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  1. this is almost as bad as coronavirus what are we ever going to do without the milk
  2. how about perma trial the revenge of perma trial @Pyros
  3. Whats the point of the shotgun if it doesn't shoot rubber bullets?
  4. Can you send me your IP via DMs? Or maybe link all your accounts, this one doesn't have any bans on it. If you're using a VPN to try and connect, VPN usage was disabled (you can't connect with a VPN), I would suggest turning it off & trying to join.
  5. @Fertility im gonna have to say no to that one dog
  6. Is this when you squeeze the old blackberry phones & that tasty battery juice comes out?
  7. imagine being breach admin 😷😷
  8. Unbanning because it's been over a year. Your next 1w offense ban is perma & it won't be appealable.
  9. @Pyros unbans aren't registering through MC
  10. Alright, since this is a surf timer ban, and not a TTT MC ban, I'm going to move this to the right location. @FrenZy not sure if this one applies to you.
  11. The steamid provided isn't banned. Can you provide your steam URL?
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