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  1. Ah fuck. Didn't expect to see this one. You kept my ass going here in the community. Had so many fun memories in Purge with you and you actually inspired me to keep working towards admin. I remember seeing you as an admin and I was wanting that so bad lol. Loved the way you interacted with players and you kept them interested and playing. You made me a better admin and a better Division Leader eventually. Thanks for all you've done. I know I"ll still see your ass around though.
  2. Oi. You're one of us biggens' now. Time to hide before she abuses me.
  3. the almighty, lion-eating zebra

  4. Zeeeeeeeeeeebruh

  5. Okie bois The winner out of the 9 entries is @Vudu CONGRATS OR SOMETHING. Sent the code to your inbox. ThAnKS, - Some dude
  6. So uh yeah. Lowkey accidentally didn't cancel my Humble Bundle subscription for last month so I got "Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered" which I already own. Thought I'd do a giveaway instead I suppose. If this goes well I'll just keep my subscription active and keep doing these. To enter: Just comment on here and you're golden. Gonna close it on 07/02/19. Also if y'all have any suggestions for narrative-based coop games that'd be dope to throw in there. Thanks, - @Zebra.
  7. Halo on PC as well as Cyberpunk 2077. Fucking loved The Witcher 3 and I've watched that E3 presentation from CD Projekt Red about Cyberpunk about 50 times. Absolutely fantastic.
  8. Unbanned. The ban was forever ago and I don't really see a point of keeping it. Not even sure if it was a Gmod ban (even if it wasn't I don't think it should stay). tHANkS, - ZEbAr.
  9. Dealt with. The other user hasn't been active for almost a year.
  10. Can you help me become an admin

  11. Haven't had a chance to go over everything (just got internet in my new house today). These things are pretty standard for all of our servers, but you already know that. I'll make sure these are looked at.
  12. How in the cock am I the only Pepsi
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