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  1. Although I'm a mere writer scrub, I have to say that his work is phenomenal. Although it's incredibly simple at times and it's a very classic approach, the mere subtlety of the work is great and sometimes simplicity is just all you need - never go overboard! I really love this guy's work and think he can be a great asset to the team. He is definitely trying to be more active in discord, maybe activity could improve on the forums so others might +1 you faster but right now it's a solid +1. Good luck!
  2. that's just hide and go seek with objects then
  3. definitely either with a girl i love or just playing instruments nothing separates yourself from reality like focusing hardcore on either your girl or your guitar sometimes i completely forget about a project when i'm working on my own; a nice song to play
  4. you don't hint at an easter egg, you've gotta find out what it is likewise, in a real easter egg hunt, no one tells you where the egg in their backyard is or what's inside of it
  5. Actually, I think some commentary and side tracking makes it feel a bit less like a formal news program and more like an actual chat between some important members of the community. I'm by no means a podcast kind of guy, but I would rather get my info in a more casual way than just getting it straight. If the project were to get greenlit, our writers could probably write up a schedule or plan of sorts that can organize topics and allow leeway for commentary, and our streamers could probably be the hosts. Thus it would be professional but casual. This does seem like a good idea though, but maybe not as often - probably like how @Nick suggested for it to be every community meeting. Then there would be more time instead of 5-10 minutes.
  6. whyyyyyyy do all our bomb leaders just leave us ;( i guess everyone's got their times it's sad to see that the directors being gay caused a good man to leave, i'm sure your plans would've benefitted us all good luck on your future endeavours, and don't forget not to die
  7. saaah dude, come on innn
  8. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bye bb come back soon pls ;( edit: just read in detail and i meant to come bacc to leader
  9. noooooooooooooo bye aura, you were definitely one of the more supportive yet dominant media team members. when you became leader, I had already known that you had the power and know-how how to run the team, but I definitely realize that it's the motivation and willingness that actually puts those skills to work. it's like if you know how to read, you're no better than the man who can't read if you don't want to read. weird analogy but u get the point anyway, good luck in your future endeavors <3
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