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  1. If he is able to crash through the doors he should slow down slightly, become dazed, or only have a certain amount of smashes available. For example: He runs into a door with a bunch of MTF behind it and he’ll be dazed so he won’t be able to kill them all immediately. Basically just give him a draw back if you buff him XD Tryin to get forum activity back up ~Cheesy
  2. Wow I wasn't even mentioned... Rest in spaghetti, never forgetti. Thanks for being my only asian friend. Good luck to ya! <3 ~Cheesy
  3. Someone close close this now so I can win ~Cheesy
  4. Welcome @Loli Let's cause havoc GFL together. ~Cheesy
  5. Hey @Squanchy how you doing? ~Cheesy
  6. Welcome sister, I hope you have an amazing time here at GFL. See ya around ~Cheesy
  7. Researchers

    Ok so I enjoy these conversations to improve a game they are pretty entertaining. Anyways, I like that folder idea @Duc2000 came up with, Burbank instead of Class Ds dropping them maybe they spawn in a random SCP holding cell. It would be like the researchers left and forgot their folder(research), and the spawn room for the folders could be whichever one they were working on before the breach. Let me know what you guys think about this. Also, thanks @Mono for bringing this up. Although, as a researcher I don't like killing Class Ds but I don't like escaping either, it just isn't as fun as running into SCP's faces. ~Cheesy
  8. So, I don't believe in ghosts, but when there is one it's hard to not believe. Every few days or so in the middle of the night , everyone is asleep, there will be footsteps going up and down the stairs. So of course that's not creepy at all. True Story. ~Cheesy
  9. The battle between Pepsi and Cola, it's just like PS4 against Xbox 1. Mountain Dew master race! It beats all! ~Cheesy
  10. I'm start out saying we're obviously gonna have our differences, but I was just stating an idea that I thought could be incorporated to make 060-1 different from 457. Not saying your idea(s) are bad. I just think if you just make him strangle and burn people 1 at a time that wouldn't be fun for the person being strangled and he wouldn't be TOO much different from 457, all it would so is make him only attack 1 at a time and do more damage in less time. I just wanted to give my opinion of how he could be and what I thought would be a cool idea. I won't explain my whole idea for him here, just the response; however, if you do want my whole idea for him I can always pm you. Thank you, have a great day. ~Cheesy
  11. Hey, a suggestion for a suggestion. For SCP-060-Alpha (spooky scary skeleton) His ability shouldn't be to burn people, that's 457. I played an SCP server with him and when he hit them they didn't immediately die they lived for a few seconds then they commited suicide. So, I propose that he could have something like that ability, they become a skelly as well for 3-4 seconds, then (sticking to the lore) "spontaneously combust" or commit honorable sudoku. And for an alternative ability after being dropped below a certain threshold of health... explode. Sorry, for this being so long, and bravo to @Cpt.Haxray for taking time to look this stuff up. I love the SCP Foundation and I want to expand the player base and SCP availability in-game. Again sorry for such a long suggestion over one guy. ~Cheesy
  12. Based off the textbook definition of insanity, hands down me. If it didn't work the first four times... it WILL work the next four times. However, I found you mean just straight up mental I'd go with @Winter. ~Cheesy
  13. Or... deathrun/Murder. Obviously the best servers since I'm there. Anyways, welcome to GFL. :D ~Cheesy
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