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  1. While we appreciate you making a map, we are going to decline this map. Please keep mapping and improving your skills, you are off to a great start! In the future please request all maps to be added here:
  2. This isn't due to plugins unfortunately. I have done a lot of testing with removing any and all plugins and trying to get the timer to load. Having 0 plugins vs 10 is the same load time. This problem has to do with the optimization of the timer and databases. CSGO Surf unfortunately goes through the same thing. I appreciate your feedback and we will keep looking into solutions.
  3. Archived due to no response. Feel free to review and make another appeal.
  4. Two Suggestions

    Hey thanks for the suggestions! Going to respond to them in order. 1) We will be updating and testing the timer soon which should have this change. This should be implemented in the near future 2) You can do timeleft in console for this to work or just timeleft in chat which I believe should work. Thanks!
  5. Nothing with that steamID comes up. Try using this to double check https://steamid.xyz/. Your name isn't coming up with any bans as well. Would you have played with any other name?
  6. What day? I don't see any ban under your name or steamid. Please double check your steamID.
  7. You were banned for using a vpn. Please refrain from using a vpn on our servers. Unbanned.
  8. Added Maps bhop_speedrun_valley_csgo_b2 bhop_overthinker
  9. Added Bhop Server #2 Added Maps bhop_aimers_hell bhop_badly_v1 bhop_crates_crates_pastiche bhop_dungeon bhop_failed bhop_flashbacks bhop_fool_2 bhop_madness bhop_movetothetrees bhop_pandora bhop_silly bhop_station_altair_fix bhop_straa_babylon bhop_straa_caves bhop_straa_space bhop_techno_easy bhop_unrealverse2 bhop_vagabond bhop_xeimon
  10. A TTT rotation account.
  11. Do you use a vpn? Looks like someone else that uses your computer got banned in another server. That ban does expire soon though.
  12. Removed Maps bhop_MirrorsEdge_csgo bhop_polior
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