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  1. I didn't only show these videos to the TTT Rot admin team for inspection of whether or not you had hacks. I also showed them to the TTT 24/7 MC Staff team (it's an older server with a staff team that has seen it all, including myself). I'm not targeting you here, you're a cool guy and all, but I was told that you had anti recoil and I checked it out. I gathered evidence to support it (as every time you shot a gun it had no recoil), and I sent it to both teams. They both told me that it was, in fact, anti recoil. Shooting at a live target and shooting at a wall do have a difference, but at the same time they have the similarity of the gun bobbing when you shoot it and control the recoil, which is something I don't see when you shoot the TMP. I also have a video of you shooting the p90, though it's not my video, so I won't share it. Same thing as the tmp, straight line across the screen, no gun bobbing. Lastly, let's not use game hours to represent skill, I have 3k hours on Gmod, and I don't consider myself the best player out there. Violator (old DL) had 30k hours on Gmod, and he was still ass at the game.
  2. I don't see how you can control recoil that good. Normal recoil control shows that the gun pitches up a little, while in your shots, your gun doesn't do that pitching. It's a very slight thing to catch, but I went ahead and asked adversary to do some tests (since I consider his/her's recoil control to be very good). You can see in your shots, they are horizontal, no pitching up and down of the gun, in adversary's shots, the gun moves up, down, left, and right because of how controlling recoil works (moving the mouse down while the gun's recoil moves it up, and slightly to the sides because no one can move it down perfectly every time). This is my video, if you want the other 2 videos I can link them down below, which show the same trend of you not moving your gun downwards, it just maintains the same height & width (width in the sense of moving the mouse a little to each side as moving down, which is from natural recoil control). This lead me and other staff to believe that it is, in fact, antirecoil.
  3. I'm a very special breed of person: I'll go from more recent to less recent My garage door motor is broken, so we have to manually open and close the door. I was closing it about 4 months ago, and it got stuck in this state, i did the smart thing and stuck my finger in there and pulled it down, and i forgot to take my finger out once it closed, leaving my finger jammed in there for a solid minute, i yelled as loud as i could, and to my surprise no one heard me, so I had to quickly bend down (thank god I have long arms) and open the garage door with whatever strength I had in my left arm (I'm right-handed). My finger was crushed flat, though because it was 8pm and I didn't want to go to the ER and spend $1200 for an x-ray, I just let my fingers heal by themselves, so far so good. Here's one from senior year of high school: My charger broke in the electrical socket (one of the metal teeth was still in it). I asked my teacher "hey is it safe to pull it out?" he said "yeah, i dont see why not". So I bent down to remove the tooth from the plug, and surprise! I was electrocuted, my friend had to literally tackle me off it, because the funny thing with electricity is that your muscles tense up while you're getting electrocuted, and it is far harder to ungrip things, like, the metallic part of a broken charger. Here's one from freshman year of high school: I accidentally ripped an extension cord head off the cable while it was plugged in (I pulled it in an attempt to unplug it). So I took the copper wires that were showing and I tried jamming the head back on. Sparks everywhere, burnt my shirt a little, and burnt my skin a little. Here's one from when I was younger: Riding my bicycle. I went up a hill & going down a hill I slammed on the breaks. I didn't notice that there was gravel & little stones all over the road, so I went headfirst into the ground and rolled all the way down the hill. Scraped up my elbows, legs, face, chest, back. Not a very fun walk back home. (we don't wear helmets or pads either) Here's one from when I was 12: Me & my dad were doing bike races. Same hill as the story from above; same motherfucking rocks. The difference is, this time I was going about double the speed. I lost balance, and went headfirst into the pavement. scraped the fuck out of my head, had rocks stuck under my skin, so my dad had to grab alcohol & cotton balls and tweezers and pull back my skin to take the rocks out.
  4. @Zero @MilkMan @SkydivingSquid @Fafy idk which ever of you 4 sees it first i guess
  5. well he mentioned fiver, the freelancing site
  6. I can't comprehend your question/post I'm wondering if it's because I only slept 15 minutes last night, so I'm going to tag my very active forums friends to see if it's me or if your quesiton is confusing @DaLaw @Mejilla @flyingjoe32 uh i think @Zero is also active on forums (mr coder man)
  7. Banner?

    I'm not sure what you call the thing on the main screen where it shows all the servers. The one for GFL says "minigames", I'm not sure if you guys changed the server to be more of a mini-game Mineplex sort of thing, but if you didn't I'm just letting y'all know.
  8. +1 though I did think of things to make the map different from both an Inno perspective and a T perspective: Like: I love the nether portal & lighting in the nether. People won't be able to camp in the nether for 20 minutes behind the portal anymore, and I love it. I love how everything has been expanded space-wise. The bottom of the tester doesn't seem cramped anymore with that chest moved 2 blocks back, everything is so much bigger. I love the new lighthouse design. I love having a boat & a balloon that flies around. That already looks really fun. The map is very clean, and I love it. Would like to see a change in: It seems like all the sniping spots have 2-3 ways to get to, tower for example, now has 2 entrances to enter the first floor (cave & front door), 2nd floor has 2 entrances (ladder & stairs), 3rd floor has 2 entrances as well (ladders on the sides & inside), and the top floor has 3 ways to get up to it maybe 4 if you count the balloon). I would say maybe reducing the amount of ways to get up (though I love the idea of having ladders on the sides). I'd also like to see an easter egg for the map, in the video he showed different secret rooms & stuff, but an easter egg room would be cool (like the ores that you mine right before the tester sort of thing). Something that credits the editor (maybe it gives the Ds or Ts an extra credit, whoever finds it first). I don't like how the lava blows up the tnt, but I really love all the little animations & particle effects that are added in, it makes it look so clean. I think the boat should have a death trap on it, maybe it explodes, maybe it sinks, same with the balloon (I can see both of them being heavily used by people, especially the balloon). Should be a one time use. I'm not sure if the tnt that blows up the wall can also kill people, though this would be a really nice implementation & maybe adding a wooden sign next to it that says "this damages players". Would be great for Ts.
  9. You were banned for 1 week. You will be unbanned once the admin gets time to unban you.
  10. Here's an even better tip: Read the minecraft signs next to things. They tell you how to use things like the tester & the diamond block, and the chest in the T room.
  11. your name is blue but you have the breach admin badge im am evry confused
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