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  1. Halo on PC as well as Cyberpunk 2077. Fucking loved The Witcher 3 and I've watched that E3 presentation from CD Projekt Red about Cyberpunk about 50 times. Absolutely fantastic.
  2. Unbanned. The ban was forever ago and I don't really see a point of keeping it. Not even sure if it was a Gmod ban (even if it wasn't I don't think it should stay). tHANkS, - ZEbAr.
  3. Purge Changelog

    Changed: There can only be two Fruit Slicers now. You can now buy your own product as a Fruit Slicer. 'zfs_fruitcup_base' is now in the pocket blacklist. Made the Fruit Slicer category only visible to Fruit Slicers. Making some sort of progress with the queueing on DJ still need to look into it though.
  4. Purge Changelog

    Added: Un-Arrest baton to The Godfather. Wanted to note: You are allowed to hire the Godfather to unarrest your own party members. It's not exclusively for Mafia (it's up to the Godfather though). Changed: Organized the F4 Menu Shipments/Weapons (need to actually organize the order of them still). Allowed Medics to buy IFAK shipments/singles. Changed all attachment shipments to singles (went from 5 to 1 so I also changed the prices from 1500 to 300). Need to fix the fact they're still technically shipments (just one in the shipment). Probably some other stuff but I'm way too tired to remember
  5. Dealt with. The other user hasn't been active for almost a year.
  6. Unlikely. Old is unoptimized and outdated. I like the new HUD too. Neat and lite. If you have suggestions (one of the goals for this HUD was to make it customizable per-client) feel free.
  7. Purge Changelog

    Added: "Aid Pack". Just an accessory. This was added before but wasn't logged. AFK Timer. Changed: Moved AFK timer to 15 minutes (was at 10). Fixed a lot of our values for destroyed entities (they should all be half of the original buy prices) Fixed a bug where your bitminer entities weren't physgunnable while plugs were attached. Entities will now stay for 5 minutes after you disconnect (same as prop removal timer). Added bitminer plugs to the pocket blacklist. Adjusted all ammo prices to at least 300. Some of the ammo for more powerful guns is more expensive.
  8. Purge Changelog

    Removed: Sleep command. Changed: Changed some LSD prices around to make it more profitable. Went from $3750 per regular sell to $5000 (gonna have to test this out). Multiplied the Accessory's prices by x5. don't worry we're not going to take the ones you've already bought. Fixed some entities despawning when you changed teams (LSD, Weed, and Meth all had checks in their code to despawn). This may have unintended effects, please report any issues you have. Added: Camera Head accessory. Snapper (not very great but better than nothing). Meth Dealer spawn location. Down the elevator in the Industrial District (or warehouse district whichever you prefer to call it). Ś̶̯E̶̺̔C̷̞͂Ȓ̵ͅË̷̘́Ť̶̹
  9. Yeah this is planned. Gonna also automatically have the HUD "transform" "Undercover Police Officer" to "Citizen" on the nametags hopefully (and tab menu)
  10. #CamGang

    Honestly really happy with how the accessory turned out lol. Alright, you can lead me to the black couch now.
  11. Purge Changelog

    Changed: Cleaned up most of the job descriptions. Removed the "Raid, purge, etc." from the job descriptions (they're specified in our custom F4 menu) Changed around the SWAT Captain being technically higher than the Chief (the chief is higher in real life). Removed a lot of the descriptions to fit within our current rules. Moved ULX Adverts over to GFLAds. Removed: Removed Drug Dealer. Removed Bounty Hunter. Both of these had broken functionality and may be re-added back when we fix the functionality. Added: Prop limits! User → 45 Props. Member → 50 Props. Supporter → 55 Props. VIP and up → 60 Props. Some useful debug commands "gettracemodel" and "gettraceent". Basically just grabs the entity you're looking at's entity and or model path. Added a ton of entities to the pocket blacklist. Basically everything in the F4 menu and most of LSD (from the Cellphone).
  12. Purge Changelog

    Changed: Changed out "new" admin system with the old one. Updated the commands (should make sits much more comfortable for admins). Fixed: LSD (likely still needs to be balanced).
  13. Purge Changelog

    Disabled: Disabled prop damage to other players. Changed: Solar Cable limit changed to 5 (instead of 3 to compensate for the 5 allowed panels). Removed: Meth Pallets (broken).
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