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  1. damn 11 you got to be kidding me I was excited to do this. I hope we can arrange something again like this.
  2. Removed @Jat and @ButterKing5000 (resigned) Moved @RiptogateGaming to inactive you have one week to message me or you will be demoted.
  3. Steam Name: BLAZE Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:85475703 What you'll spend the money on: Ill probably spend the money on either GFL or a new monitor due to me using my T.V as a monitor for the past few months.
  4. Directions unclear. Dick stuck in disc drive.
  5. Town of Salem? Im down My TOS name is BLAZE1398
  6. Why do all the good people leave. It was fun playing with you and i take back what i said on that Roast admins things it was cruel and rude. I hope to see you soon @PotatoMum
  7. added @Misaki to Trial Admin
  8. thanks for stealing my post bud @TheLastBee
  9. My count to 250 before a staff comments was a good one but people on here don't like ready rules
  10. thanks @Rose u da best
  11. Oh only the OG's will remember this. https://gyazo.com/148eeeaadc538f3e6847310dfe4f2275
  12. BLAZE's Stream