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  1. Fuck you now who am I supposed to tag at 3am
  2. Oh shit oh fuck I think we call @Leks So for everyone when you have a gfl emergency hit up leks cause this bitch xy left
  3. I thought all black people know how to play basketball? And yes all Ching Chongs know karate Also @Xy_ you did the ddos I saw you do it admins ban him
  4. Finally I can micspam on the server without shadowjab reporting me to xy +1 @Xy_ accept this rn it’s more important then rewriting the entire breach code from scratch
  5. There are no dumb ideas except this. A lot of complaints on this post are about how d class are op snd like you are just making the respawned d class even more op. Don’t give it a snav ultimate d class are already annoying to deal with.
  6. I mean this isn’t really a special round it’s more like special rounds. The idea sounds cool but in game I don’t believe this will go over well. You are basically asking for an entire map where only specific scps can be played it just isn’t what breach is supposed to be. If it was just 1 round I believe it would be cool but an entire map no thank you. -1
  7. Thank you kite very cool RIP Aqua 🙏
  8. What’s the point d class are annoying af to deal with already
  9. Guys in order to win we have to bully both skinny and fat Santa maybe if we call skinny bad names he might cry in the corner same with fatty. So I suggest allowing us to say some racial slurs so admins cover your ears when we go to skinny Santa and when we go to fatty. Admins you gotta realize this is for the greater good so you have to do it so we can win.
  10. Just let xy live his life man Besides half the suggestions are terrible anyway
  11. Okay new strat have we ever even tried like letting zombies into the boss arena and gathering around skinny Santa so he gets stuck like why don’t we do this more often We can also try the new meta which is awps and novas only I think this is probably how we would beat Santa extreme Also we have yet to try using nades on the benders like on best Korea using nades on the word boss has become very successful so why not nade the benders @willywilson I think with these new strats we beat Santa extreme act 3 in 1 attempt
  12. Only if there was a way to mute it like I don’t need that spamming in the background
  13. @Doomnack cool guy
  14. I think remove all maps including site 19 and add only Minecraft maps
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