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  1. Lil skies more like lil Bob

  2. Hey hey hey happy birthday! 

  3. Im tired of losing my money (Crashes)

    Honestly i have a lot of appreciation for the Purge admin team. Just thought i put that out there.
  4. Im tired of losing my money (Crashes)

    Thanks @Illusion for the information.
  5. Hello im probably not the only person thinking this but when i log onto the Purge game mode i put a ton of money on guns and oil stuff just so the server can crash and i lose a crap ton of money. Why has this not been fixed yet this has been happening for a few months now and its making the server no fun all im doing is losing money and not being able to gain anything from it. This isn't a rant against the server manager or its admins you guys are great and you should keep it up its just that i'm not having fun losing all my money and all.
  6. Finnick`s Art Thread

    @Finnick i think it looks fine your handwriting isnt the worst.
  7. Finnick`s Art Thread

    @Finnick what were you hoping it to turn out as?
  8. My Admin Role Was Removed

    @Leks i have he said i was still admin.
  9. For some reason my Admin role on forums was removed from me could someone please help me out.
  10. Charmy's VIP Giveaway! (Ended)

    I like a nice Navy Blue Also here is my steam id STEAM_0:1:85475703
  11. The longest lasting give away, ever.... of all time (VIP)

    Forum Name: Hello it is I @BLAZE When you joined: I joined on the old website so about a year before it went down. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:85475703 Favorite Server: Gmod Jailbreak Most Memorable moment in GFL (And you must end it with: "Ever... Of all time"): I remember when I logged onto Gmod Jailbreak and this player named Proxemicon was on and instead of playing the game we decided to just goof around and tell funny stories that have happened to us or people we knew. That was my best moment of all time. Favorite Food: Chicken Stir fry Who is the host of this Giveaway: @Agent_Washington
  12. Last comment Wins

    im gonna get back into this. I miss having fun little battles with my friends/foes x)
  13. Last comment Wins

    hey look im not dead just taking a break so how was your winning streak friends?