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  1. How would she be able to make your admin? :-P Grammar for chipmunks
  2. NICE :-D :-O Thank Leks of the master race PS: Gotland = Goatland
  3. the canvas

    Denmark grew even bigger XD
  4. @Worgee I'm a bit confused wether to request for USP-S or wtih my name commented I can win both at the same time :-P @iPro ?
  5. Thank you @AceOfSpades for your interest in becoming an admin. I am going to currently say -1 Pros Knows most rules Knows admins Willing to help Takes time to make reports Cons You do shitpost alot You tend to get a tad angry when people don't do as told You often forget to give freedays to the people you have RDM'ed or saw get RDM'ed (you grab warden as the first thing each round and therefore forgets this) Acting very weird 50% of the time Not sure what to do as a CT, (Not confident, which turns into freekilling and giving 0 fucks) Things to Work On A bit less shitpost or turn it to JB related :-D If people are annoying you or something like that then don't hog the warden - they might not like you being warden? Give the appropiate freedays to the people you/you saw RDM'ed Stop acting so weird as a CT! Or maybe be less CT since it's not enjoyable atm. Feel free to PM me (@Worgee) if you have any questions :-)
  6. Negev Power Loader :-D :-) ;-) Such a nice skin <3 <3 You're so nice iPro <3 :-D
  7. For our European players the time will be 23:00 GMT or 24:00 GMT+1
  8. Wondering when @Leks will join in on this... usually can't resist a good roast
  9. Another one
  10. There you go mate :-D
  11. How can someone fail so hard on trying to be a unicorn?
  12. You are a nice person
  13. Around 3k€ on pc, mouse, keyboard, headset, monitor and graphic upgrade. This includes Danish taxes (25%) i also have laptop and old mouse, keyboard etc and Got a good chair as a present worth like 100€
  14. Sly triology, spyro, rayman, crash bandicoot, CSS, Warcraft III the frozen throne, heroes of might and magic, Half life 2 and a couple more i dont remember atm :-P