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  1. Ban Appeal

    Logs don't have anything in them for some reason. I will unban you.
  2. You were using a vpn. Please don't use a vpn or the server will ban you. Unbanned.
  3. Unbanned. You cannot use a vpn with our servers. You will keep getting banned if you try to use it. Please avoid using one, thanks.
  4. [anticheat/anticheat.smx] 03:14:37: Iridi<445><STEAM_1:1:53982426><> has 100.00 gains (Yawing 0.0, Timing: 100.0) You had a gain of 100 which is not possibile without cheats. Denied.
  5. Looks like you were perma banned for doxing. Denied.
  6. This was on minigames. Confirmed vpn. Unbanned. @Vauff
  7. Moved to correct location. @Vauff
  8. high ping

    Where are you located?
  9. We just got a new Technical Administrator who is helping.
  10. Ban Appeal

    Unbanned. Please refrain from using VPNs on our servers. Thanks!
  11. It's GFL and some csgo wide. Like the same thing is happening to the surf servers. Memory leaks
  12. Missing map

    Agreed. You could always verify game files too to be safe.
  13. Your jump stats arent 100% hacking so unbanned for now. Just be careful in the future.
  14. Try manually adding it to your maps file using: http://fastdl.gflclan.com/csgo/maps/
  15. VPNs are not allowed for future reference. Unbanned
  16. Moved to CSS bhop section.
  17. Appeal

    Unbanned. Obviously don't type that in the console again.
  18. First and final warning about that command. Please don't use it. Unbanned.
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