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  1. Cheater

    I replied to this in the discord aswell, We first of all can't ban without solid evidence nor if they aren't on the server any more as it's an official server.
  2. happy late birthday nigroid

    1. Worgee


      Thanks nimrod

  3. Happy birthday you hoe!

  4. Happy Birthday Faggorg 

    1. Worgee


      Thanks faglord

  5. happy birthday my old fren

    1. Worgee


      Thank you! 😄 

  6. happy birthday gay

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      Thanks furry overlord

  7. +1 also accepted since we need more people atm @motorsteak
  8. So you seek partnership rather than the PR position? (Just making sure as PR and twitch partner are different things and different applications)
  9. I'll have to wait a bit to give a vote on this. Why apply for PR team when you wish to "only" stream? What can you do PR wise with your stream?
  10. This is a short and simple post regarding the recent demotions within the PR team and the reason for them. WholeMilk, Charmayy and DoctorDJ have been demoted due to inactivity/lack of response. We are always looking for more members to help us grow a strong and reliable PR team. Apply here. Thanks.
  11. Try simply searching by GFLClan.com in the search bar rather than by IP or open the console and use “connect”
  12. lol nice

    @Malonik could you do me a favor and put gfl in your vids lmao.

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    1. Worgee


      He's already working with a Rust community and GFL can't really do much for him at this point. I might discuss something with Roy though he's busy af

  13. My general activity will decrease due to a period of exams