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  1. It happens gamer. I found bugs in my computer but weren't roaches. Worst part is that they were alive and caused my hard drive to overheat. Anyways good luck man.
  2. If you have an issue with the admin, please message the Manager of the server. Also for those who just randomly posted after BeanBag, don't shitpost or go off topic. Stay on the subject (which is now currently closed lol.)
  3. This is a big yikes lol. How to start a shitstorm 101. I say that because some players we've banned (that we may consider dumb personally I think) are still here. So imagine them seeing this and their name or ban mention here, gonna be some drama.
  4. raggy47

    I guess it's just one small RDM and leave. No big deal. I'll undo the ban. Be careful next time.
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