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  1. hmmmm..... a noob cancer server, and a prime cancer server.... interesting!
  2. the following DO NOT WORK yet: !stopmusic !volume if you find others please let us know but I am sure that Snowy/Loan are working on it and are aware. I am sure Vauff is not aware though so you should ping him in discord to let him know.
  3. @Morningstar thank you. I had no idea what Vauff does or who he is or what bagged milk even is... And it is the duty of every true red/white/blue blooded american alpha chad to bully Canadians.
  4. thank you Loan/Snowy for working to fix the issue. My spys within the GFL admin team tell me Vauff is being a lazy milk bagger and doing nothing to contribute to fix the problem, so thank you for your hard work in spite of him... XD
  5. ty, I will scream "Snowy Said Its Random You Weeb" at full volume on mic next time this argument comes up.
  6. there has been some confusion about this in server. Some people are very adamant on mic that if you get a MM on a map, even if you vote undoMM and then revote you will get the same MM again no matter what. Basically, people are spreading information that the MM variable is determined at the beginning of the map, and you can only turn it off and on through votes, and that is it. I dont think this is the case, but would love confirmation on this.
  7. can we just try it out and see what happens? FFS!!!! i actually am having a bit of fun with the fail nades.... i see a lot of room for "interesting" outcomes with this. I also like the suggest the thai ladyboy made about failnades+classic spawn... that could create some very interesting outcomes... i plan to test that on classic spawn maps this week like Jurassic or Boatescape. So far it has been fun, and unlike what I originally thought, I care about VIP Mode the least in reality. Crazy how things work out when you actually do it vs just arguing about possible what if scenarios on a message board on the internet with people who still play an obscure mode for a basically outdated game.... :omegalul:
  8. Onahole is correct. That is why I like asking when playing a map with a boss "Is this total hits, or total damage". 2 different situations, 2 different solutions/approaches. Same for NPCs. If they are a breakable object, there is a total damage value that must be reached for it to "break" and then the total damage inflicted by the weapon has a big impact vs. just a "rounds per min" factor to consider. You basically have multiple variables to consider when selecting the weapon that works best for you, and the data above is certainly a big factor... but not the only factor... 1. Rounds Per min (supported by data above) 2. Damage per second (diff set of data) 3. Reload Time 4. Clip/Magazine size 5. Movement Speed reduction (for avoiding bosses and jumping and stuff like that) 6. personal player style (Doorhugger, covering defender, front line defender) 7. Map you are playing (backpedal map, move and hold in place, choke point or open world, boosting concern, boss fight mechanics)
  9. also, thanks for the data. I find it helpful and appreciate it.
  10. this is correct.... with 2 caveats... maps where you have to eliminate NPCs and still need some movement ability, m249... (see Santa or Castlevainia for example). downside, not everyone can sustain the 2 round burst firing, or learn to control the spray pattern. more damage/knockback than the negev if you can control it. the advantage for npc killing is that if you can control it you can move quicker than if you have a negev and typically kill the npc right before needing to reload.... you can still avoid most npc attacks as your movement speed is not as slow as with the negev) R8 Revolver.... had some situations where is it super helpful like Santa after the lava on act 2 on the ramps... or places you need to make zombies fly!!!!!
  11. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/head-games/201310/why-do-women-fall-bad-boys http://theconversation.com/do-women-really-go-for-bad-boys-heres-the-science-that-settles-the-question-59409
  12. fair enough... you win this round!