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  1. Gey, come play wit us Also @TheRealGayLord
  2. So much good stuff in here. Slowly working on an improvement of the exact issuse with People that do their Best to revive dead servers are frowned upon. I too experienced this and still take shit for it. There’s currently not much that Can be done, but I see a future where it’s possible. It Will not be a Day-Day thing more like a year at the pace we are moving.
  3. Blah blah. Wailord is gay and you're accepted! Welcome to the team!
  4. It will most likely be bulk, though idk what the current needs are as TS and discord mods are now one team but @Ben Roy
  5. Somebody once told me the world was gonna troll me. Now I'm here with you on my team. Welcome!
  6. @Kim Are you out drinking in Copenhagen again?
  7. @WigglesWorth Basically advertisement and we host servers with a build-in advertisement (as I recall rn)
  8. Hey @Charmayy, Someone told me a story about a gay boy. Once upon a time there were a little gay boy. That's all I remember but gratz on being accepted
  9. Well, I've been on the past 2 but were on vaction for almost 5 before that where I didn't play but yes, I feel spesjual
  10. well... you smell too! Hope you get to play a little more at a point and perhaps return to CWRP as GM You dedication to the server was very good and motivated. also sad, cause no @, where I'm at xD
  11. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  12. +1, good application, motivated, good past experience with some useful stuff. Good luck with the rest of the application
  13. Ban appeal

    You're being unbanned, but don't ever join the discord to target people within, call them names and what not. Seeing you come from another community and choose to do this is really messed up mate. All of this because she were in our discord is a big part of why you got banned cause that shit isn't okay.
  14. I've been talk with Charmayy in PM's aswell, very motivated guy with good stuff to bring to the team. A big +1 from me especially after the talk. I personally and publicly want to say sorry for the complication last month and glad we're over it Good luck with the rest of the application
  15. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  16. didn't even mention overtone... smh <3 Just joking with y'all
  17. Almost forgot mumble, but hey... noone uses mumble
  18. Actually Blizzard voice calls are better, but don't tell steam and origin... Ubisoft is too gay to mention...
  19. stay active till we need more mods? to make sure... @Ben Roy do we need more atm or all on hold?
  20. Idk about the full extend of your situation and my comment wasn't only based on it. However we prefer that the members don't have such a situation (true or false) on them as we represent the community on some of the roles you applied for. Once everything is cooled of etc. you can freely apply again