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  1. The whole situation seems a little iffy from my perspective. Yes Max has a bumpy history and tends to break the rules alot. The issue is that people and even admins have used the phrase "ching chong" many times in the past and went unpunished. I am not saying rod was in the wrong for the mute, he was being put in a tough position and in the end a mute was probably necessary. I also left the server before the actual mute was issued, but if there was no warning it doesn't make sense to me that he would be hit with such a brutal punishment for saying a phrase that I have never seen anyone punished for even though it has been said many times by players and even admins.
  2. Just git gud and nom first
  3. What do you guys think about the idea of maybe having the option for modifiers only enabled on 1 day a week if that's possible? Admin setting a vote for giving the map a modifier and then voting for which modifier also seems like a great solution to me.
  4. After talking with snowy in discord last night he made it seem like nothing was broken, and he only removed due to the negative feedback. And regardless if modifiers were broken, can't you just remove them until they're fixed?
  5. Although map modifiers plugin known by most as just !votemm mysteriously disappeared a while ago, there has recently been some interest seen on the server about a return. Until yesterday, I and seemingly many other players believed the plugin was broken, but it turns out it was removed for other reasons. This reason being that map modifiers take away from the core fundamentals of ze, and change up the gameplay too much. When we had the modifiers, they were almost always voted on casual maps, meaning they were rarely played normally. Personally, I can see the reasoning behind this idea, we voted it almost every chill map and would rtv if bad modifier, and modifiers really did change the way we played casual maps. I also think there is a different solution to solve this issue, instead of removing the beloved plugin all together. What could be done: Set the vote percentage for map modifiers to pass higher. A percentage as high as 90% could definitely be a middle ground solution, so that a team of many players wanting votemm can still play it but it still would allow chill maps to mostly be played as usual. If a !votemm is passed, make the team select which modifier they play by vote. This would prevent teams from just rtving or !undomm the undesired modifiers at the time. Add a bhop modifier, just because it would be amazing.
  6. I like all the changes besides the nerfing shrek npc hp and the disable bhop part on that level, as well as the grenade refills. Bug fixes are fine but its called extreme because its supposed to be hard. The mortars are a little bit too rng and hard for people who have bad audio too imo.
  7. Don't forget we found the source of the aesthetic crash and got it back onto the sv
  8. This guy really sending jurassic to the F tier
  9. Feel like mako v5 and mako v6 should be un-linked because the maps are so different and the people that come on for each map are also very different. Also different mapper. Wanderers v2/v4 should be separate from wanderers v5/v6 for the same reasons. The maps are too different and should not be seen as a replacements.
  10. 8-bit win - STEAM_1:0:79547757 (plzzzz give FAPESCAPE skin for FAPESCAPE event)
  11. these some good ones but mako no speed cap o.o
  12. I heard it was a temporary change to fix something but it is actually cancer
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