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  1. 173 is not even that good why change him if you are a skilled player he’s op which most aren’t just bhop when blinded and you won’t die it’s not hard
  2. Ty someone agrees with me I looked at it say more then 21 words and was like nah I’m not reading this
  3. @Ralsei if you add this I’m gonna make you my first target of Weast Korea
  4. Honestly I think people like haxray are better then those who use the shark model
  5. Currently working on taking over tango, but @balon still hates me so sorry
  6. @Ben Roy for the grammar issue I typed everything on my phone. Don’t worry I have good grammar. I will have more examples soon because I just became event staff for a scp rp server. I’m inactive because there is no need for me to play any servers at the moment. Also like I said I do events for a scp rp server now, but I will become more active after school cause it’s a bit crazy right now. I would still be able to do 1-2 events per week, but I won’t be active on servers until I am done with school.
  7. Happy to inform you @plaguekeeper that you have been added to my hit list congratulations
  8. A) You see you can say judges cause favoritism, but if judges are hand selected then this wouldn’t be a big concern in the end. I used to watch aotm (admin of the month) contest and each month people would win off favoritism. I won and all I did was abuse during that month I was even demoted at one point, but I won because so many people knew who I was. I was even told that I shouldn’t have won by so many, but I was told I only won because I was well known/liked by the community. Technically you can have a system where if caught asking people to vote for you that you will be banned from all future contest for X amount of time. B) I mean you can say they should be kept private but at the same time it’s like they worked hard on it and deserve recognition for it. Yes I can release the names after, but let’s be real people will end up being told anyway who wrote what anyway. C) If things go south I’m pretty good at just coming up with something last second don’t worry. I taught religion for 1 student and well nothing was ever planned. There was 2 teachers for 1 student and we just had to make things up to pass the time for usually half the class. D) Even if you host something you should still have a say. You could argue it might cause a biased opinion in the end but most people wouldn’t even know who voted who until after they vote. I just vote and then after I see that I voted the same as so and so E) Of the month contest are more of stuff that aren’t the best to experiment imo. I thought of having people perform live in teamspeak or discord but getting that set up would be a pain. Most out of the box ideas for this aren’t the greatest. Here was my list of rejected ideas: A rap battle tournament style where you would vote who is better after someone went In discord/teamspeak even thought about having people submit me them then posting them for all to vote. The idea was shut down because of how much perfect timing must be set and how I feel like it would fail Have what you could call an American idol sort of thing but again time isn’t the greatest and that would probably fail This one was my favorite idea, but I felt someone who had a lot of irl friends would force them to help them win. I thought about having each person upload their song to YouTube and seeing who could get the most likes in 2-3 weeks. As you can see how this would be an unfair one. The final idea I had was to have everyone submit me a song and I personally would show the songs to people and have them vote on it. Now these people have nothing to do with gfl it would be my friends and I wouldn’t have a way to prove I actually did it. Those were failed ideas so I just thought if it ain’t broke don’t fix it Well yes my examples are not the most creative, but in the end they turned out way different. I don’t have ss, but my one event on ZE that was supposed to be normal turned into hide and seek. I also had someone attempt to make a map look more Christmas themed on GW for the Christmas event and had gotten most of the game changed to a Christmas theme, but the server was shut down due to funding issues I was told.
  9. I am glad to inform you but you have been added to my hit list. Thank you and remember to watch your back.
  10. Issue with 1048 is -a is too similar to 066 unless you want -b or -c cause just 1048 would be op. Possible spawn could be place 1048-b where 966 should spawn but doesn’t. To the right of the melon room.
  11. First one sounds dumb figuring 966 is trash once nvg are found Second one would cause so much rdm I say no -1 for both
  12. Is it the fact that you are still council?
  13. Well for starters I would go about trying to figure out a theme for motm I would ask around see what people want. I would personally pick rap so lets say I picked rap this is what I would do Hello and welcome to GFL’s MOTM for the month of (whatever month) This months theme is rap Rules are as follows: - Submissions must be less than 5 minutes - Make sure your rap doesn’t involve anything racist/inappropriate/anything that might get someone offended Post submissions below or send them to me privately on steam/discord/forums before the deadline (deadline here) Voting will go up (date here) After that I would keep a list of all those who gave me a submission. After the deadline I will wait a day or two to make a voting post. For the voting post I would just put a list of all their submissions and have a poll. No need to justify why you voted for them. I know it will cause favoritism, but if this is a concern I would plan to make a small committee of people who enjoy music and would be a good judge. The committee would also have a say on who wins. Both the winner from voting and the committee will receive a prize. For the voting on [data expunged] I would just make a post saying MOTM voting for (whatever month) (Name of the person here) submission- (link here) Voting ends (date here) Good luck to all who submitted something There would also be a poll with each persons name you could clearly change votes up until the end That is basically what I would do to plain it and maintain it