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  1. So this is a weird one, and kind of a copy off another server (still within GFL). I know on Murder (I think) there are chances to have "special" rounds where there is zero gravity, special weapons, etc. I would like to suggest that Purge bring the same ideas to the server. Have purges where there is low gravity, maybe give everyone a special weapon for duration of purge, or extra health for purge. Just a thought. ***I do not own these ideas, I am simply suggesting we bring ideas from elsewhere to here. You are welcome to deny it off the fact that it's on another server, but I figure it might bring some fun to us as it does for those***
  2. Literally some of the most fun I’ve had on purge in a while. Would’ve been nothing without those amazing DJ skills
  3. you can be, but I wanna be an Asian prostitute
  4. Not sure if I'm the only one who's noticed this, but when you throw or shoot at either of the two windows of this place (pictured below), it breaks, but there's ANOTHER window to break through before its open. I mean, I'm all for breaking glass cause it's fun as hell, but is this a map glitch?
  5. kids gotta grow up sometime
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=378831611&searchtext=sexy+female
  7. bruh like, why did the prostitute model have to be a male prostitute? I mean, I know @PotatoMum is gonna love it and all, but couldn't we have gotten BOTH a male and female model that we can choose from? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=378831611&searchtext=sexy+female
  8. yeahhh, and maybe if it changes to the purge section server volume would increase? who knows
  9. I mean, you gotta keep in mind, of course the community who regularly plays the server will fight for it, but some of the things that contributed to it being taken away (I'm guessing, no real evidence or proof of this) was the amount of people who actually played on the server, and probably server performance too. Lets be real here, Purge can have a pretty dead player base kinda often, and before it was CONSTANTLY lagging. Kinda needed a lot of work, but sometimes the work it needs is hard to do when the server is active. Realize this too, how happy has everyone been since Purge was resurrected? (Again, all that is just my opinions, and in no way is true reasons as to why the server went down. I wasn't even active on GFL when it was removed)
  10. It was all me that brought it back
  11. can i just mention the man the myth the legend Shiny Magikarp, as seen using his voice chat in the above pic.
  12. I mean, if you implement something like this you are basically adding a sense of FearRP, which we do not do on Purge. FearRP is not, nor has ever been, a part of Purge since that is more for a SeriousRP type of server (which we aren't). There have been suggestions in the past about adding like handcuffs to make it harder to arrest, butttttt if you are familiar with our typical server players, it would be nearly impossible to ever arrest someone. Baton Rushing is kind OP, but we don't have many better options in my mind. I think there are plenty of warehouse bases spread across, and under, the map that can be used for such large groups. And even in smaller bases, it all depends on how you decide to use the space. This rule is implemented mostly to keep from one group of people owning a larger portion of the map than needed (owning all warehouses in warehouse district, houses of suburbs, etc).
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