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  1. @WarpedCakez you got that Cosmo solo SS yet?
  2. "I just want the Snacks" - Weijuan (Many Occasions)
  3. weeb ^ also I hear nemesis is gud map... should be fun and interesting with VIP and rifles only... probably may need a suicide squad or two knifes only.
  4. welp.... demote and ban I suppose.
  5. how did mercy reply to a post on 2/14, back on 2/5?!?!?!
  6. you all are going to make mercy suicide... do you want him to haunt you for the rest of your lives!?!?!?
  7. perhaps it would be best for people to #1, read what the OP is.... (not once is he called the best, just the kindest and one of the best) #2 spend more time in Discord
  8. every needs to stop bullying mercy. He has very gentle feelings that can be easily hurt.
  9. There are many great players out there, but one of the kindest and best players is Mercy. When he leads on Mic, it is like a golden unicorn is speaking soft words of truth. I recommend everyone who wants to learn to bhop spec him, and join his Bhop server. He is a wonderful person and a great best friend. If you say different, i may have to bully you.
  10. ok, I understand strafe left and right and turn that direction while in air.... i know about air accel.... curious how you time your landing and mouse wheel scroll.... some people i have watched look down, some say they use a custom crosshair will reference points for the horizon and landing distance, others just feel it and get a rhythm... what do you do... also ban Mercy
  11. yeah, but is it designed to crash the server...
  12. well that was productive... I read every word thinking there was something in there... i have wasted my life!
  13. there were no lamp post in ancient Egypt!!!!! I call fake news on this! looks good thought!!!!!
  14. this is kinda neat... i dont play there because I only have enough time for GFL, but if we do something like this *** cough *** mapping contest *** cough *** interesting how they have sort of mapping templates. Also, plz Ban Vauff for promoting other servers.