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  1. Gray for life Map(s): ze_gris_a4_9_8, ze_grau_a03_4f, ze_escapetheworld_o32, Restrictions/Limitations: nah Event Time preferred: idk 5pm central seems to be the only time ever Others: negative Reward: whatever is possible
  2. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): camper#3888 Why were you banned?: Mass pinging Why should you be unbanned? I sent 3 pings to the mods and that's it. My last appeal was not handled properly and I request that someone other then Oscar and motorstreak handle it both don't like me for obvious reasons which makes it an unfair chance for me to get unbanned. I know motor and Oscar dislike me for who I play with and I request someone else handles my appeal. Now all I did was send 3 pings to the mods and admins on the breach discord saying I am sorry for mass pinging. I don't see how that warrants a perm ban from all discords I can see a week ban but not a perm ban. I have never done anything in the past before these bans so I don't see why I would be perm banned. Now I know I play with all the people who have done very bad stuff to gal some were falsely perm banned but my boy Oscar over here isn't very cool and doesn't want to admit his mistake and unban them. I believe my appeal was falsely denied and I do not want motor and Liloz commenting on this appeal because they are both biased. I request this appeal goes to someone else so I get a fair attempt at this appeal. Thank you and remember that Gary did nothing wrong and should be unbanned along with me.
  3. BLM

    Do us a favor and shut the fuck up thank you
  4. no wtf why would I play ze gross
  5. Okay for rush b do we also have to beat extreme or just beat it normally for it to count as a win? Cause extreme is just the same thing but p90 only so basically even more retarded
  6. I call this one the best event Map(s): Ice cap Restrictions/Limitations: blast is muted Event Time preferred: any time Others: no Reward: server gets shut down for about a week if we beat ice cap
  7. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): camper#3888 Why were you banned?: Spam pinging staff Why should you be unbanned? Let’s be real I sent 3 pings to all staff and mods 2 times got muted for a day did it again after 2 times got perm banned. Yeah we both know that’s not fair especially all I’ve done for the discords aka telling you all nblocks alts so you’re welcome.
  8. You are nblock @AtomicHeadphones can confirm so can we ban this guy
  9. This is a quote from nblock "Blast is my alt account" you heard it here first @Roy @Liloz01 @Xy can you ban this blast guy its nblock
  10. bias

    Shhh go back to Tetris or else I get the big bully xy to send you back there himself
  11. bias

    @Doogla you are bringing the ze community down. you are one of the most toxic trolls ive ever met and youre going to get banned soon.
  12. Cry me a river build a bridge and get over yourself you are 22 or 23 now getting mad at a kid younger then you must be a sad life you live
  13. its not there was a spreadsheet made
  14. yo I agree fuck motorstreak hello all forum staff I would like to thank you for monitoring my account and hope you enjoy my post
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