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  1. Keep hide n seek make this its own day called scavenger hunt
  2. You need better timing on the nades that was a big issue last night 5 seconds exactly after the laugh for 1st boss when he starts rolling for the second
  3. That was amazing glad to be apart of it
  4. Why buff 682?????? 682 is honestly one of the best scps if you play it smart which isn’t hard
  5. Excuse me @Lord Death you forgot the most important part which is spam #fuckhaste and #blamehaste whenever you can
  6. Admin app

    +1 he’s a good wife
  7. Denied and Demoted Reasons: Filthy furry Thank you next
  8. Cause 049 is a thing and a 049 round is basically the same thing
  9. @Xy_ do what this man wants he’s an absolute mad lad
  10. That seems dumb then if the only way to achieve is be the only person on the server if you want a dm achievement add nuclear get 25 kills without dying
  11. Cotton picker I’m just trying to play smash bros idk what your ducking /s means
  12. No it does work the second you hear the femur hit the bind and the sound will stop and you won’t have to listen to it
  13. Bind (key) “stopsound /closed
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