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  1. Bruh it was so sad that I couldn't save you. @Toasted_Chromosomes
  2. Seems something like we can do. And what Trigger said it's a too much so maybe if we get permission maybe free VIP along with a badge can do.
  3. What would you like to see or have in this server if it happens? (Brainstorm.)
  4. your the gayest person ive ever known 

  5. Just gonna shut down this topic. Always going off topic.
  6. You need help. Please refrain making statements like that. Last thing we need is you stirring up chaos over a shooting.
  7. Autism in a drawing

    So much emotion has been put into this magnificent piece.
  8. Halo Coming to PC

    If you want to help test MCC for PC (or reach on xbox one) you can sign up at http://haloinsider.com/
  9. Refrain from ever starting discussions like these. We're here to learn of this terrible event and be sympathetic to the victims of the mosque shooting. Not to bicker at each other about the shooter.
  10. Dance party

    Hella of a party. We need to get 50 people on this shit.
  11. You sound disappointed.
  12. Event has ended. Thank you to all who had participated!
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