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  1. Why would you Apply in the morning while tired for an admin position? However, I find that you have just come back to the server after a break and I'm not sure what you can bring to the team besides the casual "there no admins on when im on" and "i want to help new players" just to say some. What can the admins improve on? What does the server lack from your point of view? What is your expectation of being an admin? Currently I will be neutral
  2. what's easy for some might be unachieveable for others
  3. He just did the giveaway :-D fluff won
  4. @Hmidou you could just have answered This in your application but okay @Leks please lock and move to appropiate
  5. This is a rather vague reason for becoming an admin and doesn't show me that you know what it takes to be admin. I feel like you want it for previleges rather than the obligations it brings. I'm not sure if you're mature enough. You've shown favoritism several times but this is a minor thing taken in consideration of all the made-up rules you yell out when you get angry. You might be french and have accent, but if that's why you want admin then I'm not going to back it up. Please answer these questions in order for me to maybe change my mind: - What do you think you can do for the server - How can you become more mature - How can you make sure, that even when you get angry you can keep control and stay calm. - How can you get to know the admin team better - Why do you want to be admin (don't copy from application, write something new) Might add more Thanks, @Hmidou Good luck with the rest of your app but for now it's a from me. -Worgee
  6. As purple said, it is only the servers staff and the applicant who's allowed to comment unless there's a bigger reason. But glad you like purple :-D
  7. It's due to the newest update (Hydra) where their update interferes with our mod and therefore we are looking into it, and hopefully it will be up and running soon. Maybe @Leks knows more about this.
  8. Ohh yeah, As if
  9. I know the feeling of it tapping out in a middle of a rebel round
  10. Just to add the discord since you said you used discord over TS: https://discord.gg/mQbVNT4
  11. shouldn't you have broken the scale? like 69/50?
  12. Hey @affect, I'm one of the admins on JB as you probably know, but unfortunately I'm from EU and therefore I'm online in your evening/my night and with my school and stuff I can't be online in us night. I'll bring it up for the other admins and see what can be done :-)
  13. First off, that's not your steam id, this is: STEAM_0:0:92596629, you find it using http://steamidfinder.com/. Second, your hours are currently 154.65 according to gametracker. Third, Thank you so much for taking your time to make a nice application, however you don't have an admin sponsor added and therefore I'm concerned if you've read the requirements however I'm willing to sponsor you if you pm me and answer some questions :-) Pros: You're a nice guy that know's most rules You know most admins and you act rather mature for your age Decent amount of hours Cons: Haven't seen any player reports from you Not sure if you've tried to contact admins when someone bad has happened on server Work on: Make some reports/contact admins +1 and sponsor confirmed Feel free to PM me or speak with me in TS if you have any questions/answers
  14. @Leks I don't think we can do what he means since it would require tracking software to spot the time people have use on /rule. We would have to lock people on the rules to ensure people read them which most wouldn't like. If you have find a CT Mass Free Killing then take screenshots/videos and upload them to the report page with the format there. If you guys don't know how to make a player report then just ask any of the admins :-)
  15. tournament

    Cause weebs shouldn't be allowed to play OW Worgee#2323 Not sure if I'll be there due to life XD