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  1. being bot frag to promote scam
  2. LMB AADDSWSW just nuke everywhere you want xd
  3. this song really fit for best korea v2
  4. (っ >_<)っ

  5. Please do more orgasm sound like this @The Q-man orgasm.mp4
  6. the map is long gone in gfl. if you really want to play it that bad, you can play it on other server. the only server that is able to play aesthetic these days is only rss and pse as far as i know.
  7. you can find toxicity everywhere. i dont even understand how a ze map can makes people toxic.
  8. dun forget project alcaria and last chapter
  9. search "csgo fps boost" on youtube. it won't take long. but usually, you'll be recommended to download a certain cfg file (to reduce graphic quality) and changing you launch option. also try to disable any program that affect your laptop performance.
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