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  1. Breach Changelog

    Added SCP-3331-1-27. -Armed with a special pair of fists that relies on pulling off combos to kill enemies. -Hitting enemies with the left fist and the right fist builds up combo fists for each individual hand. Differing combinations of combo points give different results. -Press R to activate the currently available combo.
  2. poopy

    Im allergic to useless posts that fail to give any kind of feedback or indication as to what they want. Send help my left arm has already rotten off.
  3. Breach Changelog

    -SCP-049 Rework: -Health reduced dramatically(should be around slightly more than a normal person). -049 now has the ability to pick up and use items and weapons, including healing items(cannot heal other scps). Please report any issues in regards to picking up ammo or interactions with specific items. -SCP-268 now deals 10 damage a second when equipped.
  4. The reason 106 is shitty as is because you simply memorize the exit and makes him a complete joke. Randomzing th epocket dimension as is is the only way to solve that problem.
  5. I would rather keep the teleport as random, but make the bleeding be able to kill you instead of just setting you to 1 hp. I personally want to consider a rework on 'instant kill' melee scps in general, as they render adding any kind of scp that doesn't instant kill instantly weaker than the others unless they have some kind of high mobility or stealth gimmick(017, 372, 378, 939, etc). This would be a fantastic improvement to SCP-106 however. He currently feels lame to play and play against. At some point we'll need to address the Gate-B issue though.
  6. Breach Changelog

    -SCP-127 has been re-added(it was removed when the change to TFA weapons was added). Essentially a mp5 that cannot pick up more ammo and spawns in place of a pistol spawn. Something special might happen if you bring it to 914. -I plan to unroll the 914 update over the next few days. I hope to get at least 2-3 new upgrades in per day if possible.
  7. Breach Changelog

    -334's model has been updated to use a Flareon model instead of the deepfried Eevee model. (Note: If and when a proper Fox model comes out that can be used, the model will be updated to that one). -212-5 has been removed. It was never intended to be a permanent feature in the first place, and was mostly as a test to figure out how to add additional roles to non-scp teams. I originally had plans to implement it at some point, but due to complications with the model discovered during the time it was on the server(Doesn't work on servers for some reason?!!?!?) it has been permanently scrapped. -Sans, Tails, Sonic, and Dr.Mario models removed. I hate to remove models that people liked, however these had a distinct gameplay advantage, and were originally intended to be around for Halloween only. -TFO Sniper has been disabled as a role due to being incredibly weak compared to every other guard spawn(even Pyro, which I plan to look into next) and being next to impossible to fix. Plus it didn't really make much sense to have a designated marksman with a old fashioned bolt action sniper rifle in a close quarter environment. Sniper Rifle may be added back in at some point independent of the TFO Sniper. -SCP-207 is now droppable. Hopefully it doesn't cause any issues.
  8. SCP-334 Alternate

    Max that fox model has no animations, looks like it was taken from a 2001 game intended to only be seen from above, and has serious issues.
  9. SCP-334 Alternate

    No, im not going to give 334 a flamethrower. That model update is planned, but im currently focusing on a few other things right now.
  10. Placing medkits there after 9:00 is an idea we'll discuss, same for a TFO medkit and perhaps the vending machine(unlikely). SCp-500s are a no.
  11. Breach Changelog

    -Hopefully fixed bug with 079's 939 spawn. If issue Is not fixed, will continue to work on a fix. -Reduced 011's Magazine from 3 shots to 1 shot. -Changed scp-689's name to SCP-567-9-2. -Changed SCP-668 into SCP-4514. -Increased damage of SCP-4514 from 60 to 80 on normal swing, and 90 to 100 on fully charged swing. Bashing now does 40 up from 20. This should make it more usable as an actual weapon.
  12. HI folks! This is a thread to suggest ideas for 914 upgrades for items. Currently 914 only upgrades keycards and heals people when used on Fine, with little to no interaction with other items(I think snav becomes snav ult?). We want to change that in the future eventually, and figured It would be nice to listen to your ideas. Suggest an upgrade to any item you want. This includes scp items that are currently on the server. The only exception is SCP-500 as it is obvious what that would eventually end up upgrading to. We probably will not accept upgrading an item into an existing SCP item though(Example: upgrading 207 into 1863). Feel free to mention the setting that should trigger the upgrade.
  13. (Im sure a few of you thought of this or something similar when you saw Xy's announcement). Hey there folks. Since me and duc got promoted to both be managers, but Duc was here and I wasn't here when it happened, I figured I should post this. First and to get it out of the way, im aware there is quite a few players who dislike me on the server. I won't name anyone here, but I do wish to clarify that none of you are going to end up with a permaban or anything like that. I am not petty enough to suddenly take advantage of a higher role to start permamently banning people who dislike me. Regardless of any past history, you will not get banned unless you're actively breaking the rules and being a general douchebag. Now that that's out of the way, I would like to thank any and all staff who stuck around this long. There is not many of you left at this point, but all of you, thank you. A special thank to several of the departed staff as well. They might no longer be around, but I miss a lot of them and a lot of them did a fantastic job while they were here. A special thanks to the current staff team even if it has members who haven't stuck around as long, you've mostly done a good job. Thank you, XY, for all of your hard work put into the server. While there may have been disagreements, and sometimes pain in the ass complaints from me, I genuinely thank you for sticking with breach this long. Good luck and hopefully you'll stop getting ass-blasted by people whenever you try to play on the server. As Xy said in his discord announcement, you'll likely only see some small updates in the near future. Xy is working on a few bug fixes and quality of life changes, and afterwards I plan to discuss with Duc about potential small stat and number changes to existing content on the server. I would love to say me and duc got big things planned, but I don't like to make false promises and I can't promise anything at the current moment in time. As some of you might have noticed, I've done a semi-cleanup of the suggestion forum. Mainly, moving any thread or post where the content inside it was accepted already or if at least 50% of the thread was accepted. I want to keep these forums nice and organized, and when I can set some time aside with Duc I plan to go through most of the remaining posts and organize them further. No, I will not suddenly turn the server into a furry server. Calm down. Im not a lunatic and neither is Duc. Maybe. Probably.
  14. Best suggestion you've ever made.
  15. I actually want to permanently ban you just for this post.
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