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  1. @MilkMan You have some competition
  2. Promote him to Director to replace @Xy_
  3. LOL what a retarded idea for the minecart, especially when everyone shoots them off >random player: oh look a minecart, lemme shoot it >>t disguised as minecart: fuck me
  4. floating guns & killing afk innos with c4s
  5. Also just going to tag the DL for Gmod (@Zebra) to look at this, as well as @MilkMan
  6. How would the prop one work? The only "props" in this map are the minecarts. As for nerfing the knife, I disagree, maybe replacing the knife with the harpoon, that way we have a minecraft-related melee weapon, and a throwable weapon that requires skill (you can throw knife but that requires 0 skill).
  7. You also said you wanted to be an animator/voice actor, can you provide videos of you doing so?
  8. Can you raise your forum activity to like 15-20 by the end of the week? I don't care if you spam, but don't do it in one section, I want you to explore all the sections of the forums, and get to know the community. (This means don't make a post in a section to post it), I will also get the rest of the team to vote on your application.
  9. Ok, so I do see that you don't have much forum activity TorQ, but I will still give you a test since your video was nicely edited. I took this from another application, the test was originally given by @CrusTi, as the idea behind the test was well thought out, and the result from it was impressive. Make a Frag Edit (aka the video examples above): RULES: - Any Game - Any Music - Synchronize music with Gameplay - Basic Filters - Min 45 Second Video TIME LIMIT: NONE If you put time into it, I think it is something you could accomplish (I've seen some of your YouTube videos). Also, work on forum activity, a good way to start would be to click on random shit and just see what GFL is all about, not just sticking to the outside layers, but getting your hands dirty and seeing the subforums that are: inactive, semi-active, could peak your interests, etc. After this, I'll let the team decide their opinions. Good luck!
  10. ok so do you want to give him a test? Crusti said he would be a bit inactive due to school (same with me), so I'd prefer if you gave him the test @TheJitFace
  11. I'll go ahead and tag the second in commands for video editing and streaming, they were separated, comment if you want to focus on one more than the other, or if you want to do both. @CrusTi - streaming @JerryBomb - video editing
  12. ill tag @Chef_ since he's good with gifs and animated texts
  13. also in my defense i was playing call of duty + raging at the stupid nigg*rs that wouldn't play the game correctly + no one watches your stream but me so no one reported you
  14. Tagging @Reeve since the admin tagged hasn't been onto GFL forums in about a month, and he's the current DL/SM of the server