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  1. Main gimmick is way too similar to 372.
  2. its literally impossible to achieve. Even if you started from the very begining of the round in spec DM non-stop shooting with the fastest firing and reloading guns(in terms of ammo usage), and had the round last the entire possible lenght, you still wouldnt be able to run out of ammo.
  3. Its not 'serious' if the only effect is penalizing yourself for the sake of a 'WEED' joke.
  4. No. SCP-420-J is incredibly stupid in general. Its a 'joke' scp that isn't even funny in the first place. Its just smoking weed. The only people who actually enjoy SCP-420-J tend to be 12 year olds who think weed jokes are funny, or drug heads. SCP-207 at least provides some kind of ingame benefit, even if its rarely a good idea to actually use it, it still has a USE. You're basically suggesting to take an item that has a use, and replace it with an item that has no use except to be 'LEL ITS FUNNY BECAUSE ITS WEEEEDDDD'.
  5. Wow I actually like this one for once. Except the part wher bullets slow him down, considering he coudl bump into walls or doors at any time and lose the speed boost. Maybe also let him go faster than 457 sprint. Let him reach a speed faster than any other scp if he keeps moving for that long without stopping or bumping into something, and let his sprinting charge do instant kill(100) damage at said speed.
  6. Yes, what a great idea, make the scp whos only way of harming people be self harm have limited respawns.
  7. The biggest issue most people have with the new guns is how useless they feel against scps. Even the volk doesnt feel particularly powerful against scps. Outside of the LMG that mu-7 get, it feels like it takes forever to actually kill a SCP or do meaningful damage. While scps should be tanky its to the point it feels like you're not doing anything to them 90% of the time. Currently i heard the DR is 33%. I dont know if t his means they take 33% of gun damage or if it means they take 33% less(honestly the damage values that show up point to the former in some cases, but im too lazy to do the math right now). I would suggest changing it so they take more. If its 33% of gun damage, change it to 50% or even 60%. If its the latter, change it to a 20% or even a 10%.
  8. *sigh* You didnt even read the thing did you. Oh wait of course you didnt you're hughy.
  9. How about you dont spam random unrelated threads where the guy not only didnèt make the thread, but didnt even post on it?
  10. WHAT ELEGANCE! WHAT GRACE! WHAT DISTURBING BRUTALITY! (im gonna be happy if someone actually gets this reference). +1
  11. This is way better than them just being their own seperate faction.
  12. Bleh sure. Would just be a weaker 999 since he doesnt have the stun, but 999 is op anyway.
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