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  1. Haven't had a chance to go over everything (just got internet in my new house today). These things are pretty standard for all of our servers, but you already know that. I'll make sure these are looked at.
  2. How in the cock am I the only Pepsi
  3. cya nerds

    Fucking demoted before you could start. Take that, "nerd".
  4. Not likely to introduce anything like that yet. If you have any suggestions feel free to message me.
  5. Got false banned

    Going to lock this. Feel free to appeal, and if you have an issue with an admin please contact the Manager.
  6. Don't let the thread devolve, keep personal attacks out. Throughout the time Violator and I worked together he's earned my utmost respect for him. I don't personally agree with the demotion but I also don't expect it to be reversed. His behavior could've been better, sure, but he was by far the most comfortable Leader I've seen and people (especially TTT admins) were comfortable going to him with issues; he was also keen at fixing said issues. I wish the best for 'em.
  7. I found this on twitter.





    You've been #exposed

  8. I'll try not to burn the house down while you're gone.
  9. Admins shouldn't be spamming that, I can't even really think of a reason they'd need that anyhow.
  10. Issues in regards to the SQL connection(s) have been resolved.