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  1. Karma bans are issued at anything lower than 650 karma, if you killed 4 people while at 1000 karma, that's enough to get you karma banned. It doesn't matter if it was intentional or not, the system doesn't recognize that, it just recognizes the RDM.
  2. That's not on SB, unless I have to log in to see it. Also, wrong steamid
  3. The round previous to this one, you said "Kris I'm going to kill you next round". Kris did not agree to let you kill them for fun, you were a detective and they were a traitor. They had done nothing traitorous yet (25 seconds into the round), nothing shot, nothing bought (as far as T weapons). This was the 2nd RDM incident on them. I couldn't get the screenshots as I had restarted the map twice, because it was lagging pretty badly. For this reason I'm reducing it to a slay. (I don't gather evidence for bans shorter than 1 month, or else I would need a totally seperate hard drive only for evidence).
  4. I do have access to the logs where you RDMed. I was confused between a bunch of ghosters I banned before the map reset vs your ban. I reduced the ban to 1 day because you RDMed consistently, and that is a one day ban. That was your response to RDMing me, and your response to the person you RDMed the round previous and after were similar. You also left shortly after I added the slay (I guess in an attempt to "avoid" getting slayed?)
  5. I don't have access to the logs, and since I didn't take screenshots of it (because it's a 1 week ban), I'm going to unban.
  6. You were in tower, with corrupt, Jimmster3000 and Jimmster99 and you killed anyone who entered tower (In total about 4 people died). That is ghosting/mass, same length of ban. None of the 4 of you were Ts.
  7. It was 10 seconds into the round and you killed a T and anyone who entered tower alongside Jimmster3000 and Jimmster99 (who happen/happened to be in your friends list). You 4 were banned for ghosting.
  8. I haven't had a song hit me in the feels, but I feel a really depressing song is The Scientist by Coldplay. If you really listen to the lyrics, and just the tone of his voice, it's not similar at all to Viva la Vida by them, totally opposite of their spectrum.
  9. Quarantine

    There's no mandatory quarantine here, so I'm living life normally, except online school instead of in-person school.
  10. https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/50995-gmod-ttt-mc-how-to-appeal/ Follow the format.
  11. if cirngemaster xy says its cringe, then it must be cringe
  12. I'll be closing this.
  13. If you want to appeal the ban the link is right here: If you're here to complain that someone else's ban was unjust, you can re-appeal the ban for that person, as it's allowed. Making a complaint in the ban appeals section of forums won't get you anywhere though. I'm not the Server Manager for TTT MC. I'm the Server Manager for DarkRP, hence the light blue color in my name on forums and Discord. So saying is really used out of context in your situation. I am a Senior Admin for TTT MC.
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