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  1. I am currently in Hawaii and the wifi isn't good enough to support playing CS:GO. But I will be back home Tuesday and playing.
  2. I am fluent in C++. Python, and Java. I am a sophomore in college. Don't know any other languages.
  3. Name: Cravens Steam ID: 76561198351329501 Age: 19 Server Playtime: 162 Time you can be on & Timezone: I am a college student so during the summer I will be available everyday from noon till late at night, the only time this will change is when I travel to see my girlfriend every couple weeks but this will only be for a few days. During the school year I will be available from around 5 till midnight everyday. I am in the eastern time zone. Why do you want to become an admin? Ever since I first joined the server over 2 years ago the team at GFL has been nothing short of fantastic. I don't want to brown nose too much but there is truly a wide variety of personalities that make being on the ZE server an extremely fun and addicting time. I have also seen how having an admin in the server at all times can be helpful for keeping the peace especially when someone is trying to lead an inexperienced team with fake commands from randoms, or when there is just a plethora of mic spammers. Reason for accepting? Over the amount of time I have spent on the server I have seen a multitude of personalities and all of the major maps as well as the minor ones. I did take a break last school year due to playing basketball but I will not be doing that this year. Supporting this server in more ways than one has always been something I wanted to do, because I have seen how much joy it brings to the hundreds of people that play on the server. I am a member of the discord, and have TeamSpeak if that is ever needed. I have a working, quality mic, and regularly communicate on the server when I play. Right now and moving forward I will be able to play 5 days, or more, a week. I am 19 years old. I will be a quality addition to the admin team and I am looking forward to any response from the community! -Cravens
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