to the select few that can't be trusted then?
  4. Suggestion to remove signature limit. Just tell anyone who's signature is too big to add a spoiler to make it smaller. Liloz's signature is the perfect example of it. I don't think many people's signatures are up to these specs, especially those who have it since before it was updated to this smallness.
  5. I've finished the Discord icon, not satisfied with the outcome, and nothing comes to mind, so I'll just be sticking to the YT banner(s). Once finished I'll upload a picture along with a google drive folder with the PSD and any images I used for the creation of the banner(s).
  6. https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/inlinesave this could be used as one, technically. Just save the format you want to use as the first line, and it should start writing every post you do with that format, no?
  7. Still working on this, some personal things came up today so it'll be a bit delayed.
  8. Don't non-vips also have access to the boosts? I know for a fact Genetic Researcher job doesn't evolve solely on giving people SARS, Ebola and COVD, because I rarely use those whenever I'm Genetic Researcher, because it usually leads to the diseases being spread for about 2 hours.
  9. In my opinion non VIP should get non-contagious diseases, cold is contagious but it's shit. Explosive headache and eye cancer should be added to Member+. That way there aren't annoying diseases being spread around.
  10. Take it back a notch to when it was "Sad, Confused, Thanks, Winner, Like", this is my suggestion, others have suggested bringing back Poggers or Hyppers. This wasn't made in bad faith, I'd love to have something to react other than "Like". If I find a post laughable, Poggers. If I find a post helpful, Thanks/Winner/Like. If I find a post that I don't understand, Confused. Sure, you can use reactions to shit on people, same goes with posts. Why leave a comment saying "confused" when you can leave the confused reaction ❓ Or we could have an array of different emotes: Helpful ✅ Not Helpful ❌ Funny 😂 Sad 😢 16/22 people want emotes back.
  11. I do recall in the post Liloz saying something about re-adding reactions.
  12. Sars, ebola and covid are all cancerous. The reason why they're VIP is so that some random kid doesn't join, create the virus, then leave. That would force someone to become Genetic Researcher, if they previously didn't want to be it. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun role, but when I want to be a Black Market Dealer, or a thief, I don't want to be a GR. Considering we hand out Membership like candy, VIP for viruses is the best course of action.
  13. What about hypers and poggers and omegalul, those were the best
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