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  1. Dr. Dew | Mr.Bubbles' Purge Resignation

    LIES ALL LIES anyway good bye man. Enjoy trying to get that girl
  2. Bye

    what happened i was tagged but it just said "bye" well anyway cya man have fun with life
  3. GFL Is Gay

    Oh yes Daddy
  4. Resignation / Goodbye

    Awww feelsbadman
  5. A Vigilante Buff

    A Vigilante Buff Vigilante is one of my all time best jobs in Purge I love running around killing people for mugging/kidnapping/raiding however the more I play vigilante the more i feel weak now I'm not saying vigilante should always be this "power house" but with more players knowing what the vigilante can and can't do they avoid ever doing illegal things. I want to ask for a few things to make vigilante more fun and enjoy able. 1. A gun like the G36C 2. Being able to kill wanted players. I feel like this would add to the whole "vigilante" Concept. However I don't think this could be a thing because of meta-gaming 3. Both
  6. Hobo's Allowed to Assist/Counter

    Wow Feelsbadman
  7. Hobo's Allowed to Assist/Counter

    Nah dude love seeing the purge community try and make the server better
  8. Hobo's Allowed to Assist/Counter

  9. Hobo's Allowed to Assist/Counter

    Hobo's steal because they need money. be a little fucked if a hobo walked in your base and started shooting you...
  10. Hobo's Allowed to Assist/Counter

    Now see the think is hobo's mug for MONEY they don't need guns or oil/meth/weed all they want is money. you can't raid a base and get money from it I just feel like it would break the RP
  11. Remove The Piano

    Imma go with @flyingjoe32 with this one. I really hate the piano but some people might like. With a mute system in place it would solve everyone's issue
  12. Coffee or Tea?

    I hate both but I'm British so tea
  13. Fail RP

    Nah man feel free to suggest things
  14. Fail RP

    Yeah. ppl would just get salty about it