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  1. dont we have like a 1000 page event suggestion thread?
  2. I hate this event and everyone who loves it.... I can feel all the laser fags off lining the map already and getting 1/2 a chub from it!!!!!
  3. ahh, thank you... this actually give me an idea now for a stage on the map project I am working on.
  4. really??? https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sv_friction "By default, the game is set to sv_friction 4"
  5. sv_friction 4 is the default server setting for csgo. out of curiosity, how much does that effect strafe running?
  6. strafe walking is what I do all the time... and I really wail on my keyboard on the ramps where you can overtake people that dont know how to move other than bhopping... I can confirm if you are good you will be at 260+ Velocity. It does not register for some reason on your own cl_showpos 1 HUD, but if someone specs you in game it will register for them and they can tell you how fast you are going as you tweak your technique. I dont know if you can change any settings like you could back in the old days of 1.6 (Rate, cl_updaterate, cl_cmdrate) and if any of those things effect the game anymore (or similar commands in CSGO, but perhaps that is something to look at). Remember, how the game works is that you have a X,Y,Z location in the environment, and the models and what you see are rendered in relation so those data coordinates. Sometimes the location you are (X, Y, Z, and knife radius of say 10) puts you within range of someone else's knife, but their model is rendered in a location out of sync with their actual location according to the server. Another thing, make sure you are timing your knife attacks correctly. The animation you see is not a true representation of what is happening with regards to registration of a hit on another players hitbox. If they are outside of the knife range when you click (attack), and then as you are going through the knife swing animation they come in range, it can look like you are stabbing them but it is not having any effect... this is due to the fact when the server went to read if your attack occurred within knife range of the target's hitbox, it was not within parameters to register a "hit", but still kicked off the animation of the knife movement. This mostly happens when a player is running towards you. Remember, this is a game, and it tries to replicate what would happen IRL, but like most games it still falls way short (thank goodness, we would have so many blown Achilles tendons in this community from all the bhopping) ...
  7. For the above, I do not believe you can beat God Kraken (maybe not regular kraken) with just rifles... Map(s): LOTR Event (See map details below) Restrictions/Limitations: (See Restrictions Below) Event Time preferred: Anytime Others: none, maybe LOTR Elite invites can be sent per request if you participate... idk... Maps/Restrictions: 1st map: Moria: Pistols / Shotguns / Nades Only 2nd map: Helms Deep: Rifles / Pistols / Nades Only (SMGs as well if we dont win)... also, no glitching / boosting! 3rd map: Mt. Doom: Rifles/Pistols/Shotguns/Nades Only (pro's run up the mountain backwards!) 4th map: Minas (i know they should be switched, but we could get stuck on Minas and then wouldn't make it to mount doom) with no restrictions...
  8. as stated above, P90 is best... I think it would be helpful to end this discussion if we could get the actual stats for the following and compare. MP5 Movement Speed: RPM: Damage: Knockback: Spray Pattern Radius: Clip Size: 30 P90 Movement Speed: RPM: Damage: Knockback: Spray Pattern Radius: Clip Size: 50 Bizon Movement Speed: RPM: Damage: Knockback: Spray Pattern Radius: Clip Size: 64
  9. do you think we could start shotgun only.... then if that is too hard then go rifles only...??? I ask because there are really not too many holds that I can think of on these maps that are challenging. I will admit I dont know isla very well, but thinking about classic Jurassic, the only holds are in the truck (you have to jump to get in so ez deff with rifles) and the final bridge (super narrow, easy hold), and the rest is just a run sim... just a thought, looking forward to playing.... RIP EuroPoors.... NA seems to be only people wanting to play events these days lol
  10. I love mg and would play more and bring some friends in if updates and new maps were there. and active admin/sm
  11. ummmm..... not true... we have played office with the ZE mod... it is insane, and it is glorious.... Ask Loan/Snowy, or maybe T3s if they can change it to office... its crazy fun....
  12. does it cost money to have more skins? why take them down, add them, remove them, on a regular basis? is there some sort of cost associated with having skin options to players? I have always wondered this, but just been too shy to ask....
  13. I had suggested what Luff said before as well. I think that will solve 2 issues. 1. there will not be reason to spam a # in chat... because it will be rng for everyone. no one has time to type out the name of the map over and over and over... so less chat spam as a result. 2. it will eliminate the 4 spam choice of map.