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  1. are you going to give unzo a visit? if you do, that’ll be pretty epic man. anyways have a safe and fun trip chef!
  2. new steam

    i know that, that's why steam is gay oof
  3. as some of you know. goose has been vac banned on csgo. so goose made another steam account. i cannot send friend invites because steam is fucking gay. (oof) so just add me! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Go0seyy/
  4. goose was testing out hacks offline xd
  5. oof @PurpleExod @PaulaDeen @Sonic393 @Moose

    i'm pretty sure goose doesnt have supporter of vip.. goose also has more than one post good luck everyone
  7. CS:GO is the hardest game by far.. i just cant understand the game!
  8. holy fuck! i just got gmod for free!!! this totally works! everyone has to do it!!!
  9. I thought you liked green since your name is GreenExod @PurpleExod