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  1. Garishtech has applied for Developer

    I'm on vacation now, but @Xy is the guy
  2. Finally arrived in Banff (alberta). 2 long flights making it 11-12 hrs in plane followed by another 2hr bus trip. Hotel looks awesome with 2 double beds for me and my brother. If woke up 6:15 am GMT+1 and it's now 3:45 am GMT+1 :-O though it's just 7:45 pm pacific

    1. Unknown


      Hey I used to live right near Banff :D

      Hope you enjoy your time there. It's a lovely place.

    2. Worgee


      It seems to be a lovely area. I'm going to slowly head towards Vancouver over the next couple of days. Should be fun

  3. Time for Vacation! Cya around september and if I randomly get some connection on my trip!

    Tagging those that should know of this @Roy @TheSadBandit @Unknown

    Edited by Worgee
  4. [Announcement] The Return of CSS ZE!

    Is it a demotion to go from admin to manager? :-O
  5. [Announcement] The Return of CSS ZE!

    How come I'm not demoted then?
  6. Media Team Application from ZombieSurvivalist224

    Meh, It's pretty good video editing and you would be able to edit streams and probably stream yourself. +1 from me
  7. Media Team Application from ZombieSurvivalist224

    Please link your streaming account (preferably twitch)
  8. Media Team Application from ZombieSurvivalist224

    I like how you made the music fit and the clips etc. It also suits the "Highlight" genre and we could use editors like that. However I would NEVER downgrade the quality as people want the best quality these days. You seem to know how to edit and mix stuff up. Perhaps I could have you do a montage for a game that you like to play? (I can also send some material though it's 1080 and a couple GB. I wont vote till either my test is done or a more specific test from a video editor. Are you sure you wish to apply for 5 positions? In that case I'd like to see some material from the other roles
  9. Minor problem.

    Ask @Xy or any of the GMOD Division leaders :-D
  10. [Announcement] The Return of CSS ZE!

    More servers, more population, more members. #AUnitedGFL
  11. [Announcement] The Return of CSS ZE!

    Their community is build on That server while we have others aswell. And honestly I Can see it from their perspective aswell. They worked their asses off for That server and wanted to ensure it's survival. They've managed to do it for 2 years and are still alive. That's pretty amazing. I Can only imagine what could actually be done if we worked together. Sure it wasn't Nice to take the server but must I remind you of your own episode?
  12. [Announcement] The Return of CSS ZE!

    Why are people so sceptical? We're all gamers and we all want the same. Good servers to play on and some awesome admins to help it I'm happy to see a "new server" (since I'm from after the split) in an old game That already have staff etc. join us as it would only get more populated and fun to play done is done, Let's make the future
  13. Garishtech has applied for Developer

    PHP/Python is for website etc. We can still use devs for the servers as all managers wish to improve their servers with new custom mods etc.
  14. I guess advice or an idea?

    As This is the case for some of the servers. It is far from the case for all. If you take a server like rust which I used to manage. We lost a Big playerbase due to banning 2 individuals That were causing major issue in gaining population from outsiders. I Was handed the server right after This and did not recieve any Technically training though promised. I spent countless our trying to populate and be social with Those That came on. The server however broke due to an Update That caused issues for several servers and were Down for too long (2months). I told Roy That we should leave rust for now since noone from GFL really wanted to help populate as it takes a rather large group of people to gain a playerbase in rust. Many managers seem to not be trained/passed knowledge from the former manager and are told to go watch videos and re-learn all That the former manager knew instead of passing on some of That knowledge and save time etc. When blaming managers is one thing. Also consider how admins do things and if the managers knows of some of those things. Realising as an admin what your job is and what you're actually able to do for a server will make you feel valuable for both the server and the community rather quickly and You'll experience new ways of seeing things. -Worgee
  15. GFL Member Directory

    What a sexy beast! Bet he make them all wet