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  1. [POLL] Map selection

    For the mc version of some of these maps (like motel and 67thway) will they be removed? And personally I hope so. As I said before I find them inferior and boring to the originals.
  2. So much memories with Minecraft. I miss the old days.
  3. Difference is that I didn't really see Vio devoting to it like Zero has. Usually when I did events it started off as 5 people then goes up to 16-24.
  4. Because majority of the minecraft maps are boring or really poor designed. And some of the remakes are inferior to the originals. ( Like mc_dolls and mc64thstreet. )
  5. Im better than you at TTT ;)

    1. VilhjalmrF
    2. Chewie2k


      your bad at everything 


      ps wheres my starbucks bij

    3. VilhjalmrF
  6. @Helium @Maximino007 @Pizzy stop necro posting. Thanks.
  7. Shut up mom don't tell me what to do!
  8. This gives us a reason to shut down the breach server.
  9. Because no one has no fucking clue where everything is. Admin Abuse Reports: https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports/ Admin Applications: https://gflclan.com/forms/18-ttt-rotation-admin-applications/ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/jf69wFt Mute/Ban Appeals: https://gflclan.com/forms/19-ttt-rotation-ban-appeals/ Player Reports: NON-EXISTENT WHAT THE FUCK
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