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  1. Because it's free and you don't need a valid reason . JK I did it cause whai notttttttttttttttt Also I last drank SODA(Im from the mid-west and even I use Soda) was today.
  2. Some Mexican Sausage
  3. XP?

    @Trigger You make a fair point, considering this is already the case on ZS, where most members who are well known/ decent at the game will think someone who is not a GFL member is bad at the game/inexperienced.
  4. XP?

    I think it's a grand idea, however I think it would be better suited to give bonuses other ways. For instance, there is an addon called Utime, which tracks player time, and can give ranks accordingly. That might be better suited. I'd go more into detail but I'm not manager so what do I know. @Chicken_Chaser You're welcome for both
  5. @DoctorDJ Go away Nyfox belongs to ZS . Anyways Welcome Nyfox, you're a real swell guy to play with, don't forget that the cancerous ZS will always be there.
  6. Welcome back my man, glad to see you made it!
  7. Is there a "Make Dan Manager" option?
  8. Who are you again? . Also @DJ001avatar remember when I said I was gonna do this but resigned kek. Also I couldnt find the file location for the wavestart music, but shouldn't be too hard. Ill forward this to my boy @Kurama if he already hasn't seen this.


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      NSFW Warning wya

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      Simply beautiful

  11. @Joshy Computer Science for now. Like the "For now" part
  12. I see you fell for the clickbait again So this post has been coming for a long long LONG time, since about early April of this year, but I had to delay for various reasons. But now that most things are taken care of, it's time I step down and let @Kurama (You're gonna get mentioned a lot feg so be prepared) fully manage ZS. For those that wandered into this post, hello I am Z1ga, or Z1, or Z1g, or N1galord, and I manage the Gmod Zombie Survival Server. I am probably one of the only ZS members to take such an interest in the GFL community, since we're all cucks that only are defined on one server. Unfortunately I will have to step down. This week, Thursday to be precise, Ill be moving across the country to Washington so I can go to college there, obtain my degree, and find a job in my desired field. Doing all of this will take up a majority of my time, so it would be a waste to continue being manager, when my co-manager Kurama could just do it alone. I am NOT leaving GFL (Twas Clickbait), but rather spending my time here a little less than what I normally would. For the next couple of weeks I may not come on very little or not even at all, but I will be back. Time for all the mentions now! The People who I see worthy of in depth mentions @Kurama- Probably the one of the only people you ever +1'd on an admin application kek. Even though you criticized most of my decisions, you were tons of help, and I have no doubt that you will be a great SUCC-essor. Also I will be here if you ever need help. @Vivian- One of the chillest admins, and by far the friendliest on the team. Always cheered me up talking to you, and I hope your internet and parents get better. Also, ya cuck. (Also is a grill admin, @HackingPotato) @Herbert- When I first started playing on ZS, you were someone I looked up to, even though I am older than you. Now that we're on somewhat equal footing, You're one of the cancerous, but good cancer, people I've known. @tenhours- You probably criticized my decisions the most as manager, but you only did it for the good of ZS, which I can respect. Sad to see you lose interest, but we all do eventually. You were fun to hang out with my dude. @Deathhawk449- Threatened to leave if I didn't upload anything during the drought. Was a lot of fun to tryhard with as well. I still await the day that you succeed Kurama. @WarSadist- Another one of the people I looked up to when I started playing on ZS. Became kek bros when we made a cade at dippin dots. Don't be a stranger to ZS my man. @snackdemarco- Someone I constantly forget about to include in applications, but you took it well lol. Sad to see you lose interest as well, but I hope you can come on some time to play. @BigBthefluffyredneck- I remember the day that you read that really nasty fan fiction in voice chat, and the amount of support it gained during that. Nonetheless the rage you have when dealing with kleiners is a problem, but you handle it very well to the point of making it funny. @ThePurpleFire- You're a tryharding faggot. Probably one of the only admins, besides BigB, to actually be an admin during my reign, and I'm very impressed with your commitment. @MegaUpload- The only admin to become an admin through Operator. Also a traitor to zombie team. You are a lot of fun to cade with, since like me you also are a repair whore, and the human team would not last without you. @Wow- Gook For Life. One of the first friends I made on ZS. Fun to cade with in the back of movies. Also criticized everything I did. It's a shame you never wanted staff, cause everyone wants you to become staff. @Violator- All the questions I asked you were responded to at least 2 hours later. Anyways, thanks for even considering me becoming manager, and NO the interview questions were NOT leaked, I just knew what FTP was cause I was taking a Website Design class. @Zebra- Sorry for all the drama that you were put through cause of me lol. One of the chillest DL's out there, and I thank you for considering me becoming manager. And in the future, once my schedule calms down and you need someone to manage ZS again, contact me will ya. @Roy- @Roy, the guy who loves it when I mention him in Discord. Also named a bitch after you. Thanks for letting me stay manager of ZS xD. @Shuruia- The one who speaks only in proverbs(most of the time), I hope we can make PFL(Porn for Life) a thing one day . @Xy_- Someone who I helped learn the ropes of being a manager, to eventually surpass me and become a CA(cuck). Fun playing on breach with you, a shame I didnt have time during the drought, and even now. Keep CAing it up, and remember who was kind to you when you become a Director . @Kubnair- Babe. Previous Manager. And Cuck. We need to get the Siege SUCC Squad together again. (Your is short like your di- nevermind). @Winter- One of the first managers to contact me when I was promoted. My favorite memory was playing on HnS, I found you and you said "no Z1g please", so I turned around and walked away. Thanks for always helping me out. @Charmy- My boy @Stick. Also taught me a lot when I became manager, and even though he fell off his branch, a Stick is still a stick. @Darkling- This guy, always hitting on me. Well I am legal now so dont be afraid to hmu . Also thanks for doing my forum things these past few months, and was always fun in those TS chats we did awhile back. @rapperdan- This guy, him and his squeaker voice and giant body. Couldn't believe it when you first talked, but was always a fun to meme around with you. @SwegBuster- Cause I felt like it. My ambassador buddy for GCC. Don't worry though, Ill still be an ambassador (I hope). Honorable Mentions (Can I just do @Everyone) Here it comes: @Rose, @HackingPotato, @Korowa, @Syrus, @Leks, @Benroyjam, @ButterKing5000, @CrusTi, @RickGrimesTM, @Runda, @Pyros, @Syntax, @AtomicHeadphones, @PB-n-J, @Mocha, @Roxie_Foxie, @Major_Push, @Mundo, @JK_Ghosty(You fucker), @milk, @shoey150, @ZombieSurvivalist224, @SuperThanderFour, @DJ001avatar, @InfernoBurnz, @Radio, @Space_Nigga, @Glenn, @EdgyFrog, @Windeetree, @The_Teddy_Bear_Muffin, @DOOMSlayer_, @Severely_Artistic, @Smiles, @Thomasdavid097, @Snoopy, @TrillionDollarSoup, @nocheat, @IroKnee, @JerryBomb, @lexie456, @Elizabeth(eek), @harry, @Ene, @Skittlez, @Kite9867, @EJ., @Duc2000, @Atoshwing, @Toasted_Chromosomes, @Dano, and @Staryu. (P.S. @Queen_Selery) If I forgot anyone, I probably didn't know you well enough or I forgot your name, cause there's a fucken lot of them. If I did then sorry, I can't do @Everyone. And to leave off with a quote, since I know my boy @tenhours loves quotes: "For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. For any admins, managers, trial admins, or anyone aspiring to become a GFL badmin, keep this quote in mind, as it's the internet, and most people out there are trolling you to make you angry. I thank all of you for reading most of this post, or even just the mentions, and you'll probably see more of me! Sincerely, N1galord. P.S. @Community Advisor, can you give me that sweet Senior Admin badge, since @Kurama and @Zebra approve, you can even ask them. In memory of @Scoobers, previous manager of ZS.
  13. Finally 18, huh?





  14. happy birthday z1ga.


    p.s- you're still a shit great manager.  :lenny:

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      Wait a minute I see what ya did there :duck: