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  1. Fortnite Discussion Board

    @mario_the_man wont be tonight, had some personal stuff to deal with, Sorry
  2. vores is danish for ours, lmao no context to it at all, just stupid auto correct
  3. I meant to say views, I was on my danish phone when I wrote that.
  4. You do Indeed create some good gfx but Youtube wise your content isn't getting That many vores not seems to be That serious with some of the titles. I'd recommend going for a GFX role doing animation and grafics. Nice art on your website btw
  5. Fortnite Discussion Board

    I wanted to do some, but it might get late at like 5pm est or so due to some personal conflicts
  6. Introduce Yourself!

    FUCKING DO IT!!!! I would watch it!
  7. Introduce Yourself!

    All I see is a new meme, Thanks Mr. Deadpoll
  8. Perhaps, but PS > Xbox aswell lmao
  9. I need a break

    @Kite9867 Sorry to hear man, I'll make you some sandwiches to enjoy 😁
  10. Upcoming CS:S Event!

    Already beaten Decoy, Roy isn't better than decoy... Only challenge I see is Nightwalker yet I'm not sure about the others Might be there, might not...
  11. Thank you Pyros!
  12. My GFL story, from the beginning to now

    I cba to read that. It's just a big pile of words that are wayyyyy too hard to read in it's current format. I would love to read it if it was just a little more split into sections
  13. New Member Application from CarrottPapa

    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.