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  1. the only thing ima bring back is these hands to kick yo ass for leaving us old man
  2. The ban is from TF2's 2Fort server, not GMOD Purge.
  3. I am doing my part in attempting to fix this. My work schedule is starting to be mostly nights, so I am up all night and sleep all day. And I am starting to do this when not at work either. Hopefully this will allow for those Australian's to play peacefully. There were a few that I actually liked.
  4. So... this state of mind actually is part of the issue that a lot of players share. You decide not to come on because there isn’t “enough” players, which in itself creates the issue that you want fixed. But that’s a whole thing for another time. what we really need right now is some older players to come back and show the new guys “the ropes”. I have seen a few players who seem promising to stay, and we need to help build them to be better players. There really has been positive changes, I won’t lie. And right now there’s more than just money and raiding to do. You can, if you chose to, teach players to be a good “purger”. Theres my spew
  5. So, this has been a question that has kinda been bugging me, and I am looking to the community here for collective answers. In the time that Purge was gone, taken from us, and down, there were multiple topics, and many comments made to bring back Purge. Many of you guys asked for it to return. Now my question is.... where are you all people at??? Purge is now back, there was an initial splurge of players online, and now it's dying all over again. You guys put up a fight and supported it to return, and our wish was granted! Yet, you leave? Hrm I am reaching out to get public comments on WHY you guys do not return to Purge. Is there specific reasons to not come back, did you have problems with how things were? We are (at least in my mind) making some cool, positive changes that should increase the player experience on Purge, and sadly we do not have anyone to really share it with (For example, you can now be a Dog, and the model is pretty funny to watch run and jump around. Also, I heard that maybe VAPE will be added, something we ALWAYS bugged management about and suggested adding). I also would like to add, that if you did have an issue with Purge, but you would rather not say it publicly (for instance, if there was an issue with a staff member/fellow player), just PM me. You might as well address the issue, that way we can FIX it. We want all you guys back, Purge is not the same without the players to literally make it a server. I appreciate any responses you guys can provide. Thanks!
  6. Recently have been watching The Blacklist, and I can't get enough of it. However, The Office will always be a Netflix favorite, for 3 reasons: Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica.
  7. Well now that I have your attention, why not check the tree out yourself
  8. @DaLaw since the ban is kinda old, I'll let you call the shot here
  9. Hello All. I wanted to share with you this magical tree, which will bring luck and good fortune to any of those who stand under it. But beware, it will change where it stands, and it will not remain long. Better find it quickly -Wayne
  10. I like this idea. Maybe we can even plan some events to participate in! Would definitely be fun. Great idea!
  11. Hold up now, @DaLaw is now a manager??? Shit man, we all doomed now. @flyingjoe32, what are ya thinking man? But in all honestly, I am surprised I didn't see a post already about this. Congrats Law!!! It's nice to finally see a "Da" in charge of things around here
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