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  1. Hello, first of all, this isn't even the server you were banned from as Dini is a CSGO admin and this is CSS, if you really want to get unbanned, you probably should post there. Second, Steam ID should be STEAM_0:1:189555415 instead of just some numbers, or a link to your profile. Good luck.
  2. I don't know why he was able to join, that steam ID was already banned. I have rebanned him myself instead of console, please let me know if he comes back.
  3. Server rpg stats and rankme has been reset. Rankme will reset in a while not sure when yet, Server will reset in 4 months.
  4. huh, no idea why it crashes. thanks for letting me know, removed for now.
  5. Rq's Ban appeal

    If nothing shows in source bans I can't do anything, if you are also tryin to join Bhop, I will move your post there as this is the surf server appeals. You will have to ask @Khelor @Reeveabout it.
  6. Rq's Ban appeal

    None of those steam ID's show anything in Sourcebans, are you actually banned?
  7. @RottweilerWho was it, what map and when?
  8. We have long jump and its next to useless also.
  9. so, with changing armor cap, It caps at 127 because of : https://gitlab.gflclan.com/PaxPlay/smrpg/commit/64ea5114ad46f22493491f20698eb02fb0cf4f1f?view=parallel this is old, but i would assume its still the same as the game hasnt really been updated in... a long time. I will change the helmet level to default to 1 so you *should* spawn with a helmet everytime.
  10. I can do a few things, I can add helmet to armor regen, so when you regen armor back to full, it gives you a helmet, iirc the plugin provides that as the only option for regen on a helmet and i am 99% sure its disabled because i've never regened a helmet, I don't have a problem enabling it. As for the helmet upgrade, the quickest thing I could see about doing is just setting everyones armorhelmet level to max while I look at maybe adding armor as a default spawn, i also might just add a free level of armor so you spawn with armor + helmet instead of removing anything.
  11. The reason helmets are rng is because you can't just have a helmet. You can either have only Kevlar, or Kevlar + helmet. I don't know of a way, or even I don't think I have seen a way to have JUST a helmet with no Kevlar, I don't think the game will let you, same reason armor caps at 126 or whatever, it simply doesn't allow you to go higher afaik.
  12. There is a difference for sure, but the thing is, level 1 helmet is such a high chance to give you helmet (at least when i tested) you don't need to dump tons of credits into it and it almost always gives you a helmet. As for spawn protection, do you mean it just never ends? Its time based not zone based.
  13. @Alexwall I've tested on most maps, you can walk out of spawn with protection pretty much the whole way, spawn camping is already easily avoidable but people are incapable of not firing / swapping weapons or spend too long sitting there.
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