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  1. whyyyyyyy do all our bomb leaders just leave us ;( i guess everyone's got their times it's sad to see that the directors being gay caused a good man to leave, i'm sure your plans would've benefitted us all good luck on your future endeavours, and don't forget not to die
  2. saaah dude, come on innn
  3. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bye bb come back soon pls ;( edit: just read in detail and i meant to come bacc to leader
  4. noooooooooooooo bye aura, you were definitely one of the more supportive yet dominant media team members. when you became leader, I had already known that you had the power and know-how how to run the team, but I definitely realize that it's the motivation and willingness that actually puts those skills to work. it's like if you know how to read, you're no better than the man who can't read if you don't want to read. weird analogy but u get the point anyway, good luck in your future endeavors <3
  5. Thanks for clearing up the activity, I understand life can get in the way of things! Therefore, I'm willing to give you a test, and I'll have one out for you later today. Just some tips for then: -use google docs -give yourself adequate time -don't stress yourself out -use grammarly or other programs used to check writer's works -be creative All of these tips are essential for a great writing piece. Follow them all, and you'll earn yourself a spot in the writer's team!
  6. Hi, and welcome to GFL! To introduce myself, I'm the 2iC for the Writers within Media Team. I won't be covering anything about other roles, but for now: -Like Wiggles and many others have already said, you've only recently joined, and even if you've been here on alternate accounts/been here before in the past, your activity on the forums is pretty low. I also take into account game time (which I've not checked out yet), but from a general view, your activity is low. We tend to accept applicants who involve themselves with the community and make themselves known, commenting on forum posts or quizzes, etc. and this will help you in the long run. -The evidence you've provided for being a writer is pretty basic, and I wouldn't really give much credit towards scholarship essays or school assignments, as these are mandatory and thus you're kinda forced to put effort into it. Don't get me wrong - I don't mind this type of evidence, it's just that its credibility is low. If possible, you could link me to a google doc about one, but don't put it as your only evidence. -I want to see on any works you've done merely from thought. No one told you to do it; you just thought you had an idea you were passionate about, and let your hands do the talking, so to speak. The PDF file you inserted, for some reason, I cannot see due to forums formatting (this means I won't take it into account) but I still really, super duper, spectacularly want to see your writing efforts on that PDF! Any more evidence is welcomed dearly and is preferred. That's really all I have to say. My current vote is neutral/none, as I've gotten no work from you and activity is an easy requirement to complete. I'd love to see your work. Don't think you have no shot - we just need more. You have a shot!
  7. After looking at your recent works, I think I'm going to go with a hard Neutral . I've seen a lot of great work from you when observing your DeviantArt works, but at the same time there's a lot of dramatic past to consider. While I do understand that you wish for your past to be overlooked and to judge on what I see, I also have that rule for myself; but the level of controversy there's been, it's very hard to overlook the past. If there's any more drama before or after or during this test, then I'm probably going to drop my vote to a -1. I'm personally giving you a chance; if you produce some quality work for your test, then I'll start to consider a hard +1. Good luck, Bae!
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/id/auxiliumargon/ Why? More than one reasons: -Who doesn't want more games? -I want to expand my games library. -I've run out of games to play, so this might make a good addition.
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