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  1. Is there not already a casino manager? Did they remove it?
  2. What is purge?

    DarkRP + Legal RDM every 45 minutes + 20 admin calls a minute + 5 crashes a day = GFL Purge
  3. The community is everyone who is a part of GFL, not just the staff team. You should know this, dummy
  4. Possibly the cause of the crashing. We are just testing to see if it causes crashing. By removing it, if the server still crashes, we will know moonshine was not the issue. If it doesn't crash, then moonshine was the issue.
  5. Dear Valued Player, We thank you for your informative post regarding the Purge US server in our community. It has allowed us to excel our server drastically and provide us with more players and donations. Without this post, our server would have died. To reward you, we have put $500,000,000 in your wallet on the server. Spend it wisely, and know that we here at GFL are truly grateful. From, The GFL Community
  6. In my opinion, if this were to be added, it should be custom made. It's not too difficult as far as I know, you just have to play with the GM:PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice() function. Make sure there is a mute function aswell, and possibly different channels that you can be in. If done correctly, it would be a fantastic addition.
  7. Although Undercover is both a fun and anger-inducing job, we do not want to make it completely overpowered. There still have to be some ways to point out undercover cops. One way is having them test their keys on the PD. See if they knock or unlock the door. The second way is, like explained in this topic, asking them to switch jobs. I like your idea, but I just don't think it should be implemented.
  8. I just made 4 player reports in a matter of 2 minutes. Am I cool now?
  9. I suggested we remove moonshine You're welcome
  10. This was recently brought up several times in the admin discussion. I suggested that it could be a possibility that moonshine is causing the crashes. There are a lot of factors in DarkRP servers that can crash a server, including overriding of addons. When you don't make everything custom, you run the risk of different addons clashing and causing server crashes. Crashes mostly occur when the server has a high population. The amount of code running at the same time can overwhelm the server and cause it to crash. It's EXTREMELY difficult to find the cause of crashing because there isn't anything that is logged when the server crashes. We just have to guess and check. We ask that you be patient and know that we are working our hardest to fix the crashing. After all, we are affected as well. It's not like we don't care that the server is crashing. Just be patient and believe in @flyingjoe32's ability to solve difficult situations.
  11. I truly do like this car. LW makes fantastic cars and more of them should be added into Purge in my opinion. Shouldn't cause server lag, as long as the package the server has isn't complete poo, that's not for me to know though @flyingjoe32 +Support
  12. PMs should be edited so they are more noticable. Half the time when I get PMed, I never notice it. Half the time when I PM someone else, they don't notice it. There should be a sound that's played or a different color for PMs. Thoughts?
  13. I've realized that I can't be as active as I want to be. I've just gotten bored of fucking around everyday. SeriousRP is what I love. It was fun, and I am thankful to everyone who I got to meet and become friends with. Hmu if you wanna play other games/servers. I may come back in the future, I'm really not sure. @ButterKing5000 - We had our ups and downs, but I respect you and thank you for this opportunity. @flyingjoe32 - Keep flying my man. @DaPainWayne - I can tell you in person. @Lemon - Learn what a budget is. @DoctorDJ - You make me cringe and you also bully me. @Dreamm - You was cool. @SuperFineNot - Still waiting for my can of whoop ass. @Urule55 - We need to play rocket league again. @Rose - This doesn't mean I'm breaking up with you. @Zebra - You are literally the chillest person on my friends list. @Stud - You're his twin so the same feelings towards you. Also, I really apreciate the sponsor. @Gowther - Thanks for the 2mil. @Hero - You are young but you are still cool. @PaperMoney - My Hypersport looks better. @stevepwnsyou9 - in·flec·tion - inˈflekSH(ə)n - the modulation of intonation or pitch in the voice. @Winter - Rose is mine. @Xy_ - Weab @rapperdan - Weab @RickGrimesTM - Still the best purge admin. @JoelSmith - Fucking brit. @Eli - +1 @canman1151 - Skrt skrt @Bae - Gonna miss you. @GeorgeJW - I'll miss the accent. If I missed anyone, let me know.