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  1. New Default Map (round 2)

    lets do this every month!!!!! j/k
  2. Map Secrets

    any mappers want to chime in on this???? this is sort of a paradox when you think about it... Mapper create secrets that no one will inherently know about, and if no one knows about it, what is the point of it existing? If people know about it, then its existence is validated to an extend and it becomes known to people, but then it is really no longer a true secret since others know about it. I guess the real question is, who does the community as a whole feel is "worthy" to learn about the secrets. From what has been shared so far, it would seem we are mixed into a few camps (I also get the 2 types of secrets argument, ones that are just fun like Orange on IceCap, or ones that impact winning a map like many of the items on Santa, SAM, Ashen, ect...). 1. Everyone, make a database people can look things up in 2. Anyone who asks another player, and that player should share the info 3. Only people willing to take the time to Spec, YouTube and search themselves 4. Only people willing to learn hammer and decompile and study the maps 5. No one, information is power and we must retain power with the elites
  3. Map Secrets

    A question to the community... What is your opinion on sharing map secrets with randoms and noobs? Part of me knows many of us derive our sense of superiority over others because we know how to activate Orange on Icecap, or how to get to light bridge on Escape the Eye, etc... Another part of me thinks though, "well a lot of it is on youtube anyway" someone can just go and look it up if they want to know... This all sort of ties into the whole "don't let noobs pick up items" or "we need the noob trim before some boss fights" debates. I would like to start a thread (maybe sticky it) of all the map secrets we know about. It would probably drive some traffic to the forums as well if we have a sort of database of maps and their secrets in one central location, but before starting a thread like that and compiling the info I know already, I would like to feel out the community if this would be good or bad... Feel free to chime in here with constructive input, or whatever hate you feel like throwing my way.
  4. CZ75-Auto to zmarket

    fair point from Malal.... I would point out however, writing the BioShock guide was a one time thing, vs having to do something repetitive... you dont implement automation for one time events, you do it for repetitive actions.
  5. New Default Map

    what is the framework we should be operating within for suggesting a map? Non Tryhard? Well Liked? Simple? Run Only or Map w/o a Boss/Levels? Small Map Size? ect... I think Jurassic would be hard because of the spawn process that trolls noobs... I would think a basic (possibly olderschool) run/defend map would be the best, and one that is generally tolerated by most players... and also is a map that draws players in... POTC Deathstar Moria Icecap BoatEscape Bathroom maybe... It has levels and a boss and items and is semi tryhard (the hold after the sponge boss requires some coordination and good item usage), but it does draw people into the server, I would assume you want a map that draws people into the server as I assume default map means the map that loads after a server reset or crash or update, and the goal will be to re-populate the server quickly... maybe you should have it default to Santa or Diddle or SAM or PortRoyal then as those typically draw in players...
  6. New command to hide the players character

    how does VAC work exactly? I thought it looked at Player Models and DLLs and other game files stored on your local machine to identify any modifications that did not have exception rules (like custom skins and things that dont violate rules VAC has established) built into VAC and reconcile what VAC thinks your game files "Should" look like vs what they "Actually" look like. It probably can monitor your thread for game events executing in ways it deems they should not be... But that is just what I assumed based on my understanding of programming and game/server engines. Since you all see so convinced that is not how VAC works, you must be able to explain how it actually works, and I would be very interested in learning more.
  7. Fun times in ZE

    delete fetty! <3
  8. New command to hide the players character

    gkuo88, more anger and emotions from you please... i loved it!
  9. New command to hide the players character

    depends on how it is working. If it is something that adds lots of calculations and sub routines on the server side, possibly... if it is something that is primarily pushed to the client like the legoland player model example, then far far less of an impact.
  10. deadcore music

    Fetty, stop with your shit posts... <3
  11. Mute Question (not appeal)

    oh man... I thought I was bad with 3... and none in over 6 months 5/9/17 - 10 min from Koala, no reason given 5/16/17 - 10 min from SpaceCow, no reason given 7/11/17 - 5 min from DVD, no reason given That is a handy link I didnt know about... thank you... https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=hoteverclear&advType=name
  12. New command to hide the players character

    strait to autism hour PJ... that is where this will probably take us... but good points from you and tibet.
  13. [CS:GO ZE] Event Suggestions

    than you Malal, that is a good link!
  14. New command to hide the players character

    considering UZDJ posted a helpful response with something interesting directly answering my question 13 min before you made your post, you can believe whatever you want... Thank you UZDJ, very interesting. So seemingly, to have a !hide like feature that does not put additional and unnecessary load on the server one route would be to force/push a custom player model from the server to each client who connects that is customized in a similar way to the Minecraft model.
  15. New command to hide the players character

    I like this idea PJ. I wonder it is the same principle like "Render this as transparent" vs "dont even bother rendering this" One obviously taxes the server side and client side more than the other. Another issue is the fact that all these maps are not to the same standards, or quality controls or frameworks so it is hard to do server side optimization for all the different ZE Maps, and in the same way it would be hard for all mappers to optimize their maps to each and every server since they have different settings and hardware and plugins/software. also many of them are sloppily thrown together at night while drunk/high while watching anime on another device so that plays into it as well probably... Can someone decompile Minecraft with Hammer or something and see if they can pull the code/script that is creating the transparency on the player model? I am curious if it is a script running with the map itself, or something in the actual player model.