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  1. hey buddy i miss you i hope you're doing ok

  2. Name play

    id rather eat a donkey dick
  3. Name play

    why the fuck are you mentioning me
  4. just isn't the same. not as fun as it used to be. might occasionally come on the forums to fuck up weebs in the shoutbox or see if anyone has passed me in rep. not gonna remove everyone off steam/discord. pce give me more likes so i have a higher rep. give me my award too damnit wilford was here. I love you
  5. only 8 more days till christmas and that means someone's gettin cookies


    better not be ur fatass

  6. Why so many shitposts with you?

    1. Addy


      the people love me

  7. DICKCEMBER:tired_face::eggplant::snowman2: is cumming up santa's little hoes:santa::skin-tone-2::santa::skin-tone-2: you have ONE MONTH to find a daddy:heart_eyes::yum::sweat_drops: :tongue: that will sure fill your stocking with his creamy eggnog:wink::eggplant: so find those pair of jingle bells that you wanna rock around the christmas tree all night long:christmas_tree:ride your daddy's reindeer all night like :santa::skin-tone-2: does with his sleigh ya slutty elf:tired_face::wink: so this DICKCEMBER be sure to suck on daddy's candy cane all day every day:yum::tongue::sweat_drops:

    1. ShadowPlays


      Reading this gave me an aneurysm.

    2. Reeve


      Here :sweat_drops:CUMS:sweat_drops: :santa::skin-tone-3:Santa Claus,:santa::skin-tone-3: here :sweat_drops:CUMS:sweat_drops: :santa::skin-tone-3:Santa Claus,:santa::skin-tone-3: right down :woman::skin-tone-3::princess::skin-tone-3:slutty girl lane!:woman::skin-tone-3::princess::skin-tone-3: :x::no_entry_sign::x::no_entry_sign:STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!:x::no_entry_sign::x::no_entry_sign: Is your :man::skin-tone-1::man::skin-tone-1:daddy:man::skin-tone-1::man::skin-tone-1: not giving you enough :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:cummies?!:sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops: Hold up,:no_good::skin-tone-3::no_good::skin-tone-3::no_good::skin-tone-3: ho! It's :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:cummy:sweat_drops::sweat_drops: :snowflake::sweat_drops::snowflake:️SEASON!:snowflake::sweat_drops::snowflake:️ Push:raised_hand::skin-tone-3::raised_hand::skin-tone-3: that :man::skin-tone-1::man::skin-tone-1:daddy:man::skin-tone-1::man::skin-tone-1: to the :fast_forward::fast_forward:side:fast_forward::fast_forward: and let a :ok_hand::skin-tone-3:NEW:ok_hand::skin-tone-3: father in :house_with_garden:YOUR CHIMNEY!! :house_with_garden: :santa::skin-tone-3::santa::skin-tone-3::santa::skin-tone-3:Father CHRISTMAS,:santa::skin-tone-3::santa::skin-tone-3::santa::skin-tone-3: the :crown::crown:KING:crown::crown: of :sweat_drops:cummies!:sweat_drops: That's right,:thumbup::skin-tone-2: he's been making :girl::skin-tone-3:little:girl::skin-tone-3: :girl::skin-tone-3:girls:girl::skin-tone-3: squishy for 6️⃣ CENTURIES. Don't :negative_squared_cross_mark::negative_squared_cross_mark: mind the old saying; he ONLY makes the :sweat_drops::tired_face::tired_face::smiling_imp:NAUGHTIEST:smiling_imp::tired_face::tired_face::sweat_drops:girls :cloud:️squishy:cloud:️! So send this to all the :smirk_cat:nastiest:smirk_cat: :girl::skin-tone-3:girls:girl::skin-tone-3: you know and share:exclamation:️Those:exclamation:

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  • i'm disappointed in the amount of shitposts made in the past couple weeks



    c'mon everyone step up your game

  • i just wanna say violator is a piece of shit and that inspect element is a horrible thing edit: i didnt think someone had a more aids signature than i did
  • teach me your ways of getting a ton of community reputation feggotnagger

  • i thought i found u in overwatch


    1. ShadowPlays


      Do I look like a "Freesk" to you tho.

    2. Addy
  • fun riddle that i didnt come up with:


    A young woman is attending her mother's funeral. While there, she meets a man she has never seen before and falls in love immediately. After the funeral she tries to find him but cannot. Several days later she kills her sister.

    Why does she kill her sister?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Aurelien


      she killed her sister, hoping the man would attend the funeral. 

    3. Addy


      surprised the jailbreak admin got it 

    4. Aurelien


      you used to be a jailbreak admin stfu

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