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  1. hotEvercLear Admin Application

    Name: hoteverclear Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14699564 Age: 33 Server playtime: ALL TIME STATS Score: 91924 Minutes Played: 6433 (oddly enough, how have my all time minuets played gone down since 8 months ago when I applied before? does it change if you modify your name in any way??? just curious) Score per Minute: 14.3 Rank on Server: #1019 out of 104839 Time you can be on & Timezone: M-F and Sat + Sunday (9:00 pm - Midnight Central Standard Time) Why do you want to become an admin?: I have heard there is a need for more NA admins during NA Cancer hours. I have experienced this need as well. If there are no other options I would be happy to help control the chaos a bit during the times I am available. I like the server, and community, and I dont like seeing teams trying hard to win a map or have a good time for it to get ruined by unnecessary cancer/autism/mic spamming (that is my bigest pet peve). If I can help control that, I will. If not, I hope someone else will because that is all i really care about. I have tried to get to know the admin team a bit more, and am very active in discord (probably too much at times like when I am bored on the train to/from work). I have been working to not be as autistic in the server on mic, and instead be helpful and ensure the rules are followed.... but sometimes I will admit I do ask people to trigger the fountain on Evil Mansion, or trigger the Gas Pump, or get the item from Sailor Moon. I did have admin rights on several CS 1.6 and DOD servers back in the day and am somewhat familiar with console commands. Reason for accepting: I have been a FPS gamer since HS playing Day of Defeat and other Valve based FPS games, and still enjoy it. My E-Credentials include playing in the CAL-M Finals for DoD back in the day with team Careface, and rocking several BF3 / BF4 clans over the years as well. I know what bad server admins are like, and what good server admins are like, and i would see to maintain a balance between tryhards, new gamers to ZE and also just that perfect splash of autism that makes GFL ZE so unique. I also dont rage quit, and i know the game mode and many of the maps well enough to help players enjoy them without getting frustrated. I lead the mako win last week, so basically I am the best leader ever! ; ). if you feel you need to hurt my feelings with your elaborate -1 replies, go for it... dont worry, my feelings can take it!
  2. Fetty Sings The RTV Song

    This is a small sneak peak of what will be a montage of the most cancerous NA Autism Hour of the year so far.... Fetty staring out Santa singing the RTV song... enjoy... much much more to come. https://youtu.be/l95f3PJASoA
  3. Zombie Escape Event #29

    I care naught for this event... have fun EUPoors
  4. The State of GFL ZE

    good questions citizen. 1. i like a fun experience where i try to win at something difficult and have a few laughs along the way... that can include anything from getting everyone to spec Elemental so he chokes and dies at the first laser on pokemon, or laughing at whim die from a bad jump, etc... sometimes some light autism is fun.... 2. i don't know, only play gfl 3. i think we need a few more so there is adequate coverage during all times of the day. warnings and mutes and putting beacons on people is what i would like to see more of. 4. cancer is incessant mic spamming that prevents teams from communicating and losing as a result. also trolling with items, inflating or any action that results in chasing players out of the server and causing the quality of teams to drastically decline to the point we cannot even play a casual map. things like "ear rape till they RTV" and getting 8-9 other players to scream into the mic till everyone rtvs would be cancer in my book.
  5. what your fav map?

    Depends on the mood I am in. Tryhard mood would lead me to vote/nominate - AESTHETIC - DeadCore - Gris - Diddle (i do still like it, mostly for the final lasers though) - Convoy Troll Maps (like if I want to clear out the server of cancer players) - Evil Mansion Basic Fun / OldSchool Maps - Jurassic Maps - Any LOTR - DeathStar (Still fun for me) - POTC Item Maps (maps that require the correct use of items or its a RIP) - Port_Royal - S_A_M - Ashen Keep
  6. [CS:GO ZE] Event Suggestions

    Ok, but what maps are you suggesting? Look at the format to use when suggesting an event. Beginning of the thread.
  7. The State of GFL ZE

    There are not enough mops in the world to soak up all the man mayo that would explode out of Enik if his dream of becoming a GFL Admin came true...
  8. The State of GFL ZE

    i have noticed more in the last 6 months that it is not the happy funny cancertism hour, but more the annoying trolling on purpose cancerntism hour that ruins some of the more challenging maps. I dont know the solution to that, could be due to some of the players that made the "experience" special are now gone for one reason or another. What got me enjoying the cancertism of GFL (i have combine Cancer and Autism into one word, feel free to steal it, I did not copywrite it) was one of the first times I played Mines of Moria, soccermom was mercilessly laying into someone who was trying to argue strategies with him over the mic.... I played Convoy soon after with Arkam and Kakarot and also found those exchanges to be highly entertaining. Now, I feel like people are trying to force mic chatter and autism and its just not as funny as opposed to when it just happens as a result of goofy characters all mixing together in the server. Dumb Twitch Watching streamer whores come in trying to be clever like that pewdiepie kid they watch youtube videos of and think that in a few weeks they can start earning 100K a month via Twitch by being an immature and annoying troll in a ZE Server. I will say too my source of enjoyment in the server changed over the last year. I used to just be silent and take it all in, then I got sort of cancertismish, now I like the challenge and the fun of leading a team to victory, or beating something crazy hard like Deadcore Lasers (first person to say how easy deadcore lasers are is a trap and should go uninstall life!) or AESTHETIC with a noob team, or learning how/where/when to use items on some of the tryhard maps. So now I try to keep the fun of cantertism to Discord or in game txt chat, and keep the mic for leading/helping/gameplay related stuff, with some light cancertism thrown in from time to time. I think the new gen of gamers that stumble into GFL ZE though have a different mindset... they all way to be a youtube cancertism hour highlight, or a twitch streamer, or just annoying A/F without earning the right to yell on mic. just my .02... I really don't see the community dying, just constantly changing and right now the trend is going in a slightly more annoying direction but its not the end of the world (even if the whole GLF community disappeared overnight, would that really be the end of the world? If so rethink your life!).
  9. [ZE] Quick Tips

    if you don't have a knife, run at them head first and try to get them to chase you off the edge of a cliff and kill themselves... flailing wildly obviously...
  10. Client side skins for the gflclan csgo servers.

    interesting work you have done thank you for sharing. I dont know why, but I did laugh fairly hard inside my head when I read "Suppose you went to a ching chong server"
  11. [ZE] Quick Tips

    pro tip: dont left click and hold unless you have a negev. If you have Bizon, P90, m249, keep bursts to 2-3 each and learn the spray patterns for more headshots and less down time reloading the weapon from spraying bullets into thin air! If you are using a weapon other than Bizon, P90, M249, Negev (possibly AWP or SCAR for certain maps at certain points.... *cough cough* HELMS READY *cough cough*) you should rethink your life choices that lead you to play ZE with a different weapon... .
  12. [CS:GO ZE] Event Suggestions

    you forgot ze_Isengard
  13. [CS:GO ZE] Event Suggestions

    so can we settle on a LOTR event already? <3
  14. [CS:GO ZE] Event Suggestions

    LOTR Themed Event Map(s): ZE_Moria ZE_Helms ZE_Mt_Doom ZE_Minas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Restrictions/Limitations: Trilogy + Minas if/when we win Moria - No Items, Shotguns/Pistols Only. If that is too hard, yes to items. Helms - Semi Auto Only (SCAR, Pistols, AWP but no boosting plz, Pump Shotgun) Mt. Doom - No restrictions, unless someone can think of a fun one Minas - no restrictions, just dont be bad with all the items/barricades or you will be yelled at! Event Time preferred: Late Night US/Early Morning EU. Reward: I dont to it for the rewards... I do it for the fans!!!!! I dont think we have any LOTR skins other than Sauron and i doubt we will give that one out even for a week or two, so IDK... If there are other skins like Gandalf or anything else like that I would be all for it. has to be LOTR themed though. Perhaps a tag for [LOTR Elites] if we can first round win all 3 of the trilogy, we should get something special like maybe VIP for a week or something like that.
  15. Late-Night/Morning Zombie Event #9

    looking forward to this one! should be fun.