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  1. There is no correct thing for this... As I said in discord b4 this started, then color is the american word and colour is the british. It's all in the pronounciation of the word... behavior vs behaviour?
  2. Here goes: Based on Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball - GFL CS:GO JB I joined, I played, good t, I made, I went for the lr Got skills, 10 kills, all weebs, no chills Fighting, me from the start! Don’t you ever say, I just walked away I will always haunt you Headshots only here, noscope over there Cheating in an lr. Chorus: I went t and I rekted (wrecked) your ass, It’s just because you talk so trash It’s giving me a killer rash All I ever did was rebel on you Yeah, I rebelled on you I bought, in shop, a chicken, to drop You dead right on the spot No chill, freekill, freeday, no play, And now, contra is K.O.S Don’t you ever say, have a nice freeday Cause I sure do love you You’re the warden now, nazi only wow The t’s will always hate you Chorus: I went t and I rekted your ass, I sure do have the worst lags Please pardon if I fail bhops All I ever did was rebel on you Chorus: I came in with my a.w.p. I killed you to get M.V.P. Left you crying in the corner now All I ever did was, rebel on you Yeah, I, I rebelled on you I never meant to start a war I just wanted you to let me win And instead of using force I guess I should’ve let you win I thought you’d never L.G. I just wanted you to let me win I guess I should’ve let you win Don’t you ever say I just ran my way I will always kill you Chorus: I came in like a wrecking ball I teabagged you at your fall It never felt so good to win All you ever failed was to find me Chorus: We came hard and we blew you up I felt just like a Phoenix boss Left you dying in the poison smoke All we ever did was to wreck you Yeah the t’s, they wrecked you. Yeah, they, they wrecked you
  3. I did write it but it's made on a known song. Hope that is okay? It has been re-writing like 10 times since noone is ever happy with their work or something and it's just for fun and I'm not good at it I think?
  4. Can I add an entire written song without anyone hurting me? @Bae (poop) xD :-)
  5. @Worgee <3
  6. @You cause you are the most notorious one xD
  7. We are actively doing events every saturday at 6pm est. Alot of people are working and/or going to school which has decreased population for a bit since (School) it brings a while bunch of new commitments and obligations from parents/co-workers etc. There should be an event suggestion thread where you Can put in your idea and then we Will try working That out
  8. @Leks This is a known issue which we need to focus on. The credits return to previous Owner of the credits if done in last 10 min or so
  9. @Leks so you're not leaving?
  10. I do believe adding ones where the recoil isn't quite as good as famas, m4a4/m4a1-s and ak-47 could be a thing. Zoom weapons shouldn't be added for the hopefully obvious reason of being too bloody op.
  11. destiny 2

    Destiny 2 is reporter to be a cross platform game so That everyone Can play with eachother. on a side note. I know the entire beta pve fight and intend to mainly play PVE in Destiny 2 so @RickGrimesTM and/or @Darkling would you consider having a PVE team? what is interesting in PVE is That you might find yourself stuck in a bossfight at the beginning which keeps looping and gives 0 drops from it's chest. This might be a glitch or EE (Easter Egg). Feel free to contact me :-)
  12. I'm a scout and has been practicing Karate for 7 years. Before that I was an elite swimmer for 5 years and played football for another 5. I've also played handball for a year and golf for another 8 years with a handicap of -18.7 Ps: I'm 19 going 20
  13. Problem is That they dont get time to respawn which makes them unable to even do anything. This ruins it for the CT's leaving only T's to have "fun"