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  1. I don't find a reason to stay online there isnt much content to play around with. When there are people on i find it fun because there is stuff to do like raiding and farming money with friends but since there are 6 people on usually and they are just afk farming i just cannot be asked to come online anymore
  2. Its already made if you actually checked but ill add a link to it because you a baboon
  3. Screenshots on the bottom aint going i give up
  4. I stand true to my promises If you havent followed the last tutorial i would suggest opening this link in another tab : Then if you did it all correctly it should look something like this : Now what you will need for this countdown sign will be listed here : Then you will want to search in gates for : "Number to String" "Round" MAKE SURE ITS ARITHMETIC OR IT WONT WORK Then place them 2 down And then also place down the Text Screen and it should look something like this : (It does not matter about text screen colour) Then if you know what you are doing : Round - Delay - Remaining Number to String - Round Text Screen - String - Number to String Here are some screenshots Round - Delay - Remaining Number to String - Round Text Screen - String- Number to String There you go there is nothing else i need to teach you about automatic oil
  5. against the rules
  6. Here is what the end product should look like when this is all done : So to start you will need : (I would suggest putting these in your favorites my right clicking it) So then you will go to gates and click the search bar and find "Delay" and then place it down: Then you will want to click on the Constant Value and set it up like this : If you dont have 2 values click the green plus to add another 1 And then place it down And then also place your user down and make sure that the beam touches your refinery like this : (If there is enough demand i will make a guide on how to make the screen countdown) If you know what you doing then wire it like this : Delay - CLK - Constant value - 1 Delay - Delay - Constant value - 180 User - Fire - Delay - Out User - Fire - Delay - Out Delay - Clk - Constant Value - 1 Delay - Delay - Constant Value - 180 And that is it if i get around 10 likes then i will add how to make a screen countdown to the oil being refined I suggest now going to this one once you done doing this one
  7. On my small screen its hard to see the exact number of health and armor i have also it would be nice if they were different colour so that its easier to differentiate
  8. LSD is Trash

    After trying to do LSD because i wanted to try something else i found that it is barely profitable here is some math : Setup for LSD : $3500 Profit from LSD (Non-super) : $2,900 How long it take to make (Non-super) LSD : 2:47 Profit / 167 (2:47 in seconds) : 0.0575862069 (Profit/Second) Setup for Oil : $8000 Profit from Oil : $5000 How long it took to make Oil : 3:00 Profit / 180 (3:00 in seconds) : 27.777777 (Profit / Second) Im hoping from this post that LSD gets buffed in one way
  9. I was more talking about the jobs like Vigilante Anti-Purger and prostitute but i appreciate your comment
  10. There are some jobs that are barely ever used which i honestly think are just unused potential and i think that some of the jobs that are quite useful such as mechanic can be used more its just that there is close to no rewards to these jobs that people dont play on and some of them are plane just not fun and this is why i propose that there should be more rewards to these jobs and make them more enjoyable or replace them with more fun dealership or money making jobs as all there are right now for dealership is GD BMD and i think Drug Dealer? Broadening the dealership jobs could add more complexity to Purge along as bring more things for people to sell and do. A suggestion for a job is a Fruit Slicer you have probably seen it on other servers (https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-fruit-slicer-food-script) i have tried it out before and it was pretty fun but you can also balance it as you can restrict certain addons to different ranks. Another job that can be added is a pizza store job where you can make pizzas and give them to people at your very own restaurant (https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-pizzamaker-food-script) Thats all i really have for ideas if you want you can post others in the comments
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