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  1. honestly, just know the maps, know the strats, and know how to motivate people. some do it through shame, some do it through insults, some do it by allowing their pure masculine chadness to flow through the mic so that the plebs, weebs and betas cannot help but follow your every command. In reality (this is just good overall life advice for leading/managing others) you have to be able to clearly and efficiently communication what is in it for the person you are trying to lead... you can just yell "Defend here"... and sometimes have some success. but instead try and say "Defend at this third box, and turn around. If you fall back the door will kill you and we will lose the round" and have much more of an impact.
  2. I think a recap of the strats that work and what to do would be appropriate as we have learned much!
  3. truly, he was the king of kings..
  4. this is my favorite thread so far. I cannot wait for Mal to do his typically sentence by sentence dismantling.
  5. Lately I have been feeling good about myself, and am going to go ahead and give you a -1 on your app. You are a key part of the community, but you play ZE too much, you dont really seem committed to OW or APEX, and I am not sure how many hours you spend on minecraft. I am happy to change my mind, but for now I am afriad I must vote -1, maybe even -2.
  6. this is so long I'm surprised it didnt crash the server. you know most of the GFL apes cannot even read right.
  7. ze_Enick is the clear choice
  8. as always, RC is correct
  9. no nom Sunday is your best bet as it had the most random maps and the least amount of tryhard players on average.... also admins are normally all in church so more fun cancer times
  10. oddly enough, it seems like the more tryhards we get on, the more we lose to zombies... the more good listening Noobs we have on, the less we die to zombies, but get fucked by NPCs. if we can just cruise through prolg and act 1 I would feel more confident that it is possible
  11. I demand leks be demoted
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