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  1. Brief Description: Scp-507 is an ordinary looking man who randomly(after a period of 2 weeks have passed) gets transported into an alternative reality, before returning in another random period of time. He is on incredibly good terms with the foundation(To the point they let him freely walk around the facility, be equipped with a knife and a fire-arm loaded with rubber bullets, and even have internet access). He returns in a postition in 'normal' reality matching to where he was in the alternative one. Stats: Exactly the same as a normal researcher(Maybe starts with some kind of knife weapon?) Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1420574712 (Closest thing I could find to a mostly ordinary looking dude) Gameplay Description: Scp-507 is essentially the same thing as a normal researcher(same spawns, and has a lvl 2 keycard(and maybe a knife)). However, once per round at random, he will 'dimension jump'. This results in him becoming invisible to all other players and all other players becoming invisible to him(Very similar to scp-1471, minus being able to see other scps/the infected person). He also cannot hurt any other players or be hurt during this state. He cannot read messages sent from other people and they can't read his messages. He can still interact with the world as normal(Open doors, pick up items, etc) as well as escape. After a period of a minute to 2 minutes, he returns back to normal. SCP-507 wouldn't add much to the gameplay by himself, but people want to see more 'special' researchers and d-class. While scp-507 wont dramatically change gameplay, his random uncontrolable 'shift' effect could lead to fun moments for both the scp-507 player and other people.
  2. Shame only SCP-896-A actually had actual 'super powers'. B had super strenght but no durablity and promptly killed himself trying to use it, one was super smart but uncreative, one was super wise but had no long term memory to speak of anymore, and one was incredibly stupid but could get anyone to do anything he wanted. So it wouldn't really work as an event.
  3. Brief Description: SCP-896 is a MMO(Likely world of warcraft) that causes increases to your character stats to affect you in real life if you use your name as the avatar. Investing in too much of a single stat over the other causes your physical skills to deteriorate over time. SCP-896-A is one of several d-class used in an experiment regarding SCP-896 who invested all of his points into endurance, and tried to escape alongside two others. Stats: Health: High for a SCP(Think around the same health as 2845 or even 610) Speed: Slow(Perhaps only slightly faster than 682's base speed, or perhaps exactly the same) Spawn: Unused containment cells on 1730 and 02. Not sure on other sites Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105153463 Brief Gameplay description: SCP-896-A is armed with a shield as his basic weapon. It does 50 damage a hit and has high knockback, but swings incredibly slowly and has a short range. This is made up for by two other abilities he has access to, a charge ability and a taunt ability. His charge allows him to move with a sudden burst of speed towards a specific target. Upon imact with the target, does percentage based damage(so more damage to a scp-035 or a tau-5 than to a normal person, and ignores damage reduction from armor). This ability should have a 20 second cooldown and be tied to the R button(same as other scp special abilities). Should end after a set amount of time if he is unable to reach his target. His second special ability is Taunt. He activates it with his right mouse click and upon being used, forces everyone in range to face him and walk in his direction. He also gains a 30% damage resistance(may need to be higher, idk) during the duration of the taunt(as taunted players can still shoot at him, as can un-taunted players). Taunt on players ends after 5 seconds. SCP-896-A, much like during the escape event in the original article, is intended to mostly serve as a movable 'wall' or barricade for players. While he is still capable of killing people on his own(by a combination of his charge + a swing or taunt + swing), his main usefulness comes from blocking off potential routes of escape or tanking(literally) damage for other scps. While there already exists several scps with a large health pool, they tend to not be very effective when it comes to serving as a tank or meatshield for other scps due to how they are intended to be played or(ironically) large hitboxes. In essence he is a support scp similar to 681. Where as 681 focuses on area denial while being really squishy on its own(provided you can actually hit its admittedly weird hitbox), 896-A provides more active protection as well as being tankier. Suggested Swep/model for shield: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=380702193 Best looking shield I could find on the workshop, and comes with attack animations for the swing(as well as already having the damage and knockback built into the weapon). Taunt Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1628472725 Charge Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613402560 While I dont expect you to literally use these sweps, im linking them as they could serve as a useful reference. In particular the charge swep is super close to how 896-A's charge should work minus for having knockback.
  4. I disagree about the "No respawning specators' thing. I believe a SCP can respawn specators without instantly being bad, but it should have some serious restriction on it and shouldn't just keep spawning people en-mass. It should also be done in an interesting way. Ik it wont happen at this point, but i still think my 610 rework handled it in a decent manner.
  5. Brief Description: SCP-239 is a reality bender with nearly infinite amount of power, kept under control by being made to believe it can only use its power in the form of 'spells'. Permamently kept in a coma after an incident. Stats: Health: 200-300(Should be low-ish health for a scp) Speed: 'Standard' SCP speed(Same speed as 049) Attacks: Explained in gameplay description. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1654787671 (I mean 239 thinks shes a wizard, and the age mostly matches... wouldn't mind a better model tbh). Spawn: One of the existing and empty containment cells on site02 and scp-1730/site13. Uncertain where she could spawn on the other maps(especially site-19). Gameplay Description: 239 has access to several different 'spells'. She can select them by pressing the key binded to them(This is shown via a custom hud). Magic Bolt: Her basic attack, essentially. Does 25 damage a hit and is ranged. Fired with the left mouse button. No 'cooldown'(minus for delays between attacks). Lightning Bolt: Deals 50 damage and applies a slow, if the attack hits. Regardless if it hits or misses, goes on cooldown after being fired. 10 second cooldown Magic Blast: Hits a target causing an delayed AOE explosion that deals 50 damage. Regardless if hit or miss, goes on cooldown. 17 second cooldown. Blood Curse: Fires a 'curse' affecting a single player. Repeated attacks on the same person heals the SCP and slows the target. 10 second cooldown baseline in the swep, might need to be changed to 20 seconds or even 30 seconds. Calamity: Has to be charged first by taking and dealing damage. Upon reaching fully charge, does AOE damage around the SCP and heals. Calamity is able to charge itself off its own damage. 239 is essentially a squishy scp with a lot of potential ranged power and healing ability if she gets the chance. She would likely lose any direct fight with groups but easily handles a 1v1 situation. Her low HP(might even need to be lower than the 200-300 range, not 100% sure) ensures that she will die quickly if she is played poorly. Calamity is a incredibly powerful crowd wiping ability once she has it available and even being able to possibly fill itself a second time if a large enough group is hit, but also gives away her position and requires her to get close to groups, which should generally give away that she has the ability ready. I believe the variety in her spells/abilities would give her an unique playstyle compared to the other ranged scps currently in the game(2845 and 378 after it has taken a host, to a lesser extent 076-2 counts as well due to being able to throw his sword) as she is more damage focused but has severely less HP than the others, and is better against single targets than groups. Link to Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940672885 Answers to questions im already expecting: "Isn't she able to turn people into her 'friends' simply by believing they are her friend?" Yes, but outside of the fact that gameplay wise it would cause massive overlap with 049, 610, and even 678, she wouldn't exactly be viewing the people who put her into a coma as friends. (Even if it might be fun to add an special interaction between her and dr.clef. Maybe just make Dr.clef/lambda-2 have a higher chance to spawn if she is in the round). "Why is she attacking the foundation?" Because they put her into a coma for who knows how long against her will? "Why is she casting 'blood magic' to heal herself? That doesnt seem to really fit." Outside of it being the most fun sorta 'spell' weapon i could find to make interesting gameplay, shes already been stated to be able to basically do whatever she wants, even if she believes its through 'casting spells'. She believes she can heal herself by hurting the people attacking her, and she does.
  6. In the defense of the flaming eevee it was just supposed to be plasma in the shape of a fox and there was no better model available that looked like a fox. This is a sheep. That is electric. Might as well go full out and use the mareep model on the workshop at this point. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1365197847
  7. Candy makes it way too weak I believe. Also isn't this literally a mareep.
  8. I like it, but as a small suggestion Maybe make it so looking at one of the congintohazards for 5 seconds causes you to explode and die(Dealing damage around you in an AOE). Seeing as that would allow his traps to be even more deadly if placed right, as well as being 'kinda' close to the original creature(In the original looking at the hazards at all would randomly cause you to start having fire coming out of your ears then fucking explode the next time someone made noise near you). Also, ingame name for scoreboard/info should probally just be scp-1730-2 or something.
  9. People have complained about tau-5 being way too overpowered, and they are not exactly wrong.(I kinda waited to post this because i was just happy to see people who kept asking for it finally realizing why they were never added in). However, most suggestions related to nerfing them involves nerfing their shotgun or giving them the same shotgun dr.clef has... which would render them completely boring as their main unique standout feature is their shotgun. My suggestion to fix tau-5 is to only have one of them spawn. "WHAT? BUT THEY'RE A SQUAD OF FOUR!' Yes(even though only 3 spawn ingame for gameplay reasons) but they tend to get injured or taken out of commission for extended periods of time due to the nature of the kind of operations they get sent on. Simply having only a single tau-5 spawn(by himself, with no one else) would greatly fix the balancing issue with tau-5(leaving only a single person) while still not being too weak and not ruining the only thing unique about them. Might need a new voice line related to this, but its not super important. The other suggestion is inregards to Dr.Clef, who a lot of people complain is too weak(I disagree, but people keep complaining). I tied these 2 suggestions together because people love to say to swap dr.clef's shotguns with tau-5, giving him the super shotgun and giving tau-5 the normal shotgun. Instead, I suggest replacing his shotgun with another one from the workshop. Specifically: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1445032964 The winchester model 1887. Outside of being closer(im not sure of the exact model) to the shotgun Dr.Clef actually uses, its unique model, animations, and sounds should help to make it feel more satisfying to use, as well as fixing the problem people have with Dr.Clef currently.
  10. Because i like tossing these in on special round suggestions, another silly short story) ======================================================================================================================================================= He was all alone. No amount of training could prepare him for this. The training covered almost anything anyone could think of. SCPs breaking out of their cells. Memetic hazards spreading throughout the facility. Assaults by external forces. Sabotage caused by spies or traitors within the personnel ranks. Hell, even the possibility of a reality bender sending a horde of pissed off sharks to go punch everyone to death. But not this. As he rounded another corner, he was relieved to see the armory was still intact and wasn't looted. He quickly grabbed whatever he could, shutting the door behind him. He could hear them off in the distance, the sound of metal on metal. Shit, they were heading this way. Not even the Ethics committee thought much of it when it happened. Janitor forgot to clean out scp-173's cell one day. Not a big problem. Simple Stern telling off and cleaning up the mess. But somehow, this single incident exploded into something much, much worse. The door slid open, revealing someone in a scp-173 costume holding a crowbar. It froze as he stared at him. "Goddamned Statue Right workers" he muttered as he gunned the lunatic down. ======================================================================================================================================================= Okay probally kinda cringy short story aside, onto the actual suggestion. Special Round name: SCosplayers Details: One person(Yes, ONE) spawns as a guard. Everyone else spawns as a SCP-173 cosplayer. The guard has all of the normal equipment a guard does(Random weapon, a lvl 3 keycard, etc), and spawns in the medical bay. The scp-173 cosplayers all spawn together in the d-class area. SCP-173 Cosplayers are armed with a crowbar and have 100 HP. They share scp-173's limitation of not being able to move while being looked at, but don't have access to any kind of blind ability. Their goal, obviously, is to kill the guard while the guard wants to kill all of them(or at least survive until the timer ends, I guess). No reinforcements spawn on this round. Round time would be the same lenght as the TTT round(Aka, shorter than normal). Model for SCP-173 Cosplayers: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1644302916&searchtext=SCP-173 (Model is intentionally awful. XD)
  11. TBH not much of a big deal if 106 is able to access it, the concern is MTF abusing it.
  12. Honestly, maybe toss in the blind when he 'teleports' into a room as well(to make it 'PERFECTLY' accurate to SCP:CB)?
  13. SCp-1507 is not an easy scp to even do, and idk why people are suddenly suggesting it again. That being said, if people are going to suggest it this much im gonna try to make a more interesting version that is also more accurate to the article. This could also work as a special round(Call it "Birds? What birds?"). Im not sure if it would be easier as a special round or as a normal scp spawn(provided ralsei/xy is even interested in this suggestion in the first place). Brief Description: SCP-1507 is a collection of sapient and highly intelligent plastic pink lawn flamingos. They tend to attack in large groups and can call out to bring more to their side. Stats: Health: 150-200(not sure where about it should be) Speed: Human sprinting speed(they should be fast) Left Click: Same damage output as 795's default attack and same speed, but applies a small slow(2%? 5%?) that stacks(so like old 2521's primary) Right Click: Spawn in a group of additional scp-1507-1s(5-7) at a 'reinforcement' spawn point. (Similar to how 079's SH spawn acted in regards to cooldown(starts on cooldown, basically can only be used once per match). Cooldown shared between all SCP-1507-1s. Passive: Other SCP-1507-1s are highlighted and can be seen through walls. Have jump height equal to low gravity special round's jump height. Brief Gameplay Description: Unlike most other SCPs, 1507 doesn't spawn in as a single person, but instead, a group of 5 to 7(not sure how large the swarm should be, tbh) SCP-1507-1 instances. They all spawn together in the same cell. While individually weak, they are encouraged to work together in a swarm as well as ambush unexpecting players(their high jump height allows them to get up to unexpected places to swoop down on people). As this SCP would end up incredibly weak as the round goes on due to members of the 'flock' dying, they can spawn in an additional group later in the round.(also something they can do in the lore, so yay). Model: Pink Flamingo from 1950 model pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=663083175&searchtext=1950s+pack+II Spawn Point: site-19 is crowded and its hard to figure out where they should spawn. 457's cell or 008's cell could work(depending on which is not currently used) as well as the bridge area past 096's lock room(can't access that pathway before round begins anyway, so it could work as a spawn).
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