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  1. I've realized that I can't be as active as I want to be. I've just gotten bored of fucking around everyday. SeriousRP is what I love. It was fun, and I am thankful to everyone who I got to meet and become friends with. Hmu if you wanna play other games/servers. I may come back in the future, I'm really not sure. @ButterKing5000 - We had our ups and downs, but I respect you and thank you for this opportunity. @flyingjoe32 - Keep flying my man. @DaPainWayne - I can tell you in person. @Lemon - Learn what a budget is. @DoctorDJ - You make me cringe and you also bully me. @Dreamm - You was cool. @SuperFineNot - Still waiting for my can of whoop ass. @Urule55 - We need to play rocket league again. @Rose - This doesn't mean I'm breaking up with you. @Zebra - You are literally the chillest person on my friends list. @Stud - You're his twin so the same feelings towards you. Also, I really apreciate the sponsor. @Gowther - Thanks for the 2mil. @Hero - You are young but you are still cool. @PaperMoney - My Hypersport looks better. @stevepwnsyou9 - in·flec·tion - inˈflekSH(ə)n - the modulation of intonation or pitch in the voice. @Winter - Rose is mine. @Xy_ - Weab @rapperdan - Weab @RickGrimesTM - Still the best purge admin. @JoelSmith - Fucking brit. @Eli - +1 @canman1151 - Skrt skrt @Bae - Gonna miss you. @GeorgeJW - I'll miss the accent. If I missed anyone, let me know.
  2. Beautiful
  3. Looks pretty lit
  4. It's sad to see yet another Purge staff member go. I can't wait until the comeback though
  5. The only reason I don't think $400 should be considered a lot is because this is DarkRP, not seriousrp. A lot of people forget that when they make suggestions. It's not supposed to be a challenge. The gamemode was made to be a fuck-around gamemode. Falco, the creator, even says that in the DarkRP motd if you've ever read it. He goes off on a rant about all these rules that change DarkRP to seriousrp, which he says should never happen. The whole point of the server is to get guns, Purge, and just fuck around (while obviously staying within the rules). I agree with more ways of making money though. Money clickers is a really good addon, but money printers I think should be added just because they add more DarkRP elements to the server. No, they aren't unique, but nothing is anymore. It's so hard to have a unique server unless you custom code it yourself. That being said, I like your ideas, but DarkRP is not the place for it.
  6. On the topic of Lamborghinis, the Aventador is an awesome car that I would love to be added. Overall, I just love Lamborghinis xD
  7. Maserati Ghibli is also a nice 4 person vehicle. Butter also thinks he fixed the crashing, which is awesome.
  8. It's just a cost to be something to save up to. We need more cars that cost a lot of money. Currently, money isn't too hard to get, so having expensive cars gives players a lot of things to do.
  9. Simple suggestion. New car, maybe 1.5-2mil? Lemme know your thoughts and maybe suggest your opinion on pricing.
  10. DarkRP is a bitch to edit without making a separate addon, which is a lot of work. Some things are simple edits, but when you want something added, it's difficult. Also, with this suggestion, what if you have 96 armor, would you get medium Kevlar and be left with 46 Kevlar? What would that process be like? These are things you have to think about before posting a suggestion. Lastly, every suggestion requires input and a lot of thought. It isn't that your suggestion is bad, it's just a lot to think about. It is great that the community is contributing to make the server better. Don't take these comments as people hating on you, it's just input.
  11. We would have to make a specific armor "item" that the player could hold and have the ability to drop, and that would not be fun to make. I guess we could make a command to spawn the armor entity and take away your armor, but all in all, I think the way it is now is fine.
  12. I disagree. Bailing would still be the peaceful way to get people out of jail. I like this idea. It just adds more things to do. +1
  13. The problem with letting vigilantes kill wanted players is the fact that it would be impossible to walk around public without getting shot. Atleast with the cops, you have a chance at getting away because they have to arrest you first. However, vigilantes can just straight up shoot you. I feel like it would just make it 10x more difficult for players and a lot of them would complain about RDM.
  14. Add buyable lockpicks maybe? From BMDs?
  15. I agree. Hobos steal all the time IRL +1