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  1. hi

    Sup Nat I know we've talked on the GCC Discord and welcome to our Forums! In b4 people start spamming: "Join our server at: "
  2. Hey remember when the DLs had to do weekly updates w/ the managers Me neither
  3. Ew no Also let's not forget that I am still here #CantGetRidOfmeJustYet
  4. Added @Kurama to Co-Manager. Gratz my dude!
  5. Resteroni in Danoroni
  6. Ahh shit now I gotta give Xy Admin. Where is my resignation button? Congratulations to all of the new CAs! I look forward seeing what you all accomplish in the future and am excited to see GFL progress in a good direction! P.S. (Let's be honest we all thought Xy and Winter were shoe-ins).
  8. Probably won't get this until you get back but haz you two decided?


  9. Your all ZS? Can you grammar bro?
  10. Hello, I don't know if this is in the correct section but it seems like it would be. Anyways, I've been brooding over this idea for awhile, and I finally thought I'd bring it on the forums at least. I know that myself and a few other members within GFL play this game called Warframe, and if you don't know what the game entails I'll link it here: https://www.warframe.com/game Anyways, I can describe the game in two words: 'Space Ninjas'. But basically the game is an MMO, where you have these characters called 'Warframes' which you can play, level up, and master. And there are a multitude of Warframe's to play(50 in total). Each Warframe has it's own unique set of abilities, that will make the game more than just Melee and Shooting. The game is tons of fun, and I recommend everyone at least try it: after all the game is friggin free so why not. Anyways, in Warframe there is a "guild" system, otherwise known as Clans. Each Clan can have it's own 'Guildhouse' or Dojo, in which Clan members can meet up, trade, duel, etc. The cool part is Clans can grow to enormous sizes, if they so choose, there are 'Clan Wars' so to speak, in which Clans can control different resource nodes. More on Clans: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Clan I was thinking of making an Unofficial or Official GFL Clan within the game (depends on what the higher ups think). I would like to know what everyone thinks on this matter, and if it should be done. If it were to be done, either I could do it or someone else who wants to do it can, my only concern is it would take time to get it growing, as there are many other clans within Warframe competing for #1. Anyways let me know what you guys think, and if you have any questions on the matter, just send me a PM. Thanks Your Cancerous ZS Manager, N1galord Sidenote: I'd think it would be boring to name the Clan: [GFLClan.com] Warframe Clan, if you have any suggestions for Clan Names, please feel free to suggest them below. Thanks!
  11. Psst interview tenbours


  12. Im pretty sure @Violator has never even heard of the ZS server, so how can he be number 1 P.S. Can we get as an emote
  13. Ten is right. It could also be a glitch within Gametracker too showing his overall points at the time. Also like how I went from Number 14 to Number 2