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  1. What's next some sort of NTR with Frisk or some shit...
  2. Edit 1/14/2017 Removed the gay boi @Rcool64 from admin, added @Herbert to Trial Admin
  3. That's what it essentially is now.
  4. To be fair... I did warn Frisk and Deathhawk.... #ShotaconAnalizedConversion
  5. So enforce no prop claim?
  6. Damn I must be lucky to come out of that with 3rd degree burns . Sieg Heil to my nazi protectors amirite. And since when did Frisk become an anime character?
  7. Yes, as of right now, but that can be changed depending on how this vote turns out.
  8. This shitpost is 2 strong 4 me I just can not
  9. Edit 1/10/2017 added @MsShad0w to Trial Admin.
  10. So lately I have been hearing about how bs the prop claim rule is, and I know I don't like it either, and I noticed that I forgot to include some sort of player input for this rule. As it stands right now, how this rule works is: Prop Claim Within a Cade is allowed. A Wall is such an exception, meaning any prop claim in a wall is NOT allowed. Once a the cade falls, say to a back up, any claimed props within that fallen cade, but before the back-up cade, is henceforth considered Prop Claim and will be punished for. Any prop claim outside of a cade is NOT allowed. I'd like to know how you guys think, maybe find a compromise, or just get strictly enforce it, having no allowance.
  11. lmao I remember when you guys used to do that.
  12. We need to get Drama Alert on this! Too bad it won't be as bad as when I'm exposed for meme evasion... I mean what
  13. Don't listen to this weeb... ZS is where you belong
  14. admin application

    Also Ben, please read the NEW NEW Applications thread in the "Important Information" section.