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  1. tournament

    Playing on the EU server and I sure can wreck @Darkling the Dark Lord. Why wouldn't I sign up for an easy win? Get rekt boys #GameOn -Worgee#2323
  2. you know what... nvm it's gone forever... sorry
  3. still wrong video... imma fix
  4. You did point in the opposite direction and therefore i thought i had skipped a pit somewhere, then i turned around to go to the other pit but you only gave me 1 sec to actually manage to turn around take 1 step and then shot me... you had us muted eventhough we were all there and not speaking over you, etc. Therefore i do not find it fair that you killed me at this point due to you muting without a reason since noone ever spoke that round, not even giving me a chance to actually look if i missed a pit (there is one near medic and you pointed in that direction, next time say spray contest pit?), you had all t's there and you killed instead of you giving warning shot or repeating/specifying which pit we were going to. Lately you have been a whole lot more nazi as a ct without the need being there at all, just be happy i chose this video over some of the others.
  5. wrong video... trying to find the right
  6. Your name and Steam ID: Worgee STEAM_0:1:13742447 The players name and Steam ID: No Cheat No Bullshit STEAM_0:0:76453031 What happened: He looked one way and meant the other. I ran the wrong way i guess and he freekilled me without any warning at all. Then he was killed by someone else. Video/screenshot:
  7. Your name and Steam ID: Worgee STEAM_0:1:13742447 The players name and Steam ID: Ezreal STEAM_0:0:117115863 What happened: He told people to vg a new ct without a valid reason. Since it's an offense to the rules I wanted to report him since this is not the first time he does something against the rules. Video/screenshot: 2 min in @bobe
  8. admin application

    I'm on the ts dude :-D And i just find your name cause too many icons :-D
  9. admin application

    Thank you for your respons Leks :-D I've been searching the ts and server for you so that we could speak a little :-) I do speak with most of the admins on ts and often ask if they want to join on ts. Maybe we are not online at the same hours? :-D
  10. admin application

    Thank you :-D I am still getting used to the new map and i think i got what's what on it now :-D
  11. admin application

    could you specify? so that I can learn from my "mistakes"? :-D
  12. I bet that with new gear you won't make it down to 500 or lower? My pc is worth 15k danish crowns which is aprox 1.5k sterlig pound or 2.5k dollars. I run everything on ultra/extreme etc... you should propably be looking for 1 year old gear which is still able tun run most on ultra and then pick what you need to upgrade what you already have. My brother upgraded his 5 y.o. desktop for 1.000 dollarsand got an almost totally new modern pc. And Danish prices are higher due to taxes so take 10% off all the prices or more and then it's prices for other countries :-D