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  1. Why does every apartment complex look the same, I swear that desk/room layout looks near exact as to what my apartment complex layout was lmao
  2. was this in cracker barrel
  3. OG appeal

    Alright, I'll post my view on this matter as a more experienced/older Admin. You were a T, you were calling out another T in text chat saying "it's X, it's X". That's blatant ghosting. Verbal T-bait is calling yourself a Traitor in chat. Calling upon others in chat as traitors is KOSing them, you can't KOS yourself as that is t-baiting. Just how there's a bind that says "X is traitor!", that is considered a KOS, same with "it's X" or "it's X, kill him" or "it's X kos him". Those aren't forms of t-baiting, those are forms of KOSing. Thank you for quoting the MOTD. I'll go ahead and quote something myself from the MOTD. If you're saying your T buddy's name in chat saying "it's X", that's ghosting. Or, as I like to call it, blatantly ghosting. You're aiding the innocents by telling them who one of the traitors is, through in-game chat, so you're not even trying to mask it with a 3rd party application, you're doing it blatantly in the game. Now for your counterclaim of "I was doing it rounds before". Whether or not you were doing it rounds before, you can't do it when the person is your T buddy. Also, as I said above, you saying that could also be considered targeting if the person reports you for it (since, you did admit to having done it for various rounds previously). If I were you, I wouldn't treat appeals as a joke. There's places where jokes are allowed & fun, though when you're appealing a ban, you don't want to be cracking jokes on your appeal/about your appeal while it is still active. It's just not a smart move and makes it seem unprofessional and as if you don't care that you are banned.
  4. I'll just paste this image again. If we look at the past 5,000 years before present, the temperatures are the same, it rises and it falls, it keeps the same trend. I also did a little bit of research as to what kind of period we are in now. We are in an ice age, and you're right, we do have warmer temperatures, but it's due to us also being in an interglacial period, which is also called Holocene. What happens during Holocene is there are warmer temperatures between the glacial periods (something we are experiencing now), but it's completely normal for Earth's heat & cooling cycles, and has happened in the past. I'm not saying there isn't man-made climate change, but it doesn't affect Earth as much as people claim it does. We also can't create a Global Cooling period, if it happens, it'll be due to natural causes. As for Antartica, sure, if ALL the ice melted off Antartica, we'd be fucked. But with scientific research dating back millions of years ago, Antartica wasn't always cold, and it was once a land where trees grew, many millions of years ago. Here's another image, it shows the temperatures relative to the last thousand years in Antartica. The temperature spikes, it rises & drops. Sure, you could say that we've had a huge increase in temperature over the last 50 years, but it's completely normal, and has been happening for hundreds of thousands of years. All this data is gathered by scientists who travel to Antartica (from both US and UK sources) and drill 3kms into the ice sheets and collect ice tubes, which they later collect data from and see the changes in the past & what our future might look like. We also can't start to justify whether or not the melting in Antartica will cause sea levels to rise, because of the cold temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere near Antartica, melting caps would cause storms, which cause more snowfall. All these environmentalists that have grants make it sound like the end of the world is near, but in reality, it would take hundreds of years for different things to happen: it'll take hundreds, if not thousands of years for Antartica to melt, it will take hundreds of years to gather data whether or not the future of Earth is fucked, and it will take hundreds of years to determine issues that it might cause. True, Earth has risen 1ºC in the past 50 years, but look at the image above, the temperatures rise and drop, and during interglacial periods as the one we are in, there are cold/warm oscillations, which means the temperature will vary from cold/warm. As for the image you showed, the melting ice caps aren't melting at that rate at all. In the past 400,000 years the sea level has risen 120m, which if you do the math is 1m every 3,333 years, which is 0.1m every 33 years, which is 0.0001m every year. I'm no scientist, but 0.0001m increase every year isn't going to affect us as badly as the image you showed, at least not for a couple of generations, which by that time, this "issue" will have been fixed, if not by Earth's natural adaptations, by humans. Edit: I have class in 10 minutes, I'll answer all other questions when I get some time.
  5. If we're really going to talk about the past, here's a graph/timeline of the temperatures since about 500 million years ago. The temperature rises & falls. The terms that scientists use to describe this phenomena change, it's changed in the past 30 years like 3 times. In the 70s it was called Global Cooling, and the scientists back then thought there was going to be another ice age & everyone was going to freeze to death. In the early 2000s it was called Global Warming, and we were heating up the Earth so much all the polar ice caps would melt, and they estimated it was going to be at around 2020 when we would all die to flash flooding & the whole Earth would be underwater, and we were destroying the ozone layer because they found a hole. Now it's called Climate Change. The terms change, the funding is always there, and the scientists researching this profit off of it. I agree with the Trump administration in cutting the funds for it, there was $118 billion put into research grants for climate change, which is way too much.
  6. I'm not the owner of the video, though after watching it I did have some questions as to who the guy was. He wasn't the founder, you're right, but he is a past president for Greenpeace. It still doesn't change the fact that pushing for Global warming, and global cooling, and climate change are all scare tactics. They go where the money's at, and there's lot of it going into environmental research, hence why 10 years ago it was called "Global Warming" and now it's "Climate Change", because Earth isn't only warming up, but it's completing it's cold & warm cycles like it has been since... ever?
  7. I haven't read a single article, heck, I haven't even seen it with my own eyes. I used to live in Central America, near sea level 0 (which means where you're at the same level as the ocean basically). The only time I've heard of flooding is due to hurricanes & storms, but that's just something that happens naturally.
  8. It's an 8-9 year old video, but the environment doesn't drastically change in 9 years.
  9. I'll put it in a perspective as to how cheap it would be for a huge group of people to come in and vote kick. You can get VIP for the most minimum price of $3 for 11.3 days. $3 to troll a full server isn't much. The potential for someone to donate $3 to abuse vote kick is much higher than getting an Admin on. As for this, I've rarely jumped onto TTT Rot and not seen an Admin on, I don't see the usefulness in giving a cheap paid rank a command that affects the server that much. Maybe if there was an additional rank of VIP+ for $15-20 a month that gave specific permissions on servers, and people wouldn't be able to buy it for 11 days, then maybe I'd change my mind.
  10. I don't believe Global Warming is as massive as it's portrayed. We aren't overheating the planet.
  11. What happens in foreign countries affects you indirectly, though it may not affect you as a person, it does affect the country you live in and the different taxes you'll have to pay, as well as expenses themselves. Say we dropped bombs on Venezuela back in 2012, back then they were the main oil supplier of the world, they had a great economy & the US would mainly buy oil products (especially gas) from them. If we would've gone to war with them (just a scenario), oil product prices would greatly rise, since Venezuela would basically outsource the oil at a cheap price (way cheaper than the Arabs), and it was closer, the price could've basically doubled. Let's talk about the Ukraine thing as well. Trump called the President of Ukraine and asked him to investigate Joe Biden's son's business. In the process it froze something like $391 million. The democrats are now trying to impeach him (for what? the 5th time his presidency?). He's going to release his transcripts from the call with the Ukrainian President, and what the whistleblower said was that they wouldn't find anything too "hot" on him for means of impeachment. We all know the democratic media and how they change words & such (such as Trump calling ALL Mexicans rapists & criminals, which he never did). My main opinion on this topic is that for smaller things in media & occurrences in the world, I don't really care. I don't care which celebrity is married to which celebrity, I don't give a shit about the Kardashian's new operation, etc. I care about the politics that happen in the world (not only America), and what the US does with/in foreign countries, and how these things will affect me as a person. I also look at both sides of the story, because Dems will try to make Trump look like a raging asshole, and the Reps will make him look like an angel. The only way I see that you get the real story is looking at both and getting the similarities.
  12. What Roy really means is he's going to Denver, CO to go smoke a shitload of weed
  13. So about the "banning friends", that stopped a while ago (last one was the joke ban 3-ish months ago?). Also when I had ACP I never did anything forums-wise to harm GFL or any of the members, not even those I consider friends. I do think I maintain a professional manner when it comes to public view of my GFL positions, though I do joke around in both TTT servers a little bit, it's mostly just setting a friend's karma to 0 and then giving everyone 1000 karma at the beginning of a round (usually when I notice a lot of people having below 1000 karma). As for Forum Mod, I wouldn't take the position as a joke, and giving a friend a warning point sounds pretty dumb for someone to do, even as a joke. If the whole "jokefully punishing friends" thing was still going on, I'm fairly sure Zero, or even the 2 Server Managers would've caught wind of this and already demoted me. Not ranting, just giving my POV on this.
  14. Going to bump this as there hasn't been anything said in 18 days.
  15. I still like the idea of a basic DarkRP
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