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  1. If this is for Garry's Mod Division this has been tried two or three times already. I believe all were shut down due to inactivity. I don't know if trying again would be worth the effort seeing how it got shut down in the past. But we shall see what the staff have to say. Maybe they're interested, maybe they're not.
  2. am fucking weird Ik Edit: But my shit song aside. Yours is something I usually do not listen to (mostly the genre) but can enjoy it nonetheless.
  3. the guy above is an asshole for ruining it
  4. what the fuck I didn't think this was a story! Edit: WHY AM I READING IT?
  5. you're a cunt

  6. I am now upset because you told me to.
  7. Hello good sir, how is the progress of fixing the janky forums? @Liloz01 Asking for a friend! (Totally won't hit you with more suggestions after this haha! No promises.)
  8. Unfortunate about your situation. See ya.
  9. @Duck. I can confirm, I was attempting to shoot Shorty with my sniper for shits and giggles.
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