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  1. @MilkMan wanna add the fortnite one to ttt?
  2. id remove that last req. some people dedicate their lives to gfl
  3. @RickGrimesTM arent you going to respond to the guy's post? gay
  4. I can aimbot you and kill you faster
  5. There is normal disguiser, and there's advanced disguiser
  6. I'd honestly not be against it. I would say make it a 1 use item, and also make it if an inno picks it up, they can revive people, since it's an item. Innos could potentially use it on a detective. Another item could be advanced disguiser (like in ttt2), where it's a knife and it steals people's identities, so if I knife @flyingjoe32 with it, then it makes my name @flyingjoe32
  7. Correction to your status, you're the Media Team Co-Team Leader


    please fix so you don't confooz peopl

  8. I did the original set of badges, Katie probably got the psd file from Xy and created them. Xy wanted badges that would be considered new, though I could always create the same rectangle boxed look that all the other badges have, the gradient dark to light, grey-ish outline, and splat of color behind the letters. Xy wanted something that said "GFL" on it.
  9. Can you show some examples of GFX? Also, your activity within the forums isn't all that good. I would like it if by the end of this coming week, (Sunday, September 16) you have more than 1 post (the Media Team app), and actually got acquainted with the community. Also, looking forward for the GFX examples, as you put that as one of your roles you want.
  10. She messaged me privately. She asked me to close this.
  11. http://paypal.me/basajr There's a PayPal link to my account. Thanks bud!! Anyways, if you need anything else, just DM me on here or on Discord. I'll also work on a different background, and get you something that isn't white. I'll probably work with gradients and with some other kinds of backgrounds. I'm more of a sci-fi person, so I'll look for a more space-y background (seen in my signature), but if you're into something else, tell me and I'll work with that and send it to you on here/Discord.