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  1. 18080049198664.jpg


    Would this be a good time to take a break from CoD 4?

  2. Hello

    Obviously this guy needs to catch-up to who's becoming the leader of GFL lawl #TheDanesShallRule Partly welcome back to GFL, may you enjoy your stay and make more new friends
  3. Help

    @Kim talk to Lars Løkke
  4. @Roy Hey buddy, can you take this one? :-D
  5. New Member Application from Mexifr1

    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  6. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    Wait, you're still around? How dope
  7. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    I need a pc to respond to This
  8. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    well, tbh people sometimes just flame the CT's and are generally toxic which doesn't help at all. But yes if CT's are bad then then are to be switched off when admins are on.
  9. CSGO Extravaganza 5v5

    Steam name: [GFL] Worgee CSGO rank: Unranked due to me playing on an alt and thereby being inactive in main comps I will start grinding comp/FaceIt so hmu. Experience in ESEA/FaceIt (or others): I have played a bit of FaceIt but never been serious about playing there so far. Rank in the above: N/A Position(s) you play: Main sniper (I can both hold clutch and push clutch with the awp/auto, I use ssg in early game without armor upgrade and hold till awp unless map/team doesn't "allow" it). When I'm not sniping, I like to grab a MP7/Pro90 and solo/duo entry with flashbangs and pre-smoke. In start of game I run starter pistol+armor (glock+usp-s). Biggest weakness is rifle aim (I can't use AK and M4A4, I do use galil, famas and M4A1-s however, and sg553 ) and also not having silence at clutches. Proposed team name: The Legacy Extras: If I'm up for consideration then please do test me when not warm and warm Forgot to say I often call strats for the team and make decisions yet listen to the team if needed and in general. I'm also fine with others "leading".
  10. Will Be Out A Couple Days (Surgery)

    Boi. If it takes a month then so be it! As long as you come back better Than ever 😜👍🏻
  11. GFL Member Directory

    nah, he just don't look overly satisfied for the pic being taken
  12. GFL Member Directory

    Damn boi, you look nice
  13. 17 dead in florida school shooting

    So he shouldn't have the license in the first place which the government didn't take away from him, kewl.
  14. 17 dead in florida school shooting

    Don't blame the salesman dude. Have you ever met a psycopath? They are often handsome or good with words and doesn't show signs of mental issues. There is 99% chance that the salesman (and many others) had no clue that the guy had mental issues. If you want to blame someone you should blame the people of the system.
  15. 17 dead in florida school shooting

    most often the guys shooting up people does it due to the easy access to guns/weapons. If you look at scandinavia (where gunlaws are strict) then there really aren't that many (if any) shootings a year. As a fact then most people that dies from gunshots in the US are not from school shootings etc. but bad/incorrect handling of guns. Most of the people/kids doing the school shootings are abiding the law untill they start shooting so it totally makes sense what you're saying :thinking: