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  1. Pantropy Expansion

  2. Gotta blast

    OOF! this may be sadder than me getting perm sgagged
  3. Man I hope this works I better have 2000 reps by Monday or I'm going to sell my soul to the creature in my nightmares...
  4. GFL Newsletter - May 2018

    Damn those resignations suck, but things will get better in the future. CWRP is exciting and I'll probably spend a lot of time on there.
  5. GFL Town of Salem Event!

  6. [Spoilers] Thoughts on Infinity War

    I believe the next movie is simply going to have Thor get the gauntlet, then he is going to reverse time, kill Thanos, and then everyone will be alive and happy then hide the stones.
  7. CS:GO Random 5V5 Tournament (Prize Pool)

    Steam Name: Shark Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:222632728 What you'll spend the money on: I would probably just get GFL VIP or give it to somebody who needs it more.
  8. An apology

    Umm, interesting. @_Doctor just scroll down in the shoutbox.
  9. A sad day for Potato Mama

    RIP ;( , seeing this really does make me sad remembering when me you and Chicken(Lee) used to play surf at 3am like everyday. I enjoyed also when we all used to have our fun on purge, it won't ever be the same. I hope to see you again soon... PS. You still need to hear the full length of my diss track on you (this is my forum name btw)
  10. Breach > TTT

    Man, now that is someone that knows what they're talking about.
  11. Forum Name: TheRealShark When you joined: I joined the new forums on May 29, 2017 Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:45181085 Favorite Server: GFL GMod Jailbreak Most Memorable moment in GFL (And you must end it with: "Ever... Of all time"): When SB messed up and a ton of people had Admin, that was by far the most memorable moment Ever... Of all time Favorite Food: Sushi Who is the host of this Giveaway: WashingDuck

    Lmao, I would if I had the game. I don't really see a post being necessary since you did ask in SB and Discord, just another useless post.