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  1. i hate anyone who calls to ban/boycott something they hate. fight against it, but dont puss out and call for someone else to ban it because you cannot win your own battles .
  2. why not a !voteBanMaxDevil????? omegalul
  3. I see both sides... I like eternal grove and dreamin and diddle partially due to zombie items so that does add more fun
  4. I agree... chewie got into it last night with us too... drinking is 1 year old expired beer lol. peer pressure works. 100% need a plugin
  5. it was a great success tonight.. alpha may be dead, crazy Jeff probably going to be hurting.... This is to document the rules. we can modify, but basic rules are: 1. if you are CT and you die, you take a drink 2. if you are a CT and you kill a zombie (kill, not assist) everyone else who is playing takes a drink 3. if we win a map, everyone takes a drink end of rules
  6. it's not a bug, it's a feature!!!
  7. just like pedophiles, some people just cannot control themselves and must be banished from regular society.
  8. I believe "if the legends are true" he had multiple multiple multiple mutes and then warnings about a perma mute, then in defiance right in the face of the Sr. Admins warning him he went on a mic spam yelling nword over and over again.... again, this is just hearsay from discord, but that is was I was told the other day and have been told in the past.
  9. trump asked for it.... I'm serious about the money thing. if they keep mic spamming, ban them again and up the fine. eventually we will be able to buy an even better sever if they dont stop because they will keep paying more and more. we have like 1000 admins now (and 3 or 4 sometimes play in the server too) so it's not like they can go on a killing spree or autism!!! if you unmute, they jump on, they mic spam again, remute.. that took like 5 min for $50... or 75... or 100... it still acts as a deterrent, and probably even more of one now, because it actually costs them something, money! I think it's more severe tbh. this is no different than basically every community (country/town/city/etc...) in the world with fines and tickets for breaking the laws so it's not like this is a new/untested idea.
  10. why not monetize this... $50 for the first time you unmute, $75 for the 2nd, $100 for the 3rd, etc... Its kinda how parking tickets work, and eventually people start parking better, and also the authorities make a shit load of money. seems like a win-win.
  11. seems like a lot of effort as everyone in question will just get themselves muted all over again in like 5 min of getting unmuted.
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