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  1. VPNs usually get banned for IP, so if he's on a VPN, he's probably "banned" because of that. Same with shared accounts.
  2. @Snufflingtoast do you have any other steam accounts? are you using a VPN?
  3. 50 minimum hours - people dont usually apply with 50, the people who apply have near 100+ a sponsor and your application takes 1-2 months to get accepted/denied I don't see anything wrong with this tbh. Our server is also more populated than other servers, and we have more shit to ban for. As for shoutbox, I'm not sure why shoutbox is still used for call admin, clearly admins dont look at forums as much since we have discord now. Maybe a call admin function in the ttt staff discord? Then it'd be easier for admins to get on when needed (all admins are on discord).
  4. Im not sure what hours you play, but whenever i hop on during the day time there's at least 1 other admin that isn't afk. i hop on at like 2am, still admins that arent afk. there's maybe a 2-hour block when theres no admins on, but as far as ive seen, theres admins on
  5. This is in regard to the recent bad news from Tw2 (partnered community). Don't joke about it.
  6. Or they could implement something that makes people vote on maps and on the server rank them by difficulty. That way if people want to play harder maps, they can vote to play them, or if they want to play easier maps, they can also play them.
  7. you should see @mario_the_man's signature, he has (or used to have) all the shit I've said. Funny as fuck. also you forgot @Zero says "htis" instead of this
  8. I've seen you online, and if you had to make a post to address this issue, then I'll sponsor you.
  9. You don't have to quit Gmod, as long as you reconnect you should get it.
  10. To be honest, we see so much cancer in GFL, especially with some players in TTT, I can't recall who you are.
  11. I'd suggest going to a gastroenterologist before taking anything. My dad had an issue that would give him gastritis every time he ate cucumber, and he would put that in nearly everything he ate. He thought it was all the kinds of foods he was eating, but it turned out to be just cucumber, so he stays away from it.
  12. Isn't probiotic what yogurt is made out of?
  13. @JadedJade @MooTheCow @SkydivingSquid @MilkMan
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