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  1. The Director Dilemma

    Well, as a part of ^ happening then I also saw the comments from directors and how they wanted council rather than some other options that didn't include council. Never heard people call you "lazy" or "shit at your jobs". I heard quite a bit of "Directors are inactive" and "Directors seems to have lost focus for the community" and "Directors lack communication with the community". I'm trying to say that all directors have done great work at some point but they seemed to have entered a bad cycle of inactivity (atleast before the incident). If someone questioned a director on what they were working on they'd be asked "Why are you so salty and always bitching?!". Well, it's always nice to be attacked for questioning what work someone does as director instead of thinking about the situation and what a directors activity/motivation does throughout the community. Never seen more director activity from all directors than when Nick was in the position and Trello was used as well as announcements and general chatting with the community in the shout box. Thanks for doing great work directors. We like you, that's why we question you.
  2. The Director Dilemma

    Would it be too much to ask to have Directors become an active part of the community like they used to be?
  3. I don't know what to say... I'm really sad to see you go and really enjoyed the fun moments we had on Rust. You're skilled at what you do and hard working as well. I hope all the best for you!
  4. We now have a minecraft server. Skyblock and Survival (SMP). The specific suggestion is shared with the current Minecraft managers. Thanks.
  5. This suggestion is currently being implemented. Operators will soon have a badge like trial admin and senior admin. All of them goes under the rank Server Admin as they use the same permissions. Thanks.
  6. Relevant for a currently discussed topic
  7. I hope you will still pursue GFX as you are very skilled (Doubt anyone can really argue that). You had motivation and dedication for sure and I'm sad to see that go away, maybe it will come back. Who knows. No hard feelings about resigning shortly after the promotion, we'll keep working to find solutions ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. If I can make it then I'll play
  9. Welcome to the Aftercharge release Giveaway! After playing several hours of the Aftercharge Beta earlier in December we have been able to get 5 keys for the release of the game. In order to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is add Aftercharge to your steam wishlist and send a link to your steam account in the thread. The winners will be picked at random on the 10th of Jan (Date of release) to give everyone as much time as possible. Shortly about Aftercharge: Aftercharge is a 3 v 3 competetive FPS game where invisible robots (Workonics) are tasked to destroy the valuable energy extractors, protected by the Enforcers. Using tactics and communication the Enforcers have to reveal the hidden robots and take them out before they lose all the extractors. The game is super fun to play as a group of friends as well as going solo and meeting new players. We hope you will participate in this giveaway to this amazing game. If you don't wish to participate we hope you will still help us out by adding the game to your wishlist, it truly means a lot to us โค๏ธ Make sure to also check the other giveaways in the giveaway section. Feel free to ask questions regarding the giveaway aswell or send me a PM if needed -Worgee
  10. The lucky winners in order: 16 - DaveTheFox 7 - Swegbuster 2 - Nblockbuster 9 - TheJitFace 17 - Diablodoggy28 23 participants and not counting my post nor Major_push as we were not participating. Thanks for supporting this and hope to see you all in Aftercharge! Edit: There is currently a 10% release sale on Aftercharge so it would be a good time to get it ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. Last chance to join in on this give-away! The game releases in a few hours (https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20190110T18&p0=187&msg=Aftercharge+Release&font=cursive) I intend to pick the winners shortly before the launch to make sure they still want to have the key ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Basically what Syntax said. We get space for new members that are motivated and wish to have a change of impacting GFL in some way, shape or form. If we kept inactive people that "might" get on once in a blue moon and accept then I'd rather have 1 new member that's motivated. If Syntax is right and you're used to inactivity on TTT then don't take that to other teams as it shouldn't be that way.
  13. @TheSadBandit I would hear him out and he told me to listen for once. In that post there simply were nothing to listen to. As I said, I'm open to listen as long as people don't start off by bashing for no reason. I don't request people to be perfect but being slightly polite and show some respect would go way further with all staff members instead of bashing them within 1 day of changes. And as I said... Pull did listen to the first things that dan said and he is currently working on some of it to change it slightly as a solution to a mix of things.
  14. How would I hear ideas if people choose to mask them? It's simply impossible to hear people out if all they do is "bashing" others no matter what is being said. If he would share the ideas with the PR team rather than talk to other members in private then there would be a chance of PR to deal with the ideas. Pull told me Dan had some decent ideas but instead of explaining the ideas it turned into something about 1v1. I don't mind listening to peoples ideas at all but if they are going to get upset that people higher than me makes some choices that I'm here trying to make work then what's the point? It's easy enough to say something is bad and that you have an idea but if you never go on to explain the idea and choose to insult the person you are meant to explain it to, why would they listen? So I said MA is a part of PR and until we (Joel and I) find someone to manage we will be doing is calling MA sub-humans? That's all your words buddy. I don't degrade other people to something they are not. MA is NOT sub-humans. Anymore questions regarding what is to come from the teams etc. will have to wait for an announcement from the people in charge. Thanks All the streams I did were at the time advertise in #media in the GFL discord. You can scroll up and check if you want. As I said, I only intended to get affiliate for GFL and that goal was obtained. We will be looking for volunteering streamers to do some awesome content and share their stories with you.
  15. Idk why you think inactivity isn't enough of a need to get rid of people. You don't have inactive admins hanging around for too long either. We got rid of the inactive and if you didn't see it coming then look back and think if it's okay to not do an admin task on a server for a month and transfer that theory to MA. As I said, you can re-apply if you wish to become part of it again
  16. @rapperdan True that we have 20k members and it's sad to see only a few who were supportive enough to watch. I had more watching the GFL stream while streaming Aftercharge Beta than I had streaming on GFL servers and other games as Fortnite. I think only 2 streams during my time at the GFL twitch hasn't been with me so idk how you would say I didn't do it? My reason for streaming on the GFL twitch were to get it affiliated and I was the only streaming up to the point of affiliate. You seem to just try to attack me without actually knowing what happened. You talk about something in private and horse shit. Honestly don't know what you are refering to. You seem to be hating on everything that is done to help the community. Maybe you could show some support instead? No clue why you refer to MA as sub-humans but you do you I guess.
  17. Regarding my main task of public relations it has been dealing with a company who wanted to partner but Roy doubted if GFL was ready for an actual partnership with deals included. It has been to contact content creators to ask if they would like to do some partnerships as well as attempting to find streamers. I am currently working on a partnership with another game dev studio who's releasing "Aftercharge" tmrw. My task have also included the attempt to make videos that features our servers (which is still WIP) and I've also gotten the Twitch account affiliated. My next project is to become more in touch with the players of the community by helping to start up new servers in the CS:GO division as well as MC and most likely some in GMOD in the future. Regarding MA we demoted the inactive people who had not responded to any applications in atleast 1 month. We basically got rid of inactive people which in this case included you and a few others. You can always try to apply again once the applications reopen. If you have further question you can PM me. Sub-leaders will be hands on with the team as Council has been told to not focus on the teams and aren't meant to be in charge of them. It is not our decision and we all accepted it as a part of becoming council. If any council member wishes to resume as sub-leader of a team I'm sure we'll figure something out. MA is now a part of PR as we might do some changes to the role which would include questions regarding where to apply or find stuff would be included and might open a new sub-forum for that. This would most likely contain general suggestions for forums, discord and more and would be distributed to the person fit to complete/review the suggestion. We plan to leave most of the day-day management to the sub-leaders. We have indeed spoken to the teams and obviously some likes it and some don't. We are here to try and make it work better than it used to. The current sub-leaders are motivated to helping us achieve this and we hope the team members will be there to help us as well. Some projects have already been started and the communication seems good and with any complications so far. (it's been 1 day so please let us get set and be able to finalize our plan). We are working with the current sub-leaders on making a new and updated application system though it is not the main priority for now as everyone needs to get set with the updates. We will indeed make a list on who does what for the PR team and there will be a suggestion/request forum in the sub-forum, we hope you all will use it if needed ๐Ÿ™‚ We generally plan to release member and task list of the changes that has been made if they are not already released.
  18. @TheSadBandit You want some facts? Directors chose this change out of 3. Current Council did NOT have a say on what they chose. We are trying hard to make it all work and the first thing you do is start ranting on and sound hurt from being demoted while you were inactive for WAY more than 2 weeks. The general activity amongst several TLs were lacking and/or the activity from the team members. So please wait for more announcements and see what will happen. It hasn't even been a week... If I or other staff see more unrelated stuff posted we'll hide it from here on out. Thanks.
  19. He's on vacation and I agree! However I've heard that Windows is better than Linux and that @Roy agrees. We are working on server expansions in general as well as new features for everyone but don't expect it to be done in a few days as we want quality servers ๐Ÿ˜‰
  20. We are reopening this thread. Please keep it on topic or wait for our next announcements to clarify more things. This post is more or less just WIP stuff that we posted for transparency and backtracking. If you have any specific questions regarding what will be happening besides the merge then you can contact any of the council members to help inform you more. A reply might be wait for the next announcement as they may cover the topic ๐Ÿ™‚
  21. @rapperdan If you wish to resign as MA then you can just send Joel or I a resignation. Whenever you're done ranting and let Joel and I work on things then we can get somewhere. The merge is brand new and we haven't had time to look through everything yet. Currently there are bigger things than w/e you are trying to request being done for MA as the current team is handling it just fine.
  22. @TheSadBandit Nice to hear your opinion. Unfortunately the teams were very inactive and with the plans made for the teams they should have more than enough tasks to stay active as 1 unit rather than a bunch of seperate units with rather inactive leaders. I guess you'll have to see what comes out of it ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. @Fafy Devs are special kids ๐Ÿ˜‰ Devs are another group of people that basically does server/forum stuff where the PR team will work on many other areas such as Events, GFX, Videos, Social media and much more.
  24. I would like to remind that there's only 4 days left! Share it with your friends to give them a chance to win!
  25. Iโ€™ll be writing some Down at a later date. But I prefer CT using commands for Doors as well as marking areas and freedays. Having a gang plugin would be Nice as it gave a lot of populations and versatility.