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  1. Negev Power Loader :-D :-) ;-) Such a nice skin <3 <3 You're so nice iPro <3 :-D
  2. For our European players the time will be 23:00 GMT or 24:00 GMT+1
  3. Wondering when @Leks will join in on this... usually can't resist a good roast
  4. Another one
  5. There you go mate :-D
  6. How can someone fail so hard on trying to be a unicorn?
  7. You are a nice person
  8. Around 3k€ on pc, mouse, keyboard, headset, monitor and graphic upgrade. This includes Danish taxes (25%) i also have laptop and old mouse, keyboard etc and Got a good chair as a present worth like 100€
  9. Sly triology, spyro, rayman, crash bandicoot, CSS, Warcraft III the frozen throne, heroes of might and magic, Half life 2 and a couple more i dont remember atm :-P
  10. $20 steam giftcard Just because it's not a FN Sand Dune even though i don't have one
  11. RIP man, noone can replace you... You have your own term, "cancer? You mean aqqle right?" :-)
  12. cs:s, Half life 2 and day of defeat: source
  13. Same on JailBreak
  14. the dives are different, the climbs are different the soccers are different... want me to continue? :-D