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  1. I sent this to darkling idk if he ever gave you it but I already did some scouting due to a project I was taking up anyways :L 10/22/2018 yea ik ohhh I never really brought this up or anything as of yet but one thing I have noticed is a member tiering system seems to get people hooked into a community. also give vip rewards for activity not even kidding ts3 channels etc etc
  2. This may help a bunch of obese men on the track attempting to fix her shit that I could easily beat to the finish line but please don't run over me with your scooter you 800 pound men doing track. also you may just need to tick something on the back end side of things which may just be easier then what I just did. if you where watching sorry needed the 2k res to load up but it's ok because you can now watch the website in 1440p aka 2k
  3. So I guess it's that time to run that ticker and how much this shit get's used ayyy?
  4. if you wish to stay dead then so be it but the test run was but a test run I could do it with ease but I must be allowed to get the fuel so that the CS:GO division can be great. this window is only gonna be open for so long so why not seize the chance why say no to safe and guaranteed success why do you want to be a broken record and never learn from our mistakes what ever it may or may not be we have a chance for lift off and smooth sailing why take the dumb stupid russian route and just simply not care and call things never failing when a fail is a fail there is no excuses for failing we can't keep producing these shitty rockets out our ass that lack the fuel needed to be good. So why do it bad when we can do it great.
  5. yea that's not enough time to push it on more people ayy? deadline dec 31st? yea we need more I have not been getting people for a decent bit now I think my push lasted roughly 2 to 3 days maybe 4 in terms of the effects being feeled from my push of said project the first 2 days is when I went well ham then I kind of focused on other things and well day 4 should of been the day where well my push and it's effects where not exactly felt as much is there a traffic chart we could get perhaps?
  6. So when are we gonna hit the bars @Roy because we need to see a drunk roy tonight.

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  7. why make a plugin when you could just setup a freezetime? or an actual warmup cvar lol mp_do_warmup_peroid "1" mp_warmuptimer "inserttimehere" anyways a freezetimer would be the best approach in my eyes which would require me to experiment a little bit as it requires things like impulse 101 and a few other weird things :L anyways this is the command for a freezetime mp_freezetime "inserttimehere" how ever like I said idk if it is well reliable on it's own that is my main concern and why I would need to figure that out incase anyone wishes to know, as I have heard many issues from many people who have had problems implementing it on it's own. anyways I will update this if I have anything else to give you in terms of help ~ anything for the playerbase <3
  8. frikin idiot lmao1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I've missed my fellow with the old defualt avatar.

    1. rapperdan


      also I have a few things in mind for you to start off with in terms of dev work :L


      contact me over discord or something so we can chat.

      my discord username is  ⃠⃠#6969

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    2. TOG
    3. Bigtime388


      Run while you can TOG

  10. It's been awhile buddy ol pal, but no need to fear for the dan man is still here.
  11. Yea I thought it was very well done my self was rather shocked because well black ops series :L
  12. do you have rust yet? also CS:GO is f2p now csgo can be found here - https://store.steampowered.com/app/730/CounterStrike_Global_Offensive/ rust can be found here - https://store.steampowered.com/app/252490/Rust/