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  1. Hey @Leks idk if you saw my message because you left the Discord, but you should join this discord: https://discord.gg/xdHUd8V
  2. Roy has 3 letters, Gay has 3 letters Roy is gay
  3. I read the resignation & I agree as well as disagree with some things: Agree: - Council had to go, the current council members weren't doing shit (most of them), and it was just a role that had power, but didn't do shit. It had no involvement in the teams, unless needed, and it had no involvement in the game servers, so it was technically a Director 2.0. - Transparency, this was a huge reason for me resigning as well, I couldn't stand changes being done to Media Team while I was still leader & some random-ass guy joins my Team's Discord to change shit up, not only didn't consult the members/leaders, but had removed roles & other shit all without talking with anyone. A nice warning that this would've happened would've been nice. I can see where you're coming from, as well as the short, dry responses I got from everyone involved in the changes, and the confusion created by people who mixed information & omitted information, and just blatantly tried causing chaos & making the staff team look toxic. Disagree: - Your claim about toxicity. There's a difference between being toxic and disagreeing with someone. You can either be civil and disagree with someone, or you can full blown insult them & degrade them as people for bringing up a topic. Here I'll show you an example: Director>Let's remove Council as it's a useless role Council>>No fuck you, you stupid fucking nigger, you don't know what you're talking about or Director>Let's remove Council as it's a useless role Council>>I agree that there are some things useless about the role, but give it some time for us to show you that this role is worth keeping. If you remove it, I'd totally understand. - The claim of how Council was removed. I can see that you were in internal and you probably know more about me (pf idk do you? ), but it was done that way because it NEEDED to be done that way. The many people I've asked about what happened have all told me that there was an extreme amount of toxicity within the Internal Discord, mostly revolving around the ex-Council members. I don't see how you could have a role that is straight bashing every opinion that a Director does, but at the same time does NOTHING, except play Rust when you're supposed to be working. (This is a reference to some Council members that would show that they're online in Discord, it said they were playing Rust, and wouldn't respond to pings). I can see why the role itself was removed, the Council weren't doing shit. - Going back to toxicity, I don't agree that the GFL Community should be toxic toward Directors. It's like the left trying to argue something Trump does as negative, like the wall. Watch this video if you disagree with building the wall. Also while you're at it, make sure to unlock your front door and prop it open when you sleep at night, maybe you'll see the benefit of having Trump's wall. Because of the amount of toxicity there is in GFL now, compared to when GFL was in it's prime, I can say that banning toxic kids is a good move, especially when they're the reason people leave this community, or resign from positions. Contradicting what people say isn't toxic, it's the way it's represented. Here's an example of a toxic comment:
  4. you forgot to tag the rest of the directors like @X2D @Ralsei and @Snoopy
  5. You've been a bad boi, you need a whippin jk
  6. My Xbox name is AUTISTCsquirrel I should automatically get it for funniest/darkest Xbox name. My previous name was: CANCER lS KEY If that one doesn't feel dark, my roommate's previous names: TheLazyN1gger AUTISM IS KEY TheBurnedJ3w
  7. On the bar at the top press "clubs" then "art" and your art thread is the first thing that appears. At least that's how I get to the art threads.
  8. Move member applications up on the forums, no need for new players to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the forums to be able to apply for member, it should be something we advertise. Change the homepage to the forums, people usually click off into the forums anyways. Change the description in the homepage to include what servers/games we have, that way when people search on google for that specific game, they come across GFL easier, currently the only way I've been able to come across GFL is by typing GFLclan into google.
  9. https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/10-media-team/ Media Team subforum needs a major cleanup, there's posts that have 2 previous Team Rosters on there, as well as updating the current roster to have present-date members. There's also a lot of old pinned posts, and a lot of old posts in general that don't reflect the current team/have anything to do with them, I could go into detail of which ones, but the list would be much shorter if I just said which ones reflect the current team.
  10. Hmm well I guess closed player reports aren't accessible to non-staff players. That's an issue with the sub-forum. Basically the 3 links provided just show everything I had described in text-format.
  11. How to create a player report: 1. Type record [demo name] in console, record a demo as these tend to be the best kinds of evidence and can be found under the "demos" folder in your gmod folder. 1a. To stop a recording type stop in console 1b. To get to you gmod folder, in windows type %appdata% and find gmod (or steamapps) or something like that, basically just click around in things that say steam & find a folder called "gmod", once you find the folder, find the "demos" folder. 1c. To get to you gmod folder on mac, go to finder, look at the top of the "hotbar" where it has the apple logo, then it says "finder", etc. and find the one that says "Go". Press the option/alt key (same key) and press "Go" while holding this key. You'll see a folder called "Library", in library open "Application Support" -> "Steam" -> "steamapps" -> "common" -> "Garry's Mod" -> "garrysmod" -> "demos". 2. Make a player report following this format. 2a. Where it says "evidence" you can upload the demo on here, just drag it where it says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." Good kinds of evidence: What kind of evidence is considered good? Lots of screenshots, screenshots are good in the case of mass rdm, you can screenshot someone going ham early in game, easiest way I've found to do this is in the logs where it says "filters" disable everything except kills & damage, highlight the person's name using the "highlight player" option, and screenshot them getting kills for no reason. Another really good kind of screenshot-evidence is ghosting. If you can find a part in the logs where a player killed a Traitor (or innocent) without proof of them doing something traitorous, then that's an indicator they're ghosting. For example, an inno kills 2 Ts at the 30 second mark of the game. When the round ends, you can see what the roles of the people were, you click the "roles" option and it tells you who the Ts and Ds were in that round, so you can see if the RDMer is friends with any of the Ts. In the case they are, screenshot their steam profile (if it's public) where it shows they're friends, if their steam profile isn't public, your best bet would be to add the person as a friend and screenshot their friends list (I remember doing this a couple of times a while back). Another good kind of evidence is video (same as demos), if your computer can handle doing high quality recordings easier than demos, then go for it, record something in high-quality, if something is in shitty, low quality, it's harder for an admin to see what is going on & to come to a conclusion, which is why admins won't take the 30 minutes out of their in-game admining time to figure out if a player should be banned. This is what we like about demos, we can open them in gmod and it runs perfectly as if we were spectating you, and quality is recorded on whatever quality we run our gmod at. Finally, if you can get an admin on while the person is doing their shit, for example ghosting, instead of having to go through the hassle of that, after the 1st round you suspect ghosting, get on Discord (since most TTT Admins don't use forums as much as discord) and tag @TTT Staff in the GFL Gmod Discord, and you will most likely get an answer, especially since we have 4 new Trial Admins. Here's some other good examples of good evidence for player reports:
  12. There's plenty of resources in the forums on how to write good player reports, in your post alone I saw at least 2 different ones from 2 different people that show great ways to make a player report. You could also take into account accepted player reports, and ask an admin as to what is "enough evidence". I mean I can write one that can get pinned at the top of TTT subforum if you'd like, but I'm just saying, writing reports-wise there's resources out there. Better yet, I'll just write it and get someone to pin it.
  13. Per request of wanting to know how to write a good player report, I am here to show you what you need to write a good player report: