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  1. The server has both EU and US admins. The issue currently is That the US admins Cant stay up all Night and the EU admins Cant be on in the morning cause they have to be on late Night. We are trying to work on it and are currently looking for admins to be on in the Night.
  2. dont let your memes be dreams

    @Darkling #HowToGetZeroLikes Ps: Have you ever seen Mei break the ice? Please show proof xD
  3. What we could do is make it CS:GO related :-D
  4. @Baked I really don't have a problem with you or anything, you came on the server today wanting to die and you kept mic spamming, chat spamming flaming and being disrespectful towards admins and players... I'm sorry you went down that road cause you started as a nice guy.
  5. We are only using JB maps for events and the time is not Real life time but amount of time it takes to carry out the event :-D, We have recently hosted an HnS event but we will keep it in mind ;-)
  6. Hey there Jailbreakers, Since we've been receiving so many suggestions about events, we've decided that YOU all deserve an input in the server YOU play. You can send us your ideas about events that you want to play on, and the best idea of the month(according to the admins) will receive credits as a thank you for the effort! How to send your idea: Follow the format and, if needed, add more stuff to it should it be necessary. Here is an example: Name of event: Song quiz What do you do during event: CT’s picks the songs, individually play them 1 by 1 giving either 1 second of play time per song untill someone gets the song correct in chat. The players will be divided into teams of 2-4 (will be made from a random generator) If a player from your team leaves, you will keep going with that team and therefore it will not be altered unless if it’s for a better cause. Rules of the event: It’s only allowed to guess in the “all-chat”, and not in voice-chat. CT’s are the judges and 1-2 of these will keep track (Tom and maybe Worgee) How to win: Guessing the song gives 1 point, Guessing the band/artist gives 1 point Time and map necessary for the event: Map not required. Time should be set to 60 min to ensure that we have enough time Extras: Spin off: In the spin off lyrics will be written in the chat (either a chorus or a verse). Points are the same as before. Event rules, time, etc is found here. Should you have any questions or concerns, contact the Server Manager (@Leks) or the Event Coordinators (@TomRiddle, @King_Wailord or @Worgee) Enjoy Jailbreaking!
  7. He thinks the TTT gameplay should be a voteday
  8. funny

    Wait, you still around here? dad told you not to go to the dark side guess it's too late now
  9. funny

    Well it's in the rules under do what the warden says or you are rebelling. Rebelling is KO's... lawl
  10. Can people be CA without playing OW?
  11. Press on the A in the tab menu, then choose more colors
  12. Ay, I'm asking for the so called "stupid ones" :-D
  13. Even the permanent VIPs?
  14. A good green is always nice
  15. ix2v7rx.png 

    1. Worgee


      AY! Nice, When are you on pal? :-D


    2. AnimaVestra


      Almost everyday, but we probably just don't get on at the same same time.