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  1. Inb4 Skittles realizes that he can't resign from admin because he's admin on DR
  2. Happy Birthday~ Eat lots of squeakers! 


    1. Dark89998


      shit, its your b-day? congrats mate

    2. Z1galord


      Here I thought I could get away with noone knowing. Thanks @Aura

  3. There @rapperdan goes forgetting to use punctuation again Oof.
  4. Face Reveal

    Cancer That's it
  5. Didn't know you were an edgy male teen on steam



    1. Z1galord


      EDIT: Edgy trap*

  6. -1 very gay idea and won't work. another shitpost... another day.
  7. @Vivian no Also bish I been trying but you have not been replying
  8. So wait, you guys played The Forest and didn't invite me SMH.
  9. @Windeetree a lad once sent me this as a farewell, might as well do the same: (Credit to my wigga @Zebra)
  10. @Virgil there's already a manager?
  11. @Xy I don't quite remember. I just remember adding a ZE map awhile ago and it worked okay. I would still go ahead with what you had planned, adding the gamemode in. You're best asking @BigBthefluffyredneck for more specifics, but I would look in the general gamemode files for ZS i.e. cl_init, init, etc. EDIT: I think it's just the useless amount of files that have piled up over the years. Or it might be the fact that there's 2 gamemodes in the server files: zombiesurvival and zombiesurvival-old
  12. @rapperdan Is that you in the back LOL
  13. It wouldn't be opening a new server, it would just be enhancing one that's already dead.
  14. @Xy One thing I've noticed is you can run a ZE map on ZS, without the need to change gamemode, just saying... But if that's what wants to be done I'd kinda wanna see what would happen... Also it'd be great tho if the ZS server could be reset. All of the garbage random files has made it unstable imo.