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  1. G'day, just chiming in to say happy Canada Day to my favorite Canadian @mbs.
  2. I think @rapperdan takes the cake for nicest person in the GFL community.
  3. This is the second saddest moment in GFL history aside from Vio getting fired...
  4. ban appeal

    He wasn't ghosting, ghosting is when you tell players that are alive(through other means than in-game) who the traitors are, he literally did none of that and is a well-known player on the server. Calling us on your T buddies isn't ghosting so I have no clue as to why he would ever get banned for that and it just goes to show the staff disliking of him, not as a player, but as a person to go out of their way to do this. I would beg to differ, calling sus is just a way of calling attention away from you, in no way is calling sus on someone KOS'ing them or putting them in danger. Every round more than 5 innocents are called sus and they don't just get killed because of it, it's just a way of subverting attention. In no way was he endangering his teammate, it's called tactics so he could be more productive. Please just unban this innocent man.
  5. Now I can come back to GFL in peace. Anyways the beef was lame have fun doing whatever you do now.✌️
  6. Some of you may remember me, especially the older members from the GMod division, but I took an extended break after my 2 perm gags(which have been appealed like a year ago) and I quit officially when Violator was demoted(at this time I fully quit GMod). I've decided to come back recently because my friend has been telling me to and that it is once a good community again and that GMod is worth playing so I joined the TTT once more and I actually enjoyed my time there. So I have decided to come back to this horrid video game once more and play on the servers again. Thou I am extremely busy so don't expect me on every day but I hope to see some old faces on the servers.
  7. So I see you're back like the little monkey you are... 🙉 🙈 🙉

  8. Remember that time when you got JB manager and you did literally nothing and killed the server even more just bc you "wanted manager just for the rank". Me too!!!!

    1. Eli


      remember that time where we had an inactive manager for 6 months that did literally nothing the whole time and I was active all the time and had ideas and was an aspiring Lua coder who did my best, while actively adding a few of my own custom made plugins and reworking a bunch of stuff the old manager broke. because me too.


      also, the just for the rank thing was when the server was dead, I genuinely tried. I messaged you on discord, and I quote "servers dead, riding it out for the perks" 3-04-18

  9. i love you

  10. damn this loser really gave me a warning

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    2. mbs
    3. iamshark


      I thought the second warning was a content moderation?


    4. Xy


      fucking abusive mods smh

  11. lmao get rekt nerd

    1. mbs


      he not able to see that he banned XD

  12. What immaturity? Please tell me in PM's and I can probably clear it up for you.
  13. My behavior? I really just don't like that Glenn kid but he's not even here anymore so I don't even minge(anymore), like at all. I mean I just keep on getting attacked by his followers such as Jit and Motor. The gags on breach was because I was just being stupid and just really thought breach was boring so I made it fun(I realized that's not the way to go so after my pgag was appealed I stopped playing to server so I wouldn't be tempted). So the only people that don't really like me are Glenns followers and because I very much dislike the kid and some people that believe what they've said about me. I haven't broken any rules recently and have never been banned or demoted from a gfl server.
  14. Forums name? -Shark- Discord Username Shark#8825 YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcXQfCNjAK5-BSsgvFLL1Q Example of content (raw) Dude I've uploaded two amazing songs, the thing is I have made gaming video's in the past and privated them on youtube. I actually have 40 uploads that have been posted but they're all private. I stream sometimes and that's where its pretty much at. If I'm added to the team I would start uploading to my channel often again. I'm pretty good at gaming so I would be more than welcome to post content whilst with the GFL YouTube team and I would be pretty consistent as well. You are free to PM me for my twitch info. I'll make sure you won't regret choosing me for this opportunity(if you do that is). How often can you upload? Probably 3-5 times a week. What's the motivation to help? I don't really need any I just do it for the fun. I don't really have anything better to do. Any questions/comments? I'm pretty sure I know what I'm getting into and I am not worried or questioning any of it.
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