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  1. the dives are different, the climbs are different the soccers are different... want me to continue? :-D
  2. People are not in to this. make a JB meme topic and watch people go crazy
  3. k?
  4. @Worgee former and upcoming donator
  5. @Shuruia if I can make it i can go roadhog
  6. @Swishizzo does that mean no more rocket league or shitty rust plays?
  7. Could also depend on your RAM and harddrive :-P
  8. isn't that two words my friend?
  9. I can only advise you to go for logitech since that's the only headsets that ever worked for me. As long as you go for a G-series Logitech headset then you're good to go :-D Most got 7.1 surround sound. The biggest Logitech headset is extremely well fitting, got perfect sound and mic + adjustable buttons on the side. You can make it bigger if needed and it will last for many years to come :-)
  10. @Darkling gotta let you down on this one since I have to work? unsless it's after 19/7pm, gmt +1. In case it's at this time im down for it. Maining the lovely hacker Sombra, Mei and Bastion. Can play pretty much any char situationally besides zonya, symmetra and junkrat (he's junk/trash) :-D
  11. Lol @denros, you look like someone I saw earlier today on my stay in London
  12. I get what you are saying @Aqqle maybe we can find another lr option to replace it? Maybe an elimination race to do lr with all the ct's at once? Or a flashbang knifefight where you get unlimited flashed or where both players carry a smoke with them
  13. @Thomasdavid097
  14. I see you have 1 GFL ban. Do you promise to follow the rules?
  15. I would say the same as iPro on this one. You have some skills from other servers and are known by admins but you are lacking a bit with the rules and player reports. Changed my opinion since I do not feel like you have an opinion on/towards the server. This is both on how to improve the server and to what happens on/in the server. Threfore i have to give you a neutral