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  1. SCP-001 Sheaf of Papers Contest: Hello folks! Don't worry, this is a completely different kind of contest from the last one. Instead of flexing your skills of luck and rapidly running to the escape while screaming about gift cards, this one is flexing your creativity! SCP-001 Sheaf of Papers is one of the oldest SCP-001s on the site, and it keeps generating new articles. As such, for this contest you need to create your own new playable SCP for the breach server. It can be a hostile SCP, or allied to any other role that you wish. You are not restricted to what exists on the site for ideas(and in-fact we suggest you avoid the site for this one), go wild! Please read the following guidelines first, and ensure you follow them. There is also a suggested format included as well, but you don't have to use it. Just ensure that your submission is easy to read. All submissions should be made on this thread in posts. Please keep discussions unrelated to the contest to a minimum. If you wish to show your support for an idea, feel free to react to it with emotes. The contest winner will get themselves one month of VIP on the GFL breach server, as well as having their idea added to the server under the name SCP-Redacted(In order to avoid stepping on the toes of any additional scps written in the future). Please note that if we decide that none of the ideas submitted would be good for the server in terms of gameplay or server health, or for some other reason, we can choose to not add your idea to the server. Guidelines: 1. Make sure your suggestion is clear and easy to read. Proper grammar and spelling helps greatly in this, and in general makes it more appealing to read. 2. Please include a link to a model. As this is completely your own original ideas, finding a proper usable model should not be as difficult as it normally is. Please make sure your model is actually a player model however, as we can't make much use out of a Ragdoll or Prop. 3. Feel Free to link existing Gmod addons alongside your model and suggestion if they portray the kinds of abilities you would want your SCP to have. I would suggest making sure the add-ons in questions work properly in multiplayer and don't cause any issues however. 4. Try to avoid making your suggestion a SCP article that actually exists. If those are already good enough to be added to the server, they would likely be added on their own at some point. This contest should be focused around your independant ideas for what the abilities of a good playable role would be. 5. This is not a back story contest. While there is nothing stopping you from making some elaborate SCP article and submitting it as a contest entry, this is focused around the scp's abilities and functions, not what its backstory or story would be. 6. We will not accept obviously meme ideas, such as Sans, Pepsiman, or Donald Trump. I'm aware some of the SCPs on the server has reached meme status for the models they use(SCP-334) or by their very nature(SCP-3331 being John Cena), but I would like to avoid most of these for this contest. This does not mean you cannot submit a role that is intentionally on the silly side, but please keep it within limits and don't just suggest Big Chungus. 7. There is a limit of two submissions per person. Example Format: Name: [Redacted] Team: SCP Abilities: This scp kills people by eating their soul with right click. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2079582791&searchtext= Additional Addons: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2083787628&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2085446862&searchtext=
  2. First one to give me a good SCP-055 suggestion wins.
  3. -1. Your behavior with the individuals was unacceptable and I do not trust that you could handle the position of a discord moderator because of it, regardless of claims of improving your behavior after a break. I would need to personally see this improvement myself directly in order to change my opinion.
  4. Maybe, but this is a lot of work for a single special round.
  5. Site 28

    Meh. No, we don't have a map maker.
  6. Breach Changelog

    Pistols: General: -Removed movement speed penalty on all pistols when not ADSing. Dual Elites still have a slightly higher speed reduction than other pistols when ADSing. Revolver: -Increased clip size from one to two.
  7. Breach Changelog

    Flamethrower Changes Update! Flamethrower: Reduced damage to 20 from 30. Reduced movement speed penalty. You will move faster while using it now. Updated Flamethrower's afterburn: It is now completely independent from the damage value(don't ask), and its duration should now only be around five seconds.
  8. Breach Changelog

    Big Number Tweak Update! Weapons: Buffed the damage of the Scar-20. I will be keeping an eye on it if it needs additional changes in the future. Increased the max explosion damage of the frag grenade from 98 to 110. Previously, you could only hit the max damage by standing directly on the grenade, and even that was inconsistent, and it couldn't even 1 shot someone if they were at full health. This damage buff should make the grenade better overall. Buffed damage of Flamethrower from 15 to 30. Reduced the duration of the flamethrower afterburn. Hopefully these two changes should both help the problem of afterburn killing teammates and keep the weapon relevant. I will do future changes if it turns out this does not work as intended. Spectator Deathmatch: Buffed the damage of the USP from 13 to 20 and increased firerate. Buffed the damage of the Deagle to 30, from 28. Both of these changes were taken from suggestions from Discord. SCP Changes: Re-enabled Duc's health buff for SCP-011 that was accidentally removed. Re-enabled flashlight use for all SCPs. Misc Changes: Removed bonus 100 suit from Serpent Hand spawns. They should now be a lot more reasonable to fight.
  9. Breach Changelog

    Big Suggestion Update: All of these changes were done due to requests on discord, the forum, and ingame! SCP Changes: SCP-1471: Increased movement speed to 200, from 175. Should suck a bit less now. SCP-079: Reduced base health from 1200 to 400. Should no longer take a million years to die after reaching his computer room. SCP-610: Disabled from spawning. Will receive a rework at some point in the future. SCP-457: Increased movement speed to 175 from 160. Increased Jump power to 250 from 200. Should be able to catch people easier now. SCP-999: Reduced health to 2500 from 3000. Should tone down its power a bit. SCP-049: Speed now matches SCP-049-2 speed. Should help solve problems of zombies killing people before 049 can. Weapon Changes: Tactical Awareness Grenade: Explosion Radius has been increased by 50%, and duration of glow has increased to 15 seconds from 3 seconds. It should no longer be useless garbage. Volk: Now has a massive fire-rate. Aug: Now behaves closer to the classic Krieg. The Zeus Taser now has a chance of spawning at any available pistol spawn. Flamethrower's damage has been increased to 15, from 5. The Scar-20 can now spawn at any available rifle spawn. Omega-9's Chaingun now has a max ammo cap of 400. Omega-9's machinegun now has a max ammo cap of 150, and had its damage increased from 8*3 to 10*3. Misc Changes: Removed Bright in the Screen Special Round. Added additional end game messages for SCP, D-class, and Foundation victories.
  10. Suggestion review for the month of March: SCP-469(Miguel the Mammoth King): First off, your formatting is still incredibly difficult to read. Is there any better way you could format it to make it easier to read? Im still seeing a lot of grammar issues and spelling issues, and the pictures do not help your formatting one bit. If your grammar and spelling and formatting issues are not fixed, I am going to stop bothering to read these threads. Onto the actual suggestion: Passive ability related to voice chat is likely not going to happen and would be buggy as all hell. Has nothing to do with '2521' ability in the past', as that only applied to chat messages. Actual SCP is basically just SCP-334 or SCP-457 with an infinite burn duration that slows. SCP-441(Miguel the Mammoth King): Considering SCP-441 is an ancient man who basically has reverse memory(can only remember the future), this suggestion makes no sense from a thematic standpoint, regardless if SCP-441 also ages in reverse or not. SCP-427(Miguel the Mammoth King): Already something that is under development. Would almost certainly not give someone 450 hp. SCP-426(Miguel the Mammoth King): We do not need additional ways of providing health to people, we already got more than enough. Regardless, if there is ever an update to add additional 'loot' scps, SCP-426 is high on the list. SCP-247(Miguel the Mammoth King): Crosshair thing is likely to be incredibly buggy. Similar stuff i've noticed in the past that used this gimmick would sometimes stop functioning even though the crosshair is still on a player, or it will trigger through walls. Pounce is a bit more sensical here, but it still just feels like a 682 sprint on a delay. SCP-594(Miguel the Mammoth King): Desperately needs a model of some sort. SCP is possibly pending a rewrite so I would likely hold off on adding said scp for this reason. SCP-590(Miguel the Mammoth King): There is various reasons im against adding SCP-590, from how crappy of an article it is, to the fact it makes no fucking sense as a playable SCP in any way, shape, or sort. SCP-596(Miguel the Mammoth King): Artifact leads whoever touchs it to endlessly scream in agony unable to do anything. Suggestion has it as a magical healing item. No. SCP-553(Miguel the Mammoth King): Model is difficult to pull off. Would genuinely be a fun idea if it wasn't for the model problem. SCP-650(Miguel the Mammoth King): Literally just another flavor of SCP-173. Pass. SCP-665(Miguel the Mammoth King): Makes no sense as a friendly SCP.(Image is terrible btw). In practice would essentially be the mr.hungry suggestion but gains the use of the last item it picked up. Might be a fun idea to experiment with at some point. SCP-662(Miguel the Mammoth King): What is even the point of the heal me option when the immortal option is just the healing option but better? Also conisdering he can't even get an aged egg as a food stuff i doubt make me immortal is something within his reach. Additionally, this is a lot of work for what would essentially just be a 'GIVE ME REGENERATING HEALTH' item. Also having it kill people randomly is just plain frustrating for the person afflicted by it. SCP-609(Miguel the Mammoth King): Incredibly difficult to impliment, but would be sort of fun I guess. SCP-718(Miguel the Mammoth King): No good model for SCP-718 exists. SCP-718 permamently attatches to people affected by it and does not burst out of them. SCP-706(Miguel the Mammoth King): No. SCP's entire gimmmick is being unable to even move most of the time without breaking parts of her body and being incredibly fragile. has no buisness being a playable SCP in Breach. SCP-738(Miguel the Mammoth King): Fun idea, but dont have a good spot to place SCP-738 in. SCP-702(Miguel the Mammoth King): Difficult to get a good model for the SCP-702-1 entity. Otherwise, like you state in the suggestion, this is very similar to SCP-1162 and would require a lot of programming to set up the 'of equal value' trades. That being said, this is an interesting one that is certainly something i'll consider looking into further. SCP-929(Miguel the Mammoth King): Making the parent bond system would be complicated and leads to a lot of possible griefing. People have difficulty enough understanding how the Scrubs work, and their restriction is solely "Only kill scps". A scp who constantly changes who it is not allowed to kill, its appearance, and who is not allowed to kill it would be a disaster for people's understanding. SCP-953(Miguel the Mammoth King): I could see this working if I ever update 939 to be more accurate to what 939 is supposed to be like, as a way to keep the old 939. Otherwise, im not a fan of this suggestion as it makes no sense for 953 to be D-class sided. Also the article pissed me off to read but thats not really the suggestion's fault. SCP-971(Miguel the Mammoth King): I dont think we need another source of healing right now, however i could consider this being added as an alternative to the existing healing options for a map that is not site-19. SCP-963(Miguel the Mammoth King): No. Not like this, he is not getting a Diamond Pickaxe and a Chainsaw cannon and a tf2 medi-gun. He is not getting additional health. If/When he is added, it will not be remotely like this. SCP-204(StarAura): Im not a big fan of SCP-204-1 being an ai controled entity. It feels like it would be more interesting to have both 204-1 and SCP-204-2 be playable, with the idea that SCP-204-1 is the more dangerous of the two but can revive an infinite amount of times while SCP-204-2 is alive. When SCP-204-2 is dead SCP-204-1 is no longer able to revive. The article seems to imply that it can permamently die if it does not have a host, due to the section about "self-preservation'. also the force field grenade option doesnt really fit what the article describes as SCP-204(A shapeshifting 'machine' entity that is always something big and strong and hostile). While im not a fan of this suggestion by itself, I appreciate being pointed towards SCP-204 as an idea. SCP-811(Miguel the Mammoth King): Difficult to find a model for. Additionally, gameplay of the SCP would be convoluted and not very fun for people to go up against. People generally don't like 'you'll die in x seconds if you don't do x', even when compared to a "instant kill" option. Also for the love of god stop googling images for these posts, they don't add anything. SCP-846(Miguel the Mammoth King): Kinda neat, a toy robot that has a bunch of stuff it can used when told to use that serve as weapons. Difficult to impliment in a balanced manner, however. Doesnt make sense as a TFO/MTF spawn, and would be potentially incredibly overpowered as a normal researcher spawn. Also difficulty in getting a fitting/correct model for it. SCP-871(Miguel the Mammoth King): Ah yes, the Keter Cakes. DOnt make any sense to include them in the gamemode, and we dont need another form of healing. SCP-805(Miguel the Mammoth King): You seem to be a big fan of damage over time effects that last permamently until the person uses a healing item, to the point that several of these suggestions are essentially the same thing with a different flavor. I already stated the main issues with these ideas, and also massive difficulty infinding a model that is a wooden horse. SCP-1066(StarAura): This is cool, but i would probally not put it in the cafeteria. Im also not sure if the live to specator to live can be accomplished successfully the current way breach is set-up. I do like this idea, and it is accurate enough to the SCP(Bonus points, the topic you learn is the one on your mind, so it even makes sense in that context for what it does). "Just a weapon Suggestion"(Sonicsnake): This is basically just requesting loadsouts for MTF on spawn. While im not against the idea, I also don't feel this is a priority of any sort to include as an addition. Goose model for D-class(Miguel the Mammoth king): No. Pay 2 win super tiny model that causes massive issues with visual clarity. No. SCP-2398(The1337Gh0st): Certainly an interesting idea. The idea of it doing more damage based on the target's total HP is certainly possible and fits the flavor of the original SCP. Might need a bit of tweaking when it comes to damage values however. Add the Scar(Turtle): I wont add a FOrtnite Scar. However, there is a Scar in the CS:GO pack. I'm seeing a bit of a mixed response to this, but i could probally add this rather easily as a rifle spawn. Wouldn't really ADD much to the gameplay though. Site02 Layout changes(Turtle, Battle Heaven, Gaben): Maybe? Im nto a fan of the elevator being slow as shit either. Sylveon Gun Upgrade(Chanman): No, im not adding an upgrade to a 914 upgrade. Buster Sword as Knife Upgrade(The Gaben): Probally not. Buff the shotguns(The Gaben): Planned. Radio in 914 ends the game(Chanman): No. Please stop posting meme suggestions. Pistols turn automatic in 914(The Gaben): Nah, kinda just a boring upgrade. Entering 420 into 294 plays Mandeville soundtrack(StarAura): I'm down for this. Im not normally a fan of adding in joke SCPS, especially the weed one, but this seems like a harmless enough way to add it in as a sort of easteregg. Add the Mag7(The Gaben): Already was in previously alongside shotguns,likely to return with shotgun changes. Bring back Boosters(Turtle): Unlikely to happen due to various issues, and is also up to Duc. Bring back Dr.Mario(KiteJR): No. Model was tiny as all hell and caused hitbox issues. Fix C-hands on Volk(The Gaben): yeah this annoyed me as well. Im gonna look into it, but i might just replace the Volk all together soon. 939 use Researcher Skin(Exhaustive): This is difficult to impliment due to how the pointshop works, but it would certainly be a massive QOL. Day Breaks Special Round(Welsh Wildlife Lover): No. Im not doing this SCP as a special round for various reasons, mostly because its not really fun. Sylveon Player model(Welsh Wildlife Lover): No for the same reasons as Dr.Mario and Goose. 999 Doesn't turn into SCP-049-2 or 610 or 020(Exhaustive): Im down for this if we can make an exception to have it just kill him instead. Specator DM into Quake DM(Butter Toast): Im not sure this would be fun plus im worried how the grenades could interact. Sans player model(SANSSCP): No. Same issues as Dr.Mario, Goose, and Sylveon. 610 Third attack(Dio Brando): 610 is likely to undergo a complete rework in the future. Remove SCP collision(Exhaustive): Would cause more problems than it solves. SCP-106 buff(Frostleaf): Maybe? Looping Death sound(Kaitseed): I believe this was fixed at some point? Remake SCP-106, 334, and 049(Turtle): Any buffs to 049 at this point would break him. Hes already able to instant kill people and generates minions that also instant kill. 334 is not confusing to play as. SCP-106 is a giant mess in general. Remake Scrubs(Turtle): I am going to look into making it so they can't spawn when theres no SCPs left alive. "More maps"(Sprinklinglymydoughnut): The maps suggested here are either terrible or already being worked on. Add SCP-1507(Big Brain Vantamanta): Not going to happen due to difficulties in ensuring mutiple SCP-1507 spawn without taking up the entire SCP spawn pool. Medkits thrown into 914 turn into SCP-500(Carthing2): No. SCP-268 into SCP-512 and vice versa via 914(Gunnerwizz): Not doing this. Vr Support(Welsh Wildlife Lover): No. Add Teslas to Site61(Exhaustive): No, people dont really like Teslas. Let people escape site 61 checkpoints without keycard(The Gaben): You already can. Fix Area Portal bug(Gaben): Can't. Buff Flamethrower(Various): working on this right now. Add SCP-1162 to area02(Frostleaf): Maybe, im not sure if theres already a hole for SCP-1162 on the map. Command to disable spawning as SCP(FrostLeaf): Requires a lot of rewriting of code for this to work. Increase chance of members becoming SCP(Carthing): Requires alot of code rewriting and could do more harm than good for the server population. Lower SCP-079's HP(Various): WOrking on this right now. Disable auto switch(Gunnerwizz): This is a client side option, this doesnt occur to me on the server. Increase SCP-173 HP during weeping angel round(Carthing2): requires a bit of a rewrite and is a bit more complicated than it sounds. will look into it. 049 same speed as zombies(Carthing2): He already should be. Will double check. Fix SCP-076-2 damaging other scps(GUnnerwizz): Believe its an issue with friendly fire code interacting with entities(As the sword stops becoming a weapon and becomes a entity when thrown). will look into it. Add SCP-2912-3(Gunnerwizz): No. Fix lag spike when Omega-7 spawns in(ButterToast): I dont get this issue? Give 096 ability to break windows when not enraged(Gunnerwizz): Looking into it. Buff SCP-1471(Various): Already doing this. Add Gm construct and Flatgrass as maps(Gunnerwizz): No. Please stop submitting meme suggestions. Add Sniper rifle to site-61(GunnerWizz): Good idea. Will look into it. Show 372 health when visible(StarAura): Believe this bug is related to how his invisbility code works, might not be fixable. Add more gun and keycard spawns on site02(Carthing2): Sure, but htis wont fix the map's major issues. all Scps are 3331 special round(Gunnerwizz): was planning on making a round of "all the same scp" for each scp this is possible for without serious bugs. Fix 294 on Site61(ButterToast): Will get on it asap. Round ending when 076-2 still has lives(Exhaustive): Bug that has been occuring for awhile. Difficult to fix. Rename Sylveon gun to Doomnack gun(KiteJR): No. Not only is that person banned from the server for hacks, this is a dumb suggestion. Remove bright in the screen special round(Carthing): Sure. Buff 173 blind(Sir Buttertoast): Was considering it at one point. Might end up breaking him though due to his mechanics, and result in him feeling like even cheaper deaths. GFL Breach Server Wiki(The Gaben): If you like the idea so much, why not make it yourself? SCP-953(Carthing2): No, she doesnt shoot fireballs. That is the likely model that will end up being used if she is ever added however. 999 Neutral to Serpent Hand(Bollerio the hottie): not possible currently. Gungame for spec Dm(Ahira): No. Tower Controlpoints for Spec DM(Ahira): No. Change 457's model material(Dio Brando): Considering it. I ran out of time, didnt get to all suggestions this month. Sorry. There was too much stuff to fifter through on the discord and duc had started answering some as well.
  11. I would like to bring up the fact that SCP-1926, the original one, was deleted for plagiarism. I do not have an opinion on the new article, but it was also only posted this year, near the end of the month of feburary, and is also not in the negative. Link to the discussion page: http://www.scp-wiki.net/forum/t-13079904/scp-1926 (It is right on the bottom of the top comment) Judging by the content of your reaction, you seem to think we would have either preferred that you suggested the SCP-1926 that is on the site, or that we think its good. This post has nothing to do with how good the replacement is or if we wanted the replacement added(infact we would prefer anything that is super new and still in the 5 to 10 upvotes not to be suggested as that could always end up dropping into the negatives and get deleted). It would help if you improved your English so it was easier to understand you, and if you would stop acting passive aggressive. Most of this comment is just assumptions of what you meant by your reply.
  12. Suggestion review for the month of February: SCP-3199(Kaitseed): In fear of seeming biased, I am a big fan of this suggestion. SCP-3199 is a scp I had always considered suggesting or wanting to add to the server for a while now, but it was always held back by a lack of a proper model that correctly resembled the article's memorable image. Having a possible model available, even if it would require being ported to Gmod, is a fantastic improvement, and greatly increases the chances of adding SCP-3199 some day. As for the suggestion itself, I am greatly interested in the A option, but nothing is set in stone at this point. SCP-137(Miguel the Mammoth King): This suggestion was hard to read due to the terrible formatting, and I would like to insist that in the future you attempt to format your suggestions better in order to make it easier to read. Regardless, SCP-137 is a interesting suggestion for a SCP. I went over to read the original article, and I will admit a weird non-sapient entity that possesses toys, turns them into a 'real' version of the toy, and then behaves like how a child would expect the toy to behave is a cool idea. I'm not 100% on board with the idea of it having multiple forms it swaps between on demand, however. This would be a massive pain to code, and does not seem like a very good representation of SCP-137's abilities. One possible idea is to have it's default form spawn as the princess doll, and after perishing as the doll it comes back to life a single time as another possible 'form' from a list. Regardless, this is a very fun suggestion. SCP-191(Miguel the Mammoth King): Im not a fan of this suggestion due to having very little in common with the actual SCP. While she does have a claw for a hand, she also struggles to move, appears to severe mental damage, etc, all of which would result in her making little to no sense being in the breach gamemode at all. SCP-168(Miguel the Mammoth King): Fun Flavor item, might be considered at some point if additional 'point' scps are ever added. Doesn't really add much to the gameplay though. SCP-105(Miguel the Mammoth King): SCP-105 is one of those scps that would be really cool to add(especially with Alpha-5 as a potential reinforcement spawn), but is incredibly difficult to pull off due to the nature of her ability. This suggestion fails to be accurate to the article, and instead simply makes her camera deal damage for... some reason. And she can teleport... for some reason? Also not entirely sure why SCP-105 would be a 'Joke' suggestion. SCP-250(Miguel the Mammoth King): First off, no, we can't easily convert a model that was custom made for a SNPC into a player model. The animations do not transfer over easily, the rig has to be redone from scratch, and many times it is effectively harder to work with than a plain ragdoll. This is besides the fact that the current breach team does not have an experienced modeler(or at least, someone experienced at rigging models). Saying that we can 'EASILY' convert a SNPC model into a player model is insulting. With that out of the way, I am not a fan of this suggestion. While it is certainly... accurate to what is just a living dinosaur fossil, it does not mean it is particularly interesting gameplay wise. Its attack is weaker than most other SCPs that have the same movement speed, and the requirements for its speed boost are insane for how unimpressive it is(it is effectively worse than 682's due to the charge-up time, is very telegraphed, and still isn't the fastest sprint in the game). SCP-273(Miguel the Mammoth King): Makes absolutely no sense for this SCP to a TFO or MTF Member. Additionally, the SCP itself is rather dull, being someone who burns things every 12 hours and explodes into fire on death. While the exploding on death into fire and coming back could be a potentially interesting quirk, I don't think it is enough by itself to carry the suggestion. SCP-216(Miguel the Mammoth King): I don't see the point of this? This doesn't seem to bring anything in terms of gameplay, and wouldn't even be a particularly fun "For points" SCP item either. Why would you want to store an item in a safe to recover later, when you're already capable of carrying basically anything you want? If the idea is 'OH YOU PUT A MEDKIT IN THERE SO YOU CAN CARRY A SECOND MEDKIT', the situations where using the first medkit, taking the time to put the safe down, open it, and take out the second medkit is more practical than just having someone else hold the medkit or walking back for the medkit are incredibly limited. SCP-230(Miguel the Mammoth King): This scp has been suggested several times, and once again Im afraid im going to have to shoot it down. Outside of concerns about the original content of the article(which is very questionable and appears to be summed up as HAH ISN'T SAYING THE WORD GAY OVER AND OVER HILARIOUS!!!!), the actual SCP doesn't bring much for gameplay. he is basically an infection SCP that makes people join his team and still 'act' like normal people. Theres no good way to simulate 'slightly handicapped due to heroin overdose', and I don't think it would be a good idea to even do so if there was. Hes not interesting gameplay wise, and is just generally a lackluster suggestion. SCP-913(StarAura): I am 100% on board with the idea of having Mr.Hungry as a SCP. He has potential to have some fun gimmicks(Eating items to heal, possibly eating items out of people's hands). That being said, I am not using a big smoke model for him, especially considering he is described as being incredibly skinny, which quite obviously does not describe Big Smoke in any way, shape or form. Plus the model is incredibly memey. If Mr.hungry is added, he would not be added using Big Smoke's model. SCP-082(Miguel the Mammoth King): SCP-082 was removed for being kinda boring. IT also doesn't help its hard to find a model for him. That being said, this suggestion doesn't do much different from the original SCP-082 we had. The main difference is instead of healing from attacking people, he heals after killing people. People didn't really enjoy playing the original SCP-082, and I don't think they would enjoy playing this version either. Im down for some way to possibly add him in in an interesting way, but its difficult(More doable than something like SCP-230 though). SCP-040(Miguel the Mammoth King): Ignoring that GODAWFUL picture, SCP-040 has no business and makes no sense being a TFO or MTF spawn. She would only make sense as a SCP spawn. SCP-004(Miguel the Mammoth King): Item has very little to do with the actual SCP-004. Additionally, a item that is just a one in 6th chance to either basically escape instantly or die instantly is incredibly boring and cheap. It also isn't very fun, even if it technically 'helps d-class escape'. This is outside of the fact getting it to interact with Site-19's doors is difficult due to the nature of how they were programmed into the map. Additionally, the fact it just teleports you outside of the gate and instead of to the escape also means theres a chance that even if you don't die to the key, you'll just die anyway to people hanging out on the surface level or reinforcement spawns. SCP-027(Miguel the Mammoth King): SCPs that turn other people into SCPs have caused problems in the past, from people willingly getting turned by SCP-049 or 610, or blocking the exit with 323's skull. SCP-027's on death transfer gimmick is this problem on steroids. Otherwise, the general idea of him sending vermin to attack people has been suggested in the past, and was an idea under consideration(and still is), but would require a lot of time and effort to pull off. I will admit a major problem with this idea is that SCP-027 has no direct control over the Vermin and this is a major part of the article, which does not help with potentially adding it. SCP Trade System(Chan_Man1): Good idea on paper, problem is this would also serve as a way to let people figure out which SCPs exist in the round already, and could be potentially abused to grief or cause problems. EPIC BREACH SPECIAL ROUND(SonicSnake): This is obviously a troll post and I regret not getting rid of it sooner. Regardless, no. Dr.Bright's Nightmare(Kaitseed): I don't know if this is a reference to something on the site I don't get, but it doesn't seem like the worst thing ever. probally still won't be added as people have mostly negative responses to similar special rounds. Also very memey. SCP-317(Miguel the Mammoth King): A dead Sapient bipedal Dinosaur wearing glasses. Outside of the fact its dead, it has no business being a TFO or MTF spawn. It is also incredibly boring gameplay wise. SCP-346(Miguel the Mammoth King): Suggestion has basically nothing to do with the actual article. Not much else here to say. SCP-354(Miguel the Mammoth King): Unlikely to be added as its own SCP. If anything related to SCP-354 would be added, it would be related to the SCP-354 map, and not as a spawn or reinforcement spawn. SCP-363(Miguel the Mammoth King): Boring suggestion, has very little to do with the article outside of appearance. AS for the actual SCP, the light gimmick is incredibly difficult to recreate ingame, and is unlikely to be added because of this. SCP-397(Miguel the Mammoth King): A monkey that throws spears. I vaguely recall seeing this scp suggested before, but im not sure the server would react well to it regardless of what its armed with. Its a sapient monkey. That's all it is. SCP-1959(Chan_Man1): I actually really like this suggestion. While the SCP article has it floating in orbit, I could see an excuse being made that it suddenly crashed down. it being invulnerable and just being a walking hazard and being able to pull people in certainly makes it an interesting 'reinforcement' spawn. Main issue I could see with it is that if it is on the SCP team people would likely try to constantly escape as it, and it feels kinda weird if it was treated like a Serpent Hand spawn and get pentalized for leaving and 'not helping other scps'. Most certainly an idea in consideration however. SCP-247(Miguel the Mammoth King): A small cat that is actually a tiger. The actual suggestion posted is boring, but there is potential in the SCP itself, especially with the fact people within a certain range of it refuse to harm it regardless of prior knowledge or it assaulting them. SCP-280(Miguel the Mammoth King): Barely has anything to do with the article. Actual article involves a light gimmick almost identical to SCP-363. No. Sniper Rifle(JokerGamma, FrostLeaf): We had a sniper rifle before. it sucks to use in close quarters cramped conditions unless it 1 shots, and if it 1 shots it becomes incredibly frustrating. A sniper rifle is unlikely to return to breach unless Alpha-5 gets added. Replays(Welsh Wildlife Lover): Not possible without engine access, even if it was possible would be incredibly laggy(SEE: Team Fortress 2). Minecraft Map Special Round(Kaitseed): Would make for a fantastic april fools joke, if it wasn't for the fact no such thing exists. This can't really be pulled off as a special round either. SCP-939-J(FrostLeaf): Only vaguely related to the original joke article. Im assuming this suggestion was intended for the joke SCP round, so I won't bring up the fact its a joke article. The main gimmick and joke of the original joke article is that its a dog that talks and keeps murdering people and getting away with it since people seem to believe whatever he said caused the crime, which is incredibly difficult to pull off in a gameplay sense. Non-stop Site19 for 24 hours(FrostLeaf): Fuck no. We added map vote for a reason, and the server is already almost always on Site-19. Map rotation basically goes "Site19, another map, Site19, another map, Site19". SCP-096 destroying doors(SANSSCP): If I made one SCP capable of destroying normal doors and not just gate doors, I would rather multiple scps gain the ability. As this is not happening for a while due to various bugs and issues with the idea, this is not happening. Fix Maunz Bot(Banjo): This feels like a meme post. What the hell is Maunz bot? Tactical Awareness Grenade Buff(Carthing): Im down for this. I'll look into this and try to implement it as soon as possible. The grenade sucks currently, and I keep forgetting its existence because its that bad. SCP-006-J infestation Special Round(FrostLeaf): SCP-006-J is bugs. Its a joke about people being afraid of bugs. How does this turn into a special round where they infect people and turn them into bugs? Also this is literally just the old SCP-008 special round but without instant infect and with a dumb cup instant kill weapon. Likely won't happen, SCP-008 special round had bizarre issues where people randomly turned into zombies onto the next round, and it wasn't a very popular round to begin with with plenty of exploits related to keycards. Slow Grenade(FrostLeaf): I remember a very similar suggestion to this one, but it was a Spray Can SCP weaponized as a grenade that had a slowing cloud, and is a much cooler idea in general than this one. Still a neat idea, plan to work on it at some point. Nerf SCP-2845's death Aura(Dio Brando): Im not a big fan of SCP-2845 to begin with. While its ranged attack is cool for gameplay, it was horrid until weapons started slowing down movement and its close range aura was mandatory for it to not get crowbarred to death by a bunch of drunks screaming about buckets and deer cock. I would rather consider removing the SCP all together and replacing it with a more fitting SCP rather than nerfing it directly as is. Grace Period for Siege(Obliterator): Im down for this, i'll get this implemented at some point. 079's door to a level 4 instead of a level 5(Myfu): While I understand some people consider 079 overpowered, this change would lead to him dying almost instantly with no chance of defending himself. While this nerf would make sense if we could rel yon SCP players to actually work together, they have a bad habit of ignoring 079's cries for help, letting him die horribly, and then complain that he died later on in the round. its bad enough that his spawn that is supposed to help him escape usually just ignores his existence and flees the map or start a mass rampage and still ignore him. Remove SCP-610(Carthing, Exhaustive): I suggested removing SCP-610 to mass backlash. If people genuinely want him gone this time, I'll gladly remove him as hes both boring to play and fight, and any potential rework(like the one I suggested a while before becoming server manager) would require a lot of work and might not pay off. Allow RP rounds at Site-07 Surface(Kaitseed): No. This is not a RP Server. Remove TTT Round(Carthing): Again, if people are down for it being removed this time, im all for removing it as its not a very fun round and plays like shit. Add nukes back as statemate(Carthing): This is a cool idea, problem is I don't think this would solve abuse of people rushing it to end the round early, as people already don't seem to care about helping their team win and would result in a lot of griefing. SCP-127 Regenerate Ammo(Exhaustive, Dio Brando): I never liked this idea as SCP-127's actual article takes forever to regenerate ammo that its basically not any kind of upside. Even with being willing to speed up regeneration for gameplay purposes, it would be such a slow rate of regeneration... and also ahs the problem of not having the requirement of being in a salt water bath. Re-Add Discombob(Carthing): I believe it was removed both for massive exploit abuse and a lot of team kill griefing. I'll look into it. Tau-5 Shotgun Spawn(Carthing): Sure, but shotguns kinda suck right now so i'll need to look into it. SCP-096 Break Windows(Carthing): Wait, he never had the ability to break windows added to him? I'll get this added. Doomnack Playermodel(Welsh Wildlife Lover): Im not adding a Sylveon playermodel. Add more Female or Pokémon Player Models(FrostLeaf😞 POkemon models is no, as they would either be walking around on all fours leading to a potential pay 2 win situation or just plain frustration, or they would be furry shit. Im all for adding more female player models though, there is a rather severe lack. SCP-516(FrostLeaf): The pacifist sapient tank makes no sense as a MTF spawn, or does it have any place in this gamemode as a playable class, by the definition it is a Pacifist Tank. Its a tank, and its a pacifist. ITS A TANK, AND IT IS A PACIFIST. Update SCP-4514's model(DIo Brando): I want to, I really do, but there has been issues with attempted replacements. I'm still looking into it. SCP-096 Death Sound Change(DIo Brando): I don't think people want to hear massive amount of screaming ear rape. SCP-682 Death Sound Change(Dio Brando): Im all for adding some kind of sound effect to SCP-682 to make his attack feel less lackluster, but im not making it a 'CRUNCHY SPLATTY NOISE'. Also im sorry but are you the Doctor because what kind of description of a sound is that. "TIMEY WIMEY STUFF". Man Doctor Who got weird. Re-add Night Vision Filter(dio Brando): All for it once I figure out how to do it without burning out everyone's Retinas. Give Sylveon Gun a Crosshair(BaronVonDark): Do you see Iron sights on the Sylveon? Do you WANT Iron sights on the gun with infinite ammo? Exactly. Add SCP-999-J(Banjo): Could be considered for the joke round. Does not help to insult me when posting your suggestion, considering im one of the 2.5 people who go through them and decide if they get added or get considered for being added. Just, you know. Pointing that out. Show who had most accepted suggestions(Carthing): Maybe, if I can keep track of them. Could cause some cries of favorism though, so i'll likely not do it even if I had everything correctly tracked. Answer would probably genuinely be me if you count Xy's additions before I got server manager. Guns based on Animals(Carthing): Sylveon gun was added as a joke and as a way to kickstart the SCP-914 upgrade update, and since it felt like it would be a funny and fitting result for putting the Living GUn into 914 on very fine(goes from a Living Gun to a literal Living Gun). SCP-035 Mask Item(Myfu22,BaronVonDark): Theres a reason we don't have SCP-035 as a mask item. it would lead to people bumrushing it to change teams or grief. Even if it was set-up that a dead player took the place of the living person instead, it would solely exist as a griefing item. This suggestion, where th eperson becomes a SCP for 2 minutes then dies, is literally good for NOTHING except mass griefing of former teammates. Most likely D-Class. Because we need more ways for the D-class team to get wiped out within seconds by a lunatic with a fire-arm and no sense of morality or recoil control. Buff the Volk(Exhaustive, AirBud, Dio Brando): This is basically a "Buff Tau-5" suggestion. Im still working on it. Remove/Archive Old Suggestions(Exhaustive): Im assuming this is referencing to the discord, and I agree, but its kinda difficult to do it with the discord bot. If you're referring to the forums, I already did a clean up, and remaining stuff not cleaned up is because there is 27 pages of backlog in various states of 'potentially a good idea' and "I should add this if I was able to". It'll get cleaned out. Eventually. SCP-106 Gains points(Exhaustive): AS soon as someone sets up a way for this to happen, it will. This is one of the major issues with SCP-106. Buff Shotgun(Carthing): Sure. Once I find a way to do it that doesn't involve 1 shotting people that doesn't render them peashooters against SCPs. SCP-512 Nerf(Carthing, Myfu22): Under consideration. Slowing down air speed would likely just nerf any potential use of the item that isn't abusing exploits though. Site-61 elevators stuck in bottom(NeveNeko): I've never seen this happen or heard of people saying this happens. If it is happening and is super common, that would be grounds to remove the map as I don't believe this can be fixed easily. Add map in announcements(Rollingway): Sure, if it turns out to have a good layout and doesn't end up a map that no one plays. Restock Medbay at MTF spawn(StarAura): Are you implying there is not enough healing items in the entrance zone already?(Medkit spawn in MEdbay, TFO commander Medkit, SCP-500 spawn in computer room, Coffee machine, infinite pizza, soup of talking to the dead, other possible medkit and SCP-500 spawns). Buff SCP-1471(Oblierator, Welsh Wildlife Lover): Would rather remove SCP-1471. Its a terrible SCP on so many levels. Blink Swep(rollingway): Not possible with how the blinking is currently coded. Plus this would render the already weak SCP-173 completely worthless. Better AFK System(NeveNeko): Ill look into adjusting the timer, however I don't want to be too aggressive with the timer incase some kind of rooting ability is introduced, as I don't want people getting afk timed out by something out of their control. Add SCP-420-J(Banjo): GUYS ITS FUNNY ITS WEED GUYS HAHAH GET IT ITS WEEEEDDDDDD. Readd SCP-1048-A(Carthing): If he could be reworked to actually behave like SCP-1048-A, then sure. If not, then no. Re-add SCP-160(Grreat Human Baby): You guys voted for this thing to be removed 30 to one, and yet you lunatics are voting to bring back the most unfun, broken, nearly unplayable pile of shit ever added(Sorry xy)?!? WHY? Change Dm weapons to HL2MMOD weapons(DIo Brando): Massively increases DL size for little to no benefit. No thank you. Remove Black Screen Glitch(Dio Brando): Sadly that was introduced by the map author in an update, and he refuses to go back and fix it. SCP-1499 as a point SCP(Dio Brando): Sure, why not, doesn't really add much so definitely not a high priority. SCP-1048 model change(DIo Brando): That model looks like shit. Site61 escape zone closer(Carthing): its really not that far... Alpha-9 as reinforcement spawn(Miguel the Mammoth King): Sure, once we find a way to add SCP-105 that isn't completely retarded, and locked down ideas for the other two spawn members. Sillier MTF spawns for Special Round(Greyh): Sure, i'll consider adding Begone Thoth or the cyborg shark punchers as a spawn on the joke SCP special round. Might be a bit convoluted and reduce chances of sillier/actual joke SCP spawns though(Especially since Begone Thoth, while silly, isn't a joke SCP). Remove Plague on Infect(GunnerWizz): Sure, once I figure out how to get it to happen. Was a fucking annoying bug. Healing Timer on 999(StarAura): I can't believe im saying this, but 999's infinite healing is far from the main issue with that little orange shit. Re-add Omega-7's 076(Welsh Wildlife Lover): I'll rather remove Omega-7 due to balancing issues with having 076-2 as a TFO spawn instead of a SCP, and the bizarre situation of 076-2 fighting 076-2.
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