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  1. Listen I wanted Neko appreciation day not gray for life like that was stolen from sg
  2. Can I purchase ttt hacks from the gmod store?
  3. This might be the worst event yet whoever thought m0p m0r0th0n was a good idea deserves to be locked up in a cage for 24 hours straight with blast.
  4. Can Leks just get demoted already like what does he even do?
  5. Hi my name is Beter Griffin I am a laser fag. I don't know what a good map is because I just sit afk until lasers because that's the only reason a ze map is good.
  6. Can I just become the official gfl secretary already
  7. Hi guys my name is Fetty. If things don’t go my way I’m gonna make a long forum post nobody is gonna read and complain because me personally would of been such a joy to have during an event. I totally wouldn’t have trolled or mic spammed or called anyone randoms constantly over mic because I don’t do that I’m fetty the nicest ze player. But since this server didn’t do what I wanted I’m gonna bitch and complain even though gfl has done me a favor by not perma muting/ perma banning me even though I deserve it.
  8. I thought it was only for the event only
  9. Nah shit leader couldn’t even get the 1 and done
  10. STEAM_0:0:125601478 my throat hurts after that win holy shit remember my sacrifice at shrek
  11. @Xy I expect you to come stop by this time and allow me to scream the n word because it’s a legit strat if I make the bosses angry cause I said the n word they might get triggered and die
  12. So from this event only 22 donations were given to ze
  13. So we’ve seen willys wet dream and dicks out for vauff but we always forget about 1 person to have an event for and yes it’s you guessed it gfls favorite mapper NekoAndrew So I’m here to introduce you to NEKO APPRECIATION DAY Neko has worked very hard to make one of the greatest ze maps we have ever played and we don’t appreciate him enough. So for this event we shall play his favorite maps. maps- ze_Pidaras_va2 (Neko is gay he would like this one) ze_Rooftop_Runaway1_p (for those who don’t know Neko is actually a Korean sniper he knows the rooftops very well, so because of this snipers only on this map will be allowed) and finally everyone’s favorite map made by the man of the hour ze_neko_canyon_p3 for Neko canyon it’s knives only and it’s 1 hit knives Prizes: You think you can come to Neko Appreciation day and not get a prize well don’t worry we got the perfect prize everyone who shows up will get 1 free donut at Neko’s Donut shop. If that’s not enough Neko will personally come to your house and spend the day with you if you beat all 3 maps.
  14. Yes let’s just make it so every map that has stages now gets an extreme mode that is beat all stages in 1
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