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  2. Idk what you are on but if I was a giant lizard and saw a dude with an rpg I would run the other way
  3. But nobody knows what scp 001 is so this ruins my immersion
  4. The Easter egg is -[------->+<]>++.-----[-->+++<]>.+++++++++++.+++[->+++<]>.--[--->+<]>-.-[--->++<]>-.++++++++++.+[---->+<]>+++.++[->+++<]>+.------.+[--->+<]>+++. if you can crack the code
  5. @Xy_ we must kill breach now go get rid of kite
  6. @Sofics do you even breach my dude scp 012 has a containment chamber on site 19 it’s the red room down the stairs in the room to the right of the Tesla gate by the d class cell it’s a bad composition never completed anyone who looks at it tries to finish it with their own blood by slitting their wrist so they bleed out and die how it effects gameplay is anyone who walks into that red room will start to slowly die to scp 012 because well that’s what it does this will avoid people from camping and getting stuck in that room +1 I like the concept and 012 is one of the more interesting scps
  7. Bruh site 14s real escape zone is a maze just enlarge that maze if you go freecam and go straight from the escape point on site 14 you will find the maze
  8. If you are trying to raid solo it’s near impossible half the time because people make bases where you need to use both a lock pick and a keypad cracker just allow the BMD to sell lock picks so you can have both a keypad cracker and a lock pick as a hacker or make a job that has both cause it’s dumb that you need a squad to raid half the players
  9. It wouldn’t make it impossible All this reallg does is allow everyone in your base to be able to view the cameras instead of just the person who places them
  10. Add render target camera so that we can use the render target material on tvs so we can stare at a tv and see our cameras https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106944414
  11. 173 is not even that good why change him if you are a skilled player he’s op which most aren’t just bhop when blinded and you won’t die it’s not hard
  12. Ty someone agrees with me I looked at it say more then 21 words and was like nah I’m not reading this
  13. @Ralsei if you add this I’m gonna make you my first target of Weast Korea
  14. Honestly I think people like haxray are better then those who use the shark model
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