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  1. I dislike rooftops, but I will say it is much better than some similar maps. Just leaving this here to explain why, since its not just blind hate. While it is certainly better than most gigantic wide open maps with basically no interiors, the map's gameplay still always devolves into just Traitors(or other evil roles in the case of TTT Anarchy) being forced to snipe people the entire match. Theres not much room to do anything else or get creative with t shop tools. While there IS some minor interior locations you can use to try to take someone out without a sniper rifle(apartments, lower part of construction area), these are limited. In addition, while some people like how 'COOL' the Secret eastereggs are, they kind of irk me due to how annoying people get with trying to trigger them, and how several of them basically require a T and innos to work together to trigger, which usually brings the round to a halt.
  2. Title: Marker's Quota no longer displays correct value if he kills a marked player Description: In two rounds i was Marker, and I had to shoot someone who was marked to get out of being trapped in a room. BOth times, I ended up stuck with the Quota showing 6/6, but not counting as a win. The first time i was unable to win, the second time, i eventually won after marking 4 more people, despite the Quota never going past 8 even at the start of the round. Notes: In Both cases I also revived the person I shot dead, which might be a factor as well, but im uncertain. It seems to raise the QUota higher than it should be, resulting in markers losing games they should have won.
  3. They asked for Ferret and you sent Fetish Art. You Sick Bastard.
  4. Title: Infected's zombie minions cannot kill Jester Description: According to the Infected Role's addon page, the Infected is able to kill a Jester without triggering their on death win condition or other effects. However, if an Infected's zombie minion kills a jester, this does not apply and the Jester's effects are triggered. They should not be able to trigger the Jester.
  5. Making this a forum thread instead of a discord post due to being a rather long suggestion. Description: The Serial Killer is a role hostile to everyone but themselves, and wins if they're the last person alive(Not counting stuff like Jesters or non-role claiming Amnesiacs, obviously). They start with a special item known as the Tracker, which acts like a super radar, showing everyone's outlines through walls. Additionally, they have their own unique shop separate from the Traitor and Detective shops. Reasoning for why it would be cool: I originally passed on suggesting the role due to sounding too similar to a more boring Jackal, but there is a lot of potential with giving the role its own unique shop and items. I've gone around and picked out a few I think would be great. Of note, is that there is only a single addon on the workshop i can find that has built in support for the Serial Killer, so these would likely require modifications to be exclusive to his shop and not available in other role shop. I suggested a bunch as follows that I feel would work well. Links to Important Stuff: Serial Killer Role: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1363905854 Serial Killer's Tracker Item(Should make it not spawn in D or T shops): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1795511061 Items: Moonball - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2187847673 Description: Throwable ball that Ragdolls people hit for a certain period of time depending on where it hits and how long it was charged for. Important Notes: This weapon by default spawns around in grenade spawns, instead of being a shop item. Would need modifications to make it a Serial Killer item. Combine Sniper Summoner: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2198253366 Description: Summons a combine sniper that lasts for 15 seconds. People are notified in chat one has been summoned. Adhesion Grenade: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1814329736 Description: Throwable grenade that slows everyone hit by it by 50% for 30 seconds. Does no damage. Important Notes: Weapon by default spawns in grenade spawns instead of a shop item. Might need the slow duration reduced. Dislocator: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1773299680 Description: Weapon that causes people hit to get dragged away in a random direction by a flying disk. Hand Cannon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1967787642 Description: A handheld Cannon that deals more damage at longer ranges, and explodes at max distance. Graviton Surge: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1659041426 Description: A grenade that sucks in all nearby props and players, dealing low damage to players. Prop Blaster: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2085047179 Description: A grenade that explodes into a crowd of random props at high speed. Decoy Weapons: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742768877 Description: Upon use, spawns several fake weapons around you. Weapons look and act the same as default TTT weapons, however upon attempting to fire them, the weapon explodes instead, dealing damage to the user. Trigger Finger Chip: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=851715300 Description: Attatch to the back of someone and gain the ability to force them to fire their gun up to 8 times. Special Notes: Might cause problems with Damage logs. Artillery Cannon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2087368173 Description: Set up a mounted Cannon that can be used to aim and fire at a long distance. Special Notes: Should definitely cost more than 1 credit(Which TTT2 allows). Perhaps 2 or even 3 Credits. Rollermine: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=902184195 Description: Deploys a Rollermine to guard an area. Can be destroyed. Special Notes: Unsure as to how targetting behavior would work due to TTT2. Ghost Knife: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326662749 Description: A throwing knife that deals low damage(only 12), but swaps the position of the user with the victim. Beartrap: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1641605106 Description: Places a beartrap on the ground. Upon someone stepping on it, rapidly deals damage. They have a random chance to escape every time they take damage. Briefcase Bomb: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=292920013 Description: Very similar to the c4. Takes longer to set-up, but has a shorter 30 second fuse. Innocents can disfuse it, taking longer than the normal C4 but without a risk of detonation. Special Notes: Should get this instead of the C4. Fulton Recovery System: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=876405188 Description: Send corpses(and props) up and away. 3 uses. Special Notes: Should get this instead of the flaregun. Needs to have convar set to ignore skyboxes(fulton_ignoresky 1) Remote Sticky Bomb: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=550005969 Description: A bomb you can plant on someone and then charge, letting you detonate it later. Special Notes: Charging takes a long time and makes a lot of noise, so weapon is not as overpowered as it sounds. Weeping Angel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1346794275 Description: Shooting someone with this weapon causes a Weeping Angel to chase them down around the map. They only move when not looked at. Weeping Angel will kill the target if it gets close. Pot of Greed: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2016174572 Description: For the price of one credit, get two random shop items. Special Notes: This is why most of the Serial Killer's stuff is situational. Pocket Nokia: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1813081800 Description: Prevents a set amount of damage to the chest before breaking. Damage that 'overkills' the Nokia is still prevented. Does not protect from headshots or shots to the legs. Tranquilizer: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1120911813 Description: Puts someone to sleep after a certain period of time(or instantly if shot in the head). Will wake up after 30 seconds. Special Notes: Should cost 2 credits.
  6. Updated with additional information and changes made to roles.
  7. Hello! First off, you shot both the Detective and the Survivalist, who both had bruh bunkers. Secondly, not only was this a known fact as both said this, you were also an innocent. You shot someone for saying "If I'm shot, you'll all die", which is not only not a valid reason to shoot someone, let alone the Detective. but you did it knowing they had a Bruh Bunker, and promptly killed 8 people(not 6. You forgot to count the Survivalist who died to your headshot, and the Detective who also fell afterwards once his bunker ended) by the Bruh bunker pushing them off. Third, your response ingame was to laugh and say "I didn't know the Bruh bunker would do that", which proves you knew they had one, and you didn't think it was a Jihad. This is not accidental in the slightest, and your defense of assuming that meant a Jihad is nonsensical. I am not accepting your ban appeal. Please note your ban is only for a 2 week period, and is not permanent, so after the 2 weeks you can rejoin.
  8. Title: Amnesiac is unable to gain the role from the body of someone who left the game. Description: If amnesiac searches or ids the corpse of someone who had already left the game, they are unable to obtain the corpse's role.
  9. Title: Amnesiac becoming sidekick doesn't count as a Jackal for Round End Description: If the Amnesiac becomes the Jackal's Sidekick, his hud displays as black instead of teal. While he is still on the team of the Jackal, he does not count as a "jackal' for deciding if the round ends. So if, for example, its only traitors left and the traitors kill the Jackal, the Ts will win despite the Sidekick being alive.
  10. Title: Holy Deagle thinks Amnesiac is an evil role Description: If the priest shoots an Amnesiac with the Holy Deagle, the priest will die as if they shot an evil role. Considering the Amnesiac is neutral, it should not kill the Priest. It should probally behave like it does when shooting a Jester, Marker, or Detective, dealing a bit of damage but not adding them to the brotherhood.
  11. Title: Pharaoh's Ankh's Yellow Pattern gets applied to player model instead of floor Description: On rare occasions, when placing the Ankh, instead of having the yellow pattern be applied to the floor, it will instead be applied directly onto the Pharaoh's player model. This both causes the Ankh to be unreasonably harder to find, but also gives the Pharaoh alway(it also looks awful). Notes: This can also happen with ragdolls that already existed on the map by default.
  12. Making this mostly as a list of reference. These are all the roles that I know of that(at the time of writing this) exist for TTT2, and why they're not included on the server, not counting ones exclusive to the "Heroes", "Fates" and "Totems' gameplay packs. Necromancer: Neutral killing role that had the ability to defib 2 dead players as Zombies, who get a single deagle with 7 rounds. They moved incredibly slowly and died after using up all of their bullets. The Necromancer had access to the T Shop. Reasoning for not being included on Server: Used to be included on the server. Was cut due to being woefully underpowered compared to the infected, and the Infected just being a much cooler role in general. Trapper: Innocent role that has the ability to see and activate Traitor Traps, if a map had them. Was also alerted to when Traitors used T traps by a blurry vision effect on their hud, but so were Traitors when the Trapper used a trap. Reasoning for not being included on Server: Really cool role and one people liked, however it was incredibly easy to abuse to just camp in T rooms if there was only non-T evil roles remaining who didn't have access. Was way too much of a gameplay problem. Clairvoyant: Innocent Role. Is able to see all players who have a Special Role on the scoreboard or when viewing them. Special roles are any roles that are not the Innocent, Traitor, or Detective roles. They do not know what role they have, just that they have a role. Additionally, spawns with a Sidekick deagle to make someone their sidekick, essentially confirming them or changing their role to innocent. They are also capable of killing the Jester, which respawns the Jester as their sidekick and does not trigger the Jester win. Reasoning for not being included on Server: Incredibly overpowered ability. Can basically instantly prove one person, instantly proves himself while doing so, and can disfuse the Jester, adding a third confirmed inno, all to no risk to the Clairvoyant himself. Additionally, since the only roles he can see are special roles, he instantly confirms anyone who spawned as a normal innocent, leaving only the remaining special roles up to debate. Considering that the vast majority of special roles are evil, this is essentially a free "This is who you need to shoot" button. Vampire: A Traitor Role. Does not have access to the shop, but does have access to a special transform ability to transform into a bat and fly around. They need to kill a player every minute, else they start losing health rapidly, known as Bloodlust. While in this state, melee attacks made with the crowbar heal for 50% of the damage done, and can overheal the Vampire. Transforming into a Bat also triggers bloodlust. Reasoning for not being included on Server: Incredibly overpowered if the Vampire gets a melee attack kill while in bloodlust, but worthless otherwise. Bat transformation has no animations and constantly makes loud annoying pigeon noises. Bat Transformation is not binded to a key by default, and has to be manually binded to a key by the players, which is very annoying and confusing. Self damage is essentially a dead giveaway to the Traitor's identity. Serial Killer: A Neutral Killing Role. Is alone on his own, and wants to kill everyone else. Starts with a "Special Knife'(behaves like the normal T knife) and the Tracker item(see people through walls). Has access to his own unique shop separate from the Traitors and Detective Shop. Unable to gain credits except from corpses. Reasoning for not being included on Server: Due to a baseline code oversight, is considered as the same team as the Jackal. Compared to the Jackal's sidekick deagle, this class's gimmick is not nearly as fun, and couldn't be used alongside the Jackal without a major bug fix. Basically just kinda really boring and buggy. Sniffer: A Detective Role. Behaves the same as a normal Detective, however is able to see the footprints of all players at all times by equipping their Sniffer device. The Footprints of anyone who has killed someone appear bloodied. Reasoning for not being included on Server: Essentially just a Detective with a bonus gadget alongside his DNA scanner. Footprints appearing bloody if they killed someone is essentially a free 'SHOOT THIS PERSON' with no drawbacks and no counterplay for evil roles. Shinigami: An innocent role. They are not informed as to their role at the start of the round. Upon being killed, are informed of their role and respawns. They have 200% speed and a knife, and are informed as to the identity of all traitors. However, they lose health over time and are not allowed to talk. Reasoning for not being included on Server: Punishes Traitors and evil roles for killing someone. Despite inability to talk, common sense(the fact they won't be attacking anyone whos not a Traitor) quickly leads to everyone figuring out the identity of the Traitor team from their appearance. Notably buggy, as sometimes they will not lose health. Pirate: A neutral role. Consists of the Pirate Captain and several Pirate underlings. Pirates are considered neutral to everyone by default, and cannot win without giving the Contract to another player. Giving the contract to another player by dropping it causes the Pirates to join the team of whoever is currently holding the Contract. Upon the Contract Owner's death, the pirates revert back to neutral until a new player picks up the Contract. If the Pirate Captain is killed, the remaining Pirates revert back to Neutral and a new Pirate Captain is created, with a new Contract, and the Old contract is removed. Reasoning For not being included on the Server: Incredibly confusing role that quickly switches sides rapidly within seconds and would inevitably cause massive issues with teamkilling/RDM, both intentional and otherwise. Additionally, contract can easily bug out and fall through the floor or get stuck, preventing the Pirates from doing anything. Bodyguard: A neutral Role. Is given a person at the start of the round they need to protect. They win alongside their protected player's team, so long as their protected player is alive. If the bodyguard's client dies, the Bodyguard either dies, or takes some damage and gets a new player to protect.. If the Bodyguard's target is an evil role, only the specific person they are protecting knows they are on their team. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: Despite being a cool concept on paper, the execution is horrid. THis role is buggy, and most evil roles will still need the Bodyguard to die in order to win, even if the bodyguard is protecting them. Additionally, the fact their teammates are not informed quickly devolves into friendly fire hell. Additionally, instead of feeling like a "Bodyguard", most of the time the Bodyguard essentially is just another member of the Evil Role team, or just another inno with a special death condition, and isn't particularly fun. The Convar option to disable dying and instead get a new player causes Bodyguard to share many of the same problems as Pirate. Cupid: An innocent role. Spawns with "Cupid's Crossbow". Cupid's Crossbow can only be used twice, and can either be used on Cupid themselves by pressing rightclick, or by firing at another player. After hitting two players with the Crossbow, they become Lovers. Lovers split damage they take inbetwen each other, and if one Lover dies, the other one dies shortly after. If the two people shot were originally on opposite teams, they join their own team and are now hostile to everyone else. Convar options are available to make Cupid join the Lovers, and to always make Lovers join their own team. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: Baseline, Cupid is an incredibly poorly designed role. An innocent role whos weapon is 90% of the time a hindrance to the Innocent team, either by making two people much easier to kill or by creating 2 new evil roles for the innocents to deal with, including himself. While the Convar options to make him essentially an evil neutral role solves these problems, it trends incredibly close to being the Jackal but with a splitting health Gimmick and being way more likely to get himself shot while trying to make his "sidekicks". Additionally, the role is incredibly buggy, and has a nasty habit of considering Cupid as Marking himself even when he shoots another player. Executioner: A Traitor Role. They are given a target at the start of the round. They deal additional damage to their targetted player, but massively reduced damage to other players. Killing a Non-Target causes them to lose their original target, and won't get a new one for a long period of time. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: Its essentially the Hitman role, but way more limiting as to what the Executioner can do, and punishes the Executioner more than rewarding like the Hitman does. Didn't seem like a particularly fun role to be. Occultist: An innocent role. He is immune to all forms of fire-damage. Upon having his health drop below 25, he will respawn if he dies. Upon reviving, a large area around his body is engulfed in flames. If he is killed without dropping below 25 health first, he will not respawn. Reasoning for not being included on the server: incredibly overpowered, as his respawn is nearly impossible to prevent if you don't go for a sniper rifle headshot or some other kind of instant kill. The respawn being guarateed the second they drop below 25 health means there is plenty of ways to game the system to guarantee a respawn(like intentionally dropping below 25 health). Unlike the Pharaoh, theres no real counterplay to his revive ability, and no way to know one is in the round or the identity of one until they die. Additionally, they respawn with full health, as compared to the Pharaoh's 50. Sherriff: A detective Role. Behaves the same as a normal detective, however spawns with a Sidekick deagle. Shooting anyone with the sidekick deagle turns them into the Deputy, who is essentially a normal detective. Upon the original Sherrif's death, the Deputy will also die. Reasoning for not being included on the server: Literally exactly the same as the Jackal, but a Detective instead of an evil role. Has the ability to instantly confirm any person, with the only drawback being they die if the original Sherrif side. Just not particularly interesting and leans on the overpowered side, as well as not being very fun dying because someone else got sniped. Spectre: An Innocent Role. When they are killed, their murderer is covered in very visible black smoke, and everyone is informed of the Spectre's death. Upon their murderer's death, they respawn. This cannot trigger multiple times. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: Incredibly overpowered passive ability essentially gives someone away instantly as an evil role for killing the Spectre. Not particularly fun for anyone involved. Additionally, leans a bit too similar to what the Pharaoh does even with convars being able to disable the smoke and global notification. Glutton: A Traitor Role. They have a hunger bar that increases overtime that grants buffs to their special weapon, Devour. Devour gains damage and grants additional movement speed to the Glutton the higher the hungerbar is. Additionally, they are able to eat corpses by pressing rightclick with the Devour weapon. Dealing damage with Devour or eating a corpse empties the hunger meter. Upon the meter reaching full, they will become the Ravenous, a neutral role hostile to everyone including the Traitors, who loses the ability to use any weapon other than for Devour and have a black Smoke Trail following them. Convar options allow the Glutton to instead rapidly lose health at max hunger instead of changing role. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: Baseline, the 'punishment' for letting the hunger bar get full is not much of a punishment, and almost encourages the Glutton to intentionally let it fill in order to backstab their T buddies and get a cool 'solo' win. The convar option solves this, and is much better for gameplay, but has the problem of essentially being a Traitor who gets a free incredibly overpowered melee weapon with infinte body disposing capabilities and being able to heal by eating corpses. Not the worst role on this list though. Vigilante: A Detective Role. Behaves the same as a normal Detective but does not start with a DNA scanner. Everytime they kill a evil role, they gain additional damage. However, if they kill an innocent role or anyone else on their team, they lose damage. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: its a detective who gains damage over time. Nothing much special about it, and borderline overpowered as the downside would rarely come into play. Role could also be frustrating due to teammates 'stealing kills' from the Vigilante, preventing him from gaining the damage boost. Beacon: An innocent role. Everytime someone on the innocent team(or allied with the innocent team) is confirmed dead, they gain a boost to their jump height, speed, damage resistance, damage, fire-rate and health regeneration. If enough people are confirmed dead, they literally light up, revealing their role to everyone. However, if they kill an innocent role, they die instantly. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: The amount of buffs the Beacon gets is kinda nutty but there is at least counterplay by deposing of corpses so they don't get identified. The chance for the Beacon to instantly kill himself just by accidentally killing an inno in crossfire is annoying, and they will inevitably easily prove themselves due to the nature of their role. Not a particularly bad role, but got released after we felt we had enough roles on the server. Could maybe be added at a later point. Ghost: An innocent Role. Upon being killed by another player, a T-posing seethrough ragdoll follows their specator camera where-ever they go. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: Incredibly lame ability. Ability serves almost no practical purpose, and looks bad. Ragdoll does not even use the player's equipped playermodel and defaults to the normal TTT model. Only possible use of this role would be to attempt to tell living players who the evil roles are, which is both incredibly difficult for this role to do, and also incredibly not fun if they manage to pull it off for the evil roles. Medic: A neutral role. Is friendly to all roles. Has a medi-gun it can use to heal and uber players, and a defib they can use to bring back dead players as their original role. Will change into a normal Innocent if they kill anyone, and will become a Traitor if they kill another Medic. Upon anyone killing the Medic, it will alert the entire server to their identity. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: Incredibly boring to play. Cannot actually "win" without murdering someone and changing their role. Defibs are incredibly overpowered for the innocent team to gain regular access to, same for the Traitor team. Changing the role to be exclusively an innocent role would still be incredibly overpowered. Watchdog: A detective role. Spawns with a Playercam instead of a DNA scanner. Shooting someone with the camera causes a view of their screen to appear in the top left corner. You can move it around or close it by opening the scoreboard. Closing the screen returns your ammo. Reasoning for not being included on the server: The creator claims the role is still a work in progress, and it would suck to have a role suddenly dramatically change with no warning. Additionally, the Player camera is a potentially overpowered device due to having no duration. Again, not one of the worst roles on the workshop, and might be worth considering it if it gets abandoned or gets updated. Accomplice: A traitor Role. The accomplice knows they are a Traitor, but does not know the identity of other Traitors. The Traitors know their identity. The Accomplice cannot win on their own if they are the last Traitor left alive. They can only gain credits from bodies. Reasoning For not being included on the Server: This role is practically begging for accidental teamkills. This role doesn't provide anything interesting, and infact is literally an objectively weaker default Traitor. The fact they can lose with no way to win simply by having all of their teammates die is awful, and they got no upsides. A terribly designed role. Lycanthrope: An innocent role. If they are the last remaining innocent player alive, they gain increased damage, speed, and sprint regeneration, as well as extra health, free armor, and passive health regen. Reasoning for not being included on the Server: This role would rarely get to do anything, if ever. The few times this role would trigger, however, it would be incredibly overpowered. Additionally, having a werewolf role who doesnt actually turn into a werewolf is incredibly disappointing thematic wise, and just feels like a worse designed Beacon.
  13. Title: Marker hud icon no longer appearing. Description: Recently, the hud icon showing you've been marked by the Marker no longer appears. This is annoying as it is impossible to tell if you are marked or not, and leads to difficulty when attempting to hunt down the marker or realizing there is a Marker. Update: Only happens with the "Old Hud" enabled, might not be fixxable.
  14. Title: Amnesiac turning into the Marker sometimes does not get ammo in paintgun. Description: When an Amnesiac turns into a Marker by iding their body, occasionally they'll obtain the Paintgun but won't actually obtain ammo for the paintgun. This does not happen all the time, and it is unknown as to what causes this to happen.
  15. Title: Spy's name is displayed as Red to traitors when speaking in voice chat Description: When a spy is in the round, it is very often that his name will appear as red in the hud when speaking, despite Traitor chat being disabled. This is a dead give-away as to the identity of the spy and is a major issue. Notes: This does not seem to always happen, but happens way more often than it should.
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