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  1. will the dec event have firetemple? and will the reward be permanent eye damage?
  2. rofl Flops!
  3. BB UI is good people, even though whim once said he architected 9/11.... I would tend to agree with BB. The best way to learn is to do... and if you keep trimming guys before the boss fight, they will never get good at the boss fight. Also, if you die confused by a bad command, I dont think you will learn as much as if you are getting accurate orders....
  4. i like when silly things happen in the server, that are less cancer/autism that normal.... like when admins have been scaring people at key jump points in maps the last few days with the halloween server scare thing.... or when the gay face pops up causes confusion and delay.... Little mini contest would be fun too. Yesterday, when he ddos was going on, we only had 7-8 in the server and myself and a few others got Frostdrake queued up, and working with the zombies who can trigger by the way and help out, got to boss.... only for one of the zombies to betray us at the last min as we made the final jumps to the boss fight area... it was actually crazy fun because instead of just people yelling at each other to stop defending and edging we actually goofed around as a group and had a few laughs! i actually find it funny, and enjoyable. also I believe Olivka has perma banned himself for item trolling on SAM yesterday... shameful display of initially misuse of tornado... Although maybe that would all into this category then all will be forgiven .
  5. sick burn!
  6. I get both sides... Part of the conditions that exist that would constitute "Beating" a map would be you have an allotted amount of time/tries to do it... Playing a map for 18 hrs strait till enough noobs leave and you get the perfect mix of tryhards/good listeners on at the same time to win does not feel like as much of a win as beating the map with the team you have with the standard amount of try. On the other hand, being right on the cusp of winning and needed just that one more extend, I know how frustrating that can be... (I mean, I was there for the 6 months of nightly AESTHETIC tries...). I would say though, in this situation it does not seem to be all that hard to pop into discord and ask for a T3 to come help... someone is almost always on and available from my experience. I think having that discord option is a good solution to the problem for case by case situations as they come up. Also you then get to experience the interesting things in GLF ZE discord (or the surface of the deep web as I like to call it....)
  7. yeah.... started using the M249 when we were still trying to beat AESTHETIC... defending the spawn with that thing is a great way to learn the spray pattern. It is not hard though once you learn the left/right compensation when burst firing, and the overall xhair hold when sustained firing. I like it more than the negev now, and any map that has long holds I use it more than the bizon.
  8. Kakarot be all like....
  9. I'm down with fire temple... but does anyone know if there are any console settings that can help reduce the headwave effects that were built into the map? Is it like a particle_fx setting or something like that I can play with? Maybe just play with oakleys on??????
  10. 31 people survived the baby boss... thanks to Luff and i forget who else had the other diddle cannons (2x diddle cannon FTW).... lost a few on the way to laser madness but only 3-4. Key to laser boss is to have only like 4-5 do the lasers, the rest defend..
  11. diddle has been beaten... Kakarot also died at the last stage.... it was epic!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. will I need special glasses for my eyes to survive this one???? lol! Looks good so far. Parkour right at the start? should be good for trimming noobs right away! Are you building this as a Tryhard map full of secrets and items, or will this be more of a straightforward run/jump escape?
  13. i have been doing informal polls in the server about the Jurassic idea... and 8 out of 10 player agree they want to do it but also 9 out of 10 players didnt know what an event was.... so russia could be hacking the election...
  14. i like the Jurassic idea!!!!!!