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  1. Considering the huge support for this contest (with the exception of Flops and Sniper), there's an amazing principle of life that can be exercised here with regards to possible issues of pre-conceived bias / favouritism. The principle is that if everyone has a biased advantage, then no one has a biased advantage. By what manner would this work or be executed? It should be innately clear that server administrators are the most trusted members of the server, otherwise, they wouldn't have been accepted for their respective positions. As such, each mapper participant should be able to choose one server administrator to be a participating judge in the contest. Therefore, the greater the participation in the contest (which is amazing!), the more inputs will be available towards the judging period. However, it shouldn't solely be those admins on the judging panel, there should also be two guest mappers on the judging panel since they'd also be highly qualified to present their input. Finally, the community following the testing of all the maps should be able to vote for their favourite map, which would account for one vote on the judging panel. In addition, the votes of the judge panel members will be anonymous amongst themselves, the contest participants, as well as the community as a whole. This is to ensure that no inner or outer bias takes place.
  2. ... further investigation into the case has unveiled the following recently-recorded tape by the main culprit ... . . . Omars_Response.mp4
  3. Compilation of All Player-Glow-Colours | B L A C K | | B L U E | | C Y A N | | G O L D | | G R E E N | | G R A Y | | L I G H T B L U E | | L I M E | | O L I V E | | O R A N G E | | P I N K | | P U R P L E | | R E D | | V I O L E T | | W H I T E | | Y E L L O W |
  4. Compilation of All Player-Skin-Models ... Special thanks goes to @Dogan / @Dakotec for production of the original skins' thread and capturing all the associated images ... . . . | | HUMAN PLAYER SKINS | | . . . | P U B L I C S K I N S | | M E M B E R S K I N S | | C L A N T A G S K I N S | | S U P P O R T E R S K I N S | | V . I . P . S K I N S | | T O P 2 5 S K I N S | | T O P 5 0 S K I N S | . . . | | ZOMBIE PLAYER SKINS | | . . . | P U B L I C S K I N S | | S U P P O R T E R S K I N S | | V . I . P . S K I N S | | T O P 2 5 S K I N S |
  5. | Steam Identification Code | STEAM_1:1:39597640 I'm applying on behalf of an old, yet renowned Zombie Escape player, leww, who had attained permanent V.I.P. status many years ago (2014-ish) as granted by giveaway (having also donated a surplus amount of money that surpassed the price for PermVIP status back in the day).
  6. If it's not too late to file the request: Steam Identification Code: STEAM_1:1:39773416 Requested Reward: Banana Joe Skin Thanks ahead of time ^^
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