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  1. Oh shit you back in control of Zs time to return

  2. Zombie Survival Halloween Event!

    Yes but I can't get it done today

    I can't believe I'm not even incl- Oh there I am
  4. Well not really since day 1 since I'm apart of ZS, and almost none of the members are committed to GFL early on. BUT I'd have to say my boy @Zebra And maybe @Twig and @Winter but who cares amirite.
  5. Hide And Seek Halloween Event

    Mbs isn't totally piggy backing off the ZS Halloween Event. Sounds interesting, @mbs does HnS use pointshop 1 or 2, I don't quite remember.
  6. Garry's Mod Zombie Survival Admin list

    10-24-2017 Removed @LappelDuVide from everything.
  7. For the members of ZS that check the GFL forums, starting October 29th through November 1st, GFL ZS shall be hosting a sort of "Halloween Event" if you will. During this time period, various of the aspects about the server will temporarily be changed, as well as some things added. I'll give a rundown below, as things that will be implemented and things that will be thought about being implemented. "Different Map" Meaning same old Mall 24/7, except with some new areas around the map, as well as FUCKIN PUMPKINS. Re-skinned Butcher to be Sanic Re-skinned Shade to be Ghost Re-skinned Nightmare to be OG Nightmare Spooky Scary Skeletons Zombies Win Song Reconfiguration of Limited Edition Subcategory in Pointshop Reskinned Tank to be Something New Limited Edition Player model Pointshop 2 Cannibal Trait Infected Status (Basically every time a zombie hits a human, the human has a percentage to become "Infected" meaning they lose a fixed number of HP every fixed interval, unless they get the "Cure"). Add Nugget Let me know what you fags think and if you have any other suggestions, feel free to post down below. (DISCLAIMER: As you know I'm 1 guy now who still has college, so some of the things in GREEN may not be implemented, so keep that in mind). P.S. As for the people that have never been on ZS but will comment anyways, feel free to join us during that date! This post will be regularly updated depending on some ideas.
  8. Did you delete ur mudder fucken steam

  9. Alright, listen up here you little cunt :lenny:, I first met you, another cyan blue slave, and I got used to it, and then you resigned, you became green and I got used to it pretty well, and now you're back to being cyan? fuck you.

  10. Z1galord has applied for Developer

    My Age: 18 My Talent: I would say I have extensive knowledge of LUA, mainly teaching myself (thank you GMOD DLs). I also have the basic understanding of addon creation, although never created one I'd like to try. I know a little bit of PHP, more like the absolute basics. Other than that, I don't really have much experience in other areas of programming. As for things I have created, I've made a bunch of commands for ZS to help accessing our forums, which include !report, !apply, !forums, very basic commands. Also recently I worked on revamping the server music, even using a program to edit sound. I am also in foreseeable future going to play with Source Multi tool for Map creation/Editing. Other than that I've done a lot of variable manipulation for various addons so that they work with ZS, something that's very hard to do surprisingly. If you want to see things I've done, feel free to hop on the Zombie Survival server, as most of it is there. Hours/Week: 15(Subject to change and does not include time managing ZS).
  11. Last comment Wins

  12. GFL Member Directory

    Last year's was better but this is ok too I guess