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  1. I just took care of it Feel free to PM me with any reports for the steam group and I'll try to solve them asap
  2. Try simply searching by GFLClan.com in the search bar rather than by IP or open the console and use “connect”
  3. My general activity will decrease due to a period of exams

  4. Hello! We are pleased to announce that we are now officially accepting GFL members as content contributors to our official YouTube channel. If you've ever wanted to contribute to the community but felt as though none of our current avenues were satisfactory, then consider joining the YouTube team. We are going to start off with a handful of content creators and the content you choose to submit will be only the content you want to submit. If you wanted to demonstrate your talents as an entertainer, gamer, or editor then here is just the place! Why provide content to GFL? We will provide editors to edit your content for you. Simply submit it to us and we will handle the rest if you cannot do it yourself. We will only ask two videos of you per week. Due to the nature of YouTube, a consistent upload schedule is much more favorable than a sporadic one. By having multiple contributors, we will be able to upload 2 to 3 videos at set times throughout the day every day thereby maximizing our chances for success versus having individual channels. As a member of our YouTube team, we will provide you with new games from the current month's HumbleBundle monthly offerings, every month - completely free of charge to you. The only requirement is that you must first be a part of the team for over a month before being able to participate in this system. The games for the month can be found here: https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly Choose a game of your liking either to use as new material or for your own enjoyment. You are helping the community grow by attracting viewership from outside of the community and getting our name out there. What type of content are we currently looking for? General gameplay and reviews on games of your choosing Playthrough or guides including those for GFL servers Gameplay or reviews involving the HumbleBundle games provided If you have something else in mind, then let us know. We are open to suggestions. What is expected of you? You must try to provide us with at least 2 videos a week. Raw gameplay footage is perfectly fine as long as it's kept relatively short. If you can edit your own footage then that would be preferred but if not then we can provide an editor. If you are reviewing a game, then we expect that your review is YOUR review. No plagiarism will be tolerated whatsoever. The content you provide should be your own content. Do not submit other people's work as your own. Any content provided can only be uploaded on our channel. No reposting videos. This would be violating YouTube terms of service. You can provide content streamed from the official GFL twitch channel, or on your own channel as long as it's not too heavily advertised on. If you're interested in streaming for GFLthen ask @Worgee Absolutely no promoting other communities. Videos must and will start with the official GFL YouTube intro. You cannot be involved in any drama within the GFL community. If you are banned from any of our servers, then you will risk being removed from the team. How to apply? Go the following link: https://gflclan.com/forms/14-youtube-contributors-application/ Provide us with your Discord username and number. If you do not have discord, then we ask that you download it. That's our main means of communication as a team. Provide us with a link to your YouTube Channel. We ask that you create one so you can upload examples of your content there. We will not look at any videos not posted to YouTube. Provide us with what you think is your best work. Don't provide us with too many, though. We want to see what the best that you can do is. Let us know how often you can provide content. In other words, how many videos can you provide in a week? Tell us not only why you are joining the team but also what you want to do once you've joined the team. i.e. What type of content do you wish to produce? Leave any questions or comments that you may have. Hit send and monitor your app for questions that the team may have for you. Preferably you should hit "Auto Follow" so you get notifications. You will be working under the PR team, so we will expect you to be a positive member of the community and to avoid being a part of any major drama. In addition to being a part of the PR team, you will be a part of the YouTube contribution team, a subsection of PR, and you will be expected to cooperate with your fellow members. If you have any problems with any of the members on the team, then try to come to a resolution. We will not tolerate in-fighting of any sort. There will be only a few applicants accepted at first so we implore you to share with us your best content. If you don't have an active YouTube channel right now then create one to put examples of the type of content you can produce. Operating your own channel is not a requirement, and while subscribers are something we'll take into account, it is not going to be the sole deciding factor for whether or not your application gets accepted or denied. Our goal in creating this team is not only to provide GFL members with an opportunity to showcase their talents but also to hopefully spread awareness of GFL to gamers outside of our traditional servers. Our philosophy is that GFL is much more than just the collection of servers; it is the people within it that define GFL. Whether or not you choose to showcase our servers is not important. What is important is that we are able to provide others with joy and an outlet for their stresses in life- to invoke the feeling of being a part of a greater community, to capture the feeling of loading up your favorite server on a late Friday night and being able to play with your friends from halfway across the world; the very purpose of gaming itself, and what it means to be "Games for Life". Our mission is to share with others the very essence of GFL itself. If you are interested only in editing, or wish to help others with editing in addition to being a part of the team, then consider applying for Media Team over here: https://gflclan.com/forms/2-media-team-application/ If you are interested in streaming then message @Worgee directly to discuss a partnership. Thanks. PS: We are looking for a host for some interviews (Same place you apply) (Not taking credit! @Major_Push made this!)
  5. Too much drama here. I'll deny this application and you may re-apply once your repoutation has changed for the better.
  6. If you Can give some valid Reasons for your behaviour across GFL, then I might not deny this straight away.
  7. There's many in a state of WIP such as Arma 3, CS:GO Retakes and Purge.
  8. I took my freedom to remove your discord from the application as I've checked it but we can't have it posted here for longer. I have it to share with the team if they'd like to see it. You seem motivated enough to do the job. We could use someone able to stream/edit videos in particular so that would be great to have. +1 From me.
  9. Hey, @dgostikk234 Tried to appeal a ban but in the wrong section. Here's what he put in it.
  10. Twitch streamer in GFL? The PR team has discussed how we could expand the Twitch side of GFL and has figured that we'd like to offer our discord to advert your streams. You'd also get a "Streamer" tag in What we'd like for you is an advert in the Twitch panel under your stream. If you'd like to know more details on this you can contact @Worgee. We also have Twitch partnership. With this we'd auto advert your streams and give a special tag in the discord. This would also go through Worgee and would be case-by-case. (must be affiliated on twitch to apply) Thanks.
  11. Hey guys, Small update here, the servers seems to have been attacked 3 times today
  12. RUST SOON?

    That should be a part of it otherwise I hope @Roy would talk to either me or Rick about what should be in the VIP sets
  13. RUST SOON?

    @Ryann It's already being considered by roy and is in the making but it's super slow atm. The issues that occured were back in February when Rust released as a not early access game and our server got blocked completely by an error from either facepunch or valve. After that we couldn't regain population and were shut down to be rebuild to a battlefield server which is still going on as far as I know.
  14. I'm still waiting for that actual "Quotes - by AverageDrink". And no, nothing more needs to be said *cough* Chinese kids *cough*
  15. Major, It was a request from me. Could you perhaps look at the Suggestions section and get an idea of the current issues?
  16. We don't fix server admins activity. That's the managers. We don't do events. That's event managers. Could you please try finding something more relevant for PR?
  17. @Liloz01 Love you too but why you breaking rules? Dunno why I get a fuck you but sure thing mate
  18. Can we get a :cute: emote just for this thread?
  19. So you assume the directors had anything to do with this and that it wasn't most of the mod team that agreed on this? You go out and target the directors and especially Darkling for "/e reason you think you had. Perhaps you should say sorry for being disrespectful towards you when you weren't part of this (to all directors). You blew this way out of proportion and appeal as if this is some SJW shit. When you call out directors for something they didn't do in your appeal then why would we unban you? You legit just broke a forum rule in your appeal (ToxicityDo NOT be overly toxic. This includes using blatant or extreme racism or sexism, trolling, overly negative, causing trouble with other users, etc.) I suggest you calm it down a bit and just let all mods review the material and discuss the outcome. We'll be back with a decision at a later time/date.
  20. I like how my questions weren't answered, but take your time to answer my yes/no questions, thanks
  21. I’m confused. Don’t you State that you don’t Care and you don’t want to be a part of this? You proceed to appeal the Ban and get angry at all the directors who might not have anything to do with it since Benroy is mod Leader. You Seem to want to start drama instead of solving a situation which basically doesn’t help you. So, do you Care? Do you want to be a part of this community? Or are you done? Please make me less confused.