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  1. We always welcome all kinds of ducks in ttt mc & its not a tryhard server
  2. you didnt know this was a thing?
  3. Generally before making a mute appeal you should check your mic settings and see if they work. If they don't, I would ask an admin in-game to check your comms history and see if you're muted/gagged. That way they can direct you in the direction of making an appeal, in the right format.
  4. You were the first to call a KOS. It's in the logs. You later had other VIPs attempt to lie about it, by claiming they had called it. The same VIP then said "I can kill you because I didn't call the KOS". After I added the slay he said "I called the KOS". You were the one who KOSed me. There's the chat log to prove it. As for KOS off logic, you can't kos off skin. Logs also show the fact that I enabled my disguiser before I shot the person. It also shows that you weren't even looking at me like you claimed you were when you KOSed me. So, this was a KOS off skin. I issued the slay, because as seen in the console logs, I was the only non-afk Admin, until toxic came back online. I even said "Toxic, handle my report so Sunshine doesn't say it was abuse". He didn't claim the report, so I handled it as soon as the 2nd round started. This is as much as I will comment on this, if a Staff member asks me about it I'll answer.
  5. Thank you for providing proof of this. I'm going to go ahead and provide my screenshots of what happened from my side of things. For starters. You have 16 comms punishments in the timeframe of a month. You were toxic when you were permgagged, and you even appealed it, and the appeal was denied. You proceeded to become toxic in in-game chat, and even had your group of friends start spamming #ungagsunshine. Which leads me to this: the other admin abuse report against me, where I was reported for muting his friend who was spamming that. Your friends had a toxic environment, and every time I muted one of them, you would say "admin aboose?". You did this same thing when I perm gagged you, and you said that in admin chat. Here is your previous Perma gag appeal: Here is the TTT MC 24/7 MOTD that you claim you followed every single rule of: Here are a couple things you should note before assuming that the MOTD has all the information regarding your punishments: As well as the Admin Guildelines that I am assuming is only accessible to staff. I will gladly link it to anyone that sees this that is not a part of the TTT MC Staff 24/7 team. In the quote are the screenshots (some might not be in order, but I'll try my best to order them chronologically) of what was said throughout today, and what lead to you being perm muted. To start off, I'll include the False KOS that you put on me on Round 11.
  6. I'd love to comment on this by saying a couple things: A lot of the rules that you have an issue with I've gone ahead and re-worded/removed. I personally don't like a DarkRP server to be on the rule-heavy side, mainly because it's DarkRP and there's meant to be at least a little chaos. A lot of the rules have changed. I haven't made the change on forums for the MOTD & rules yet, because it's still a work in progress, but there are certain things that will be different. As for KOS signs, I've gone ahead and added claiming to the list of rules, just because it's something so common & people already do it, there's no reason for it not to be implemented. KOS Signs will be able to kos for loitering in front of the base, keypad crackers out on sidewalk, lockpicks out on sidewalk, and past the like kos'es. KOS for mic spamming and being a nuisance, and just generally things to make the server a tiny bit more chaotic, make it a real DarkRP server. Also different rules about basing, no more double stacked doors, as that was a huge deterrent for people raiding, and made the bases impossible to raid. Same thing with one-way props, it just makes it impossible for the raider to see where to shoot when the person inside the base has full knowledge where the raider is and can kill them without having a chance at death. So one-way props are also not allowed. I also added some crazy new rules to maybe improve bases & creativity, like building above structures, and attached to structures, though no free-standing bases (as in, no skybases, or bases you need a ladder to get up to) The rules are basically going to revolve around giving everyone a fair chance at raiding/defending their base. Still thinking about keeping an NLR rule or not, I like the idea of a base owner going back to their base and defending it 1 or 2 times before it counts towards the NLR rule. I have this all in a google doc. If you'd like I can link it to you and you can read through it.
  7. The one issue is: this page hasn't been up for 5 years. It's been up since 2016 (when the switch from the old forums to this forums happened). So, the automated bot would have to start working until 2021, which would mark 5 years of this forums page. A good way to verify account data from the previous forums though would be to show one of the following: - login to your old account - have verification email about the old account - show some sort of proof that you were on the forums in 2014+
  8. I want to know where mine is. necroposting because squidward did it first
  9. I really like the unboxing (goes with one of the ideas I'm having) I also like the lean & the battlepass addons. I'll talk with Zebra about adding these into the server, and seeing how to manage them properly so they don't overpower all other methods of money-making. As for battlepass and unboxing I was thinking of either adding a rare gun that no one has (that no one can buy off gun dealers) or cosmetics, giving it exclusivity that no one else will have (unless the person sells it to them). Same with unboxing, adding a weapons crate that might give you a variety of exclusive weapons. Currently working on the rules & motd (to have a "first draft" set of rules for what we're aiming for with this server), but once I'm done with this I'll work on addons, jobs, and the actual server.
  10. I read the post wrong, editing to say i agree, but at the same time disagree. Before the new skins were implemented, I had around 300k points, nothing to spend it on, so I went ahead and sold all my pointshop items and bought them again, did that like 2-3 times. Once you have everything unlocked, there's no real reason to have points IMO. Maybe with the increase of a bet limit, also adding new skins that cost 50k - 500k points, so that way we have shit to spend it on
  11. There's a format to this, use it.
  12. the difference is: ttt rot you play because of the maps ttt mc you play because of the players
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