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  1. haha... Danish guy goes Brrr Brrrr Director looks good to me *YEET*
  2. I quite agree with @Nick, but I've been on the side of doing it and being passionate about it. I'll list what was worked on when I was in charge of it and why it stopped. Streaming/streamers: With an early perspective on how to get more people interested in GFL through gaming, we introduced hosting streamers within GFL from the GFL twitch channel. Along with this the GFL Twitch channel achieved access to the affiliate program however this is where the streaming took a rough turn. With the (still) current setup of paypal etc. GFL is unable to become affiliated. This demotivated a lot of the streamers at the time and focus was put more into social media and partnerships/company deals. Partnership/Company deals: As mentioned above we went on to partner up with other gaming communities and discussed company deals. We were in a position where a company wanted to sponsor nice physical products, being energy drinks, food supplements and similar stuff fairly known in the world of competetive gaming and stressful college days. The deal got secured and all that were left to was for Roy to say yes. He said no due to GFL not being ready for actual deals knowing this deal was being prepared for him and something that was requested by Roy and directors at the time. Social media: While this was constantly in progress we did not have anyone truly interested and passionate for updating the social media profiles. We however chose to put more focus into youtube. Youtube: With youtube we started looking into GFL and found that there are some quite big content creators within. We decided to reach out to one in particular with more than 100k subs. He was willing to work with us and was simply rewarded with "free" VIP. We also started working on videos for each game we have servers on and on videos for each of our servers as well. This all came to quite a halt due to issues amongst the higher ranks of GFL. (if you know, you know.) While it could "easily" work out well now, then there are quite a few things that would have to be configured and dealt with first. This would most likely include how GFL runs money wise but could be worked around with proper management and passion. PS: This work tends to burn out people.
  3. I can confirm that Shuruia is good and can teach you a great amount of stuff 🙂
  4. I trust the admins more than the mods regarding this. This is something people in GFL always bring up when they are afraid they'll lose power over something. I really don't think it's a valid point at all seeing that admins are trusted by their manager and mods are trusted by their leader. It's the same thing. I already spoke about what Koni has put here to some people. In the process of getting mods into the discord they were to assist us with moderation and not do (what seemed like) a hostile takeover. When someone goes to assist it is not to strip the powers of people already doing the job and are doing it well but to learn their ways and behaviour in the discord and assist with the moderation tools we didn't have at the time. I'm also going to openly state that everytime a server makes a discord and bring in the mod team they do this hostile takeover and either moderate too heavily or not at all. I really think that the CWRP discord should be disconnected from the GFL moderation mentality and/or permissions to be fully restored to the staff within the discord. As Koni said, we have less moderation than we used to before the merge. (And no, we don't want all staff to apply for mod just to be able to moderate OUR discord. People don't want more roles and personally I wouldn't want one with such bad reputation).
  5. Minecraft on an Anycast machine was so much fun ahahahaha. Directors said no to keeping the server not more than 3 weeks ago or so
  6. VIP Giveaway

    Worgee#9745 CWRP #GiveUsBetterMachine ❤️
  7. You freaking telling me that I suck at bedwars??? You're the one that's bad at bedwars! Cya around mate 😄
  8. @Nick smh.... Just because it plays BTD 6 with you.
  9. #Love I mainly play CWRP and Minecraft. Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I have too many people to list them all. But I still have one person in GFL that means a whole lot to me... @Nick Talking about you ❤️ Thanks for being cool. 😎
  10. GFL vip giveaway

    #Giveaway and @King_Wailord kinda gey
  11. GMOD Imperial RP

    I'd love to play it again, but not if it's the same staff / type of staff
  12. Well who's leading PR and isn't doing their job then? (Not to come off rude as I honestly don't know who it is) Wouldn't it be a fair solution to set up interviews for the community and let "everyone" have a larger number of interested people apply for the role. It could give some very fit candidates that wouldn't otherwise apply. The leader position is more of a management position after all and while knowing a ton about the topics it isn't a complete must compared to managing the team and giving the proper tasks to the right people etc.
  13. It has indeed been a ROLE in MT but was never done by any of those with the role. I was the only person streaming during the week and while events were happening we had our own "experts" stream (For OW tournaments, CS:GO tournaments etc.) It appears the last stream was 3 months ago according to twitch. I have no idea if Roy ever set up the affiliate deal with twitch as the account got affiliated after regularly streaming for about a month or so. Sad to see it not be used.
  14. Quite funny how I've very recently asked what PR even is anymore as "PR" isn't worked on in it's current state. Are there any plans of having PR as Roy originally intended it to be? A way to obtain relationships with new communities and strengthen the current ones (if any are left at this time). Increase publicity amongst other gamers and non-gamers through social medias and other interaction. Use streaming and videos to "showcase" what GFL can bring individuals and sponsors. Obtain sponsorships with firms that makes sense to partner with. Tasks was mainly done with the help of other teams (Media team and event team) in order to provide a more professional look and content for the involved. To be honest. I don't quite understand the need for conflict resolution if "HR" is already dealing with conflicts, Moderators are dealing with conflicts and Manager+ is dealing with conflicts (all on different levels that would remove the need for "CR"). I understand that some would like to help others on a personal level. But under the name conflict resolution? The entire role sounds like there's an issue between some managers and their admins. As if they are unable to handle situations that can occur in a correct manner and therefore you'd implement a part of "CR" to micro manage the managers decision on staff rather than letting CA deal with it if need be. I really like that you (the team/GFL) want to help the lower ranks of the community but there's already a ton of tools in GFL that people have set up but is not used as intended. Seems to me as if people would prefer to deal with conflicts between the individuals rather than seek help. I'd love to see people seek help for private matters such as depression, anxiety, having a bad day and so on. But should GFL really be using ressources on such a touchy subject if there are no professionals in the community willing to help? After all... one wrong word on intepretation can ruin someones life in such a state. Perhaps GFL could actively direct people to professionals maybe through a partnership with some clinics or similar? It's a lot to put name to helping depressed people if you are not professional and is also against the law in most countries (practicing such help). I hope this doesn't come off in a negative way as I am simply wondering.
  15. @Remuchu and @Leks I'm going on a spontanious 1 week vacation from tmrw morning and won't be available for the servers. Hope you understand 😉

    1. Leks


      👍 have fun!

    2. Remuchu


      Have fun man thanks for the heads up! 😛

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