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  1. GMOD Zombie Escape

    @Xy I don't quite remember. I just remember adding a ZE map awhile ago and it worked okay. I would still go ahead with what you had planned, adding the gamemode in. You're best asking @BigBthefluffyredneck for more specifics, but I would look in the general gamemode files for ZS i.e. cl_init, init, etc. EDIT: I think it's just the useless amount of files that have piled up over the years. Or it might be the fact that there's 2 gamemodes in the server files: zombiesurvival and zombiesurvival-old
  2. GFL Member Directory

    @rapperdan Is that you in the back LOL
  3. GMOD Zombie Escape

    It wouldn't be opening a new server, it would just be enhancing one that's already dead.
  4. GMOD Zombie Escape

    @Xy One thing I've noticed is you can run a ZE map on ZS, without the need to change gamemode, just saying... But if that's what wants to be done I'd kinda wanna see what would happen... Also it'd be great tho if the ZS server could be reset. All of the garbage random files has made it unstable imo.
  5. I've already done the BJ to @Xy . Where's my admin? EDIT: Instructions not clear. Dick is now stuck in blender.
  6. Elder Scrolls VI Announced

    We're still a ways off from it sadly IIRC Todd talked about them probably releasing it after Starfield. So keeping that in mind we might see Elder Scrolls 6 in the next 2 - 4 years if I had to guess.
  7. Change my mind

    @TheSadBandit Ur gay. The End.
  8. The Chruch of Umbrella.

    Another day... Another shitpost...
  9. Gfl’s Breach server is amazing, like seriously

    Inb4 GFL becomes BFL: Breach For Life
  10. Squeakers

    @Rcool64 If I recall correctly the mute button is broken in Garry's Mod so It won't really work. Can't say the same about the other divisions though
  11. What is the best way for an admin to sponsor you?

    You don't. The end
  12. Welcoming in Big Changes!

    @Vivian (Except I also used the same map rotation add-on BigB used and it wasn't between just 2 maps)