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  1. Ban Appeal

    Unbanned @Phoid
  2. Moved to correct spot. @JadedJade
  3. Logs don't show any cheating. Unbanned.
  4. Telepath's appeal

  5. Ban Appeal

    Logs don't have anything in them for some reason. I will unban you.
  6. You were using a vpn. Please don't use a vpn or the server will ban you. Unbanned.
  7. Unbanned. You cannot use a vpn with our servers. You will keep getting banned if you try to use it. Please avoid using one, thanks.
  8. Looks like you were perma banned for doxing. Denied.
  9. This was on minigames. Confirmed vpn. Unbanned. @Vauff
  10. Moved to correct location. @Vauff
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