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  1. hey look im not dead just taking a break so how was your winning streak friends?
  2. Why?!
  3. Yo look at me i can type shit gfjkashkljgdahfkjghsfg alkjh LKJHlkj hlj HLkj hl KJ
  4. @Squanchy where do you get all your weds?
  5. Oh hey am I late to the party?
  6. Great now Jared is in here WHY WONT YOU PEOPLE LET ME WIN!!!!?
  7. Lol look me ho I'm so cool
  8. TrY aGaIn DaD
  9. Try again buddy
  10. lol Kms so hard
  11. Yeah and i won because he posted after locking it so he cheated, and guess what im gonna win again
  12. Keep in mind when voting on line up days if there is an even amount of guards warden's vote counts as 2
  13. Remember tech admin and up
  14. Wrong its actually 15
  15. Its 8 guys