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  1. there was some confusion between admins and staff as to what constituted official and unofficial. rather than split hairs just know its "unofficial" but we have the full support and backing of the ZE Admins for this.
  2. I got a lot of displacements sausage so I'll deff be sending it to you...
  3. Mappers So Far: @hotEvercLear @Switchback @Qahnaarin @Pasas1345 @Henry @Sn3kyP3akyleik (AKA Demon in Discord) @WildBanana @2554 @reidusgelo @HeroinxHussein @sTc @SmallSmokePL
  4. Special thanks to GFL and the admin team for helping with this event. The goal is to attract new mappers, get some new fun maps, and help improve the quality of our mapping community through collaboration and discussion between mappers. Rules: Contest runs from now until January 31st. If you have a map that is less than 15% complete, you can use that as a starter. (if it takes 100 hours to finish, you should not have more than 15 hour of time spent for example. HONOR SYSTEM EVERYONE!!!). Maps must be uploaded to the server through the following form by 11:59pm CST (Central Time USA) 1/31/2020 here ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJ4xNvQD6UMXC_OEpKEV5LwEM2pZzCNYK2FBgf0sWHAEne5g/viewform ). We will start doing some tests after January 31st, and any bugs can be fixed then and re-uploaded but no changes other than bug fixes to the map for it to still count in voting. Admins will have final say if a map passed the final test and will be added to the pool to be voted on. We will do a mini event of sorts to run through the maps for a final round of testing and then vote on the winner Mid-Late January. Prizes: 1. If your map is accepted, no matter what you will get mapper tag which comes with perks including: - Reserve Slot in the Server, similar to VIP/Donator - Access to special Skins in Server - Discord Mapper Tag - Cash Prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place 1st - $20 2nd - $10 3rd - $5 Tips: I would HIGHLY encourage anyone that wants to get into mapping to join #Mapping in discord. There are many very active Sr. Mappers who can help you with the more complicated stuff, and plenty of great/terrible ideas floating around in there all the time. Additionally, the Pinned messages are full of great guides and videos and links to get started. 2 Months is plenty of time to get a fun map put together, even if it is your first time. The hardest part is coming up with a good idea. If you put in the work and learn, #Mapping can make it a reality. Good Luck, Have Fun, Keep on Hammering!!!! I will make a 2nd post with a running list of everyone who wants to participate. I will give it another week to cut of registration, so please register by 12/14 if you want to participate. Note, if someone wants to make a banner, that would be pretty cool!
  5. 1. Would anyone be interested? I see a lot of new faces in #Mapping and it warms my heart. also new maps are always fun and lots of neat ideas and funky things floating around in there recently. 2. With the current server backlog is this even possible right now? I would be thinking maybe like a December contest, submit map by end of the month? gives most of us that 2 week slowdown at the end to work on things and get them tested.... maybe another round of tests in january before playing them? thoughts?
  6. CS 1.6 is free.... just saying!
  7. I can see this work if you have 1 push. This is very similar item loadout to big dick strat we were testing a few months back, but the island strat is a neat idea and I think you are onto something. i will 100% try this next time diddle is up as getting to the final boss is not hard at all. Big dick is also very helpful at the fetus boss as if you can fire it when he goes bezerker and not need a diddle cannon. The hold after the fetus buss at the zombie cage is not hard if you have 2 push, and is a breeze with 3. love it!
  8. going into Omaha Beach with 180 health may stop the rng trim.... but that is the map you can win with the least people (done it with 7 and negevs) so I think it should be last but I see what you are thinking and tbh worth a try
  9. diddle extreme sounds fun. I'm not sure how the admin room works, but I feel like you would need to set the rotation to have Bomb Beach or whatever the WW2 map is be the last since you normally rng down to 15... so that would have to be last... I have seen both diglet and shrek finish in the mid 30s, so have a team with more humans than zombies is possible... turtle normally gets a good team into the 20s with the lasers on demon turtle boss, so that's a wildcard weebaboo map you can literally lose no one so that should be first maybe if it's too hard, go regular and then you have to play final diddle with a non standard Strat for items Big Dick Strat Little Dick Strat Wall Strat etc.... I'll be out of town so doesn't really matter to me but interesting idea and glad to see someone is doing events again
  10. booooooooooooooo! 2x meaning there for you smart bois and grills
  11. At first I was like whatever I don’t really care but it was brought to my attention that something fishy was going on
  12. the math seems to check out... it all adds up... get em bois!
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