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  1. I'd love to play it again, but not if it's the same staff / type of staff
  2. What is the point of this post? Are you trying to get your current (2Day) ban reduced? Are you trying to discuss a case that has been dealt with? Are you trying to disrepect staff? You seem to be pissed that you claimed someone elses "unclaimed" land which was build on and being used by the person without talking to the person first. I understand that it wasn't claimed but you are to use common sense while playing on the server. We want everyone to be welcome there and not for players to steal eachothers land if they forgot to claim a part of what they have. It's a survival server, not a factions server after all. In case this is just another part of your appeal then why bother going on as you are without the punishment in like 24hrs.
  3. What is PR?

    Well who's leading PR and isn't doing their job then? (Not to come off rude as I honestly don't know who it is) Wouldn't it be a fair solution to set up interviews for the community and let "everyone" have a larger number of interested people apply for the role. It could give some very fit candidates that wouldn't otherwise apply. The leader position is more of a management position after all and while knowing a ton about the topics it isn't a complete must compared to managing the team and giving the proper tasks to the right people etc.
  4. What is PR?

    It has indeed been a ROLE in MT but was never done by any of those with the role. I was the only person streaming during the week and while events were happening we had our own "experts" stream (For OW tournaments, CS:GO tournaments etc.) It appears the last stream was 3 months ago according to twitch. I have no idea if Roy ever set up the affiliate deal with twitch as the account got affiliated after regularly streaming for about a month or so. Sad to see it not be used.
  5. What is PR?

    Quite funny how I've very recently asked what PR even is anymore as "PR" isn't worked on in it's current state. Are there any plans of having PR as Roy originally intended it to be? A way to obtain relationships with new communities and strengthen the current ones (if any are left at this time). Increase publicity amongst other gamers and non-gamers through social medias and other interaction. Use streaming and videos to "showcase" what GFL can bring individuals and sponsors. Obtain sponsorships with firms that makes sense to partner with. Tasks was mainly done with the help of other teams (Media team and event team) in order to provide a more professional look and content for the involved. To be honest. I don't quite understand the need for conflict resolution if "HR" is already dealing with conflicts, Moderators are dealing with conflicts and Manager+ is dealing with conflicts (all on different levels that would remove the need for "CR"). I understand that some would like to help others on a personal level. But under the name conflict resolution? The entire role sounds like there's an issue between some managers and their admins. As if they are unable to handle situations that can occur in a correct manner and therefore you'd implement a part of "CR" to micro manage the managers decision on staff rather than letting CA deal with it if need be. I really like that you (the team/GFL) want to help the lower ranks of the community but there's already a ton of tools in GFL that people have set up but is not used as intended. Seems to me as if people would prefer to deal with conflicts between the individuals rather than seek help. I'd love to see people seek help for private matters such as depression, anxiety, having a bad day and so on. But should GFL really be using ressources on such a touchy subject if there are no professionals in the community willing to help? After all... one wrong word on intepretation can ruin someones life in such a state. Perhaps GFL could actively direct people to professionals maybe through a partnership with some clinics or similar? It's a lot to put name to helping depressed people if you are not professional and is also against the law in most countries (practicing such help). I hope this doesn't come off in a negative way as I am simply wondering.
  6. @Remuchuย and @Leksย I'm going on a spontanious 1 week vacation from tmrw morning and won't be available for the servers. Hope you understand ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Leks


      ๐Ÿ‘ have fun!

    2. Remuchu


      Have fun man thanks for the heads up! ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. The Director Dilemma

    Well, as a part of ^ happening then I also saw the comments from directors and how they wanted council rather than some other options that didn't include council. Never heard people call you "lazy" or "shit at your jobs". I heard quite a bit of "Directors are inactive" and "Directors seems to have lost focus for the community" and "Directors lack communication with the community". I'm trying to say that all directors have done great work at some point but they seemed to have entered a bad cycle of inactivity (atleast before the incident). If someone questioned a director on what they were working on they'd be asked "Why are you so salty and always bitching?!". Well, it's always nice to be attacked for questioning what work someone does as director instead of thinking about the situation and what a directors activity/motivation does throughout the community. Never seen more director activity from all directors than when Nick was in the position and Trello was used as well as announcements and general chatting with the community in the shout box. Thanks for doing great work directors. We like you, that's why we question you.
  8. The Director Dilemma

    Would it be too much to ask to have Directors become an active part of the community like they used to be?
  9. I don't know what to say... I'm really sad to see you go and really enjoyed the fun moments we had on Rust. You're skilled at what you do and hard working as well. I hope all the best for you!
  10. We now have a minecraft server. Skyblock and Survival (SMP). The specific suggestion is shared with the current Minecraft managers. Thanks.
  11. This suggestion is currently being implemented. Operators will soon have a badge like trial admin and senior admin. All of them goes under the rank Server Admin as they use the same permissions. Thanks.
  12. Relevant for a currently discussed topic
  13. I hope you will still pursue GFX as you are very skilled (Doubt anyone can really argue that). You had motivation and dedication for sure and I'm sad to see that go away, maybe it will come back. Who knows. No hard feelings about resigning shortly after the promotion, we'll keep working to find solutions ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. If I can make it then I'll play
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