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  1. We had something somewhat like this planned (a long ass time ago). But never went through. Imo I guess we just didn't see the point in having something like this.
  2. Agree there lad. Riots don't solve anything yes. It's unfortunate that no matter how many times we say that, riots still happens. Even after all these years and past riots, we still get them. A good amount of people take advantage of these riots too. By looting and destroying things not because they care and want justice but because of their own greed.
  3. Overall just a terrible thing (no shit sherlock). The cop shouldn't have put his knee on Floyd's neck especially for 7-10 minutes. If it weren't for that, Floyd would've live and this whole thing would've never happen. As for the riots, it's the sad truth that riots will always be a solution for protesters to get what they want when protesting peacefully doesn't work. It's just how it has always worked. Welcome to civilization lads. Here's to 2020.
  4. man I was thinking that this subforum has been dead recently and was wishing for someone to finally post something.... thank you
  5. Back in the old breach days we would do some exotic weird shit in the bathrooms on the map that consisted of screaming at the end cause of an SCP coming in. Oh that and when we play as MTF and all 15 of us bring out our stunsticks to kill D Class.
  6. the fuck are you a simp? get the fuck outta here
  7. fuck I thought I got rid of you.. I mean welcome back! Hope you're doing good!
  8. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay man. Also CoD WWII Zombies? Very nostalgic, use to play it with friends at sleepovers when I was a kid.
  9. bye queen But in all seriousness I get what you mean. Wish you the best of luck. And don't forget to buy that product (khum dhan) I recommended. See ya around.
  10. happy out of womb day, cheers

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      Thank you! 🥰 💓

  11. here is your answer! In all seriousness I don't actually know what's going on with the server. Hopefully it gets back up on it's feet soon.
  12. Onto the keel you climb

  13. @[email protected]@[email protected]@morgie08Chro (can't find his actual @) @[email protected]@Astral [email protected]@Rick- Some of these lads may not be in GFL anymore but still without being here I would've never met such great friends. Always there when I need them. Especially when it's perfect timing to call me a bottom. Love you magnificent bastards. Also once again, Kat was killed a Covenant drive-by.
  14. send anime goth chicks

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      I've got a bad feeling about this...

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      Don't worry she isn't here. At least not yet..

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  15. It's a scary thought
  16. don't know ya but see ya!
  17. I get more dick than you

  18. I would just install an emulator on my phone to play some good ol classic games. Phone old though so it usually doesn't turn out well and crashes midway. Still fun regardless.
  19. happy out of black hole day

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