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  1. come back

    1. TheJitFace
    2. Jerry Hat Trick

      Jerry Hat Trick


      Shoutbox/GFL has become boring, as we ban all those who don't do things the "GFL way"...

    3. Finnick


      @Jerry Hat Trick


      expected to act emotionless nowadays


      can't joke around, has to be PG 



      especially in the discord



  2. damn came back to see rapperdan gone, F my man, you were weird as shit

  3. F to Dan lol 

    He was the person who spent too much time in GFL

    1. Rick


      Shame he spent most of it bitching.

    2. transperoman


      Damn shame you can't update shit to safe your life also IP ban me already still the same IP also it's ironic coming from a bitch who caused actual issues in another community then threw a damn fit and banned someone like they where gonna save the day grow up ffs and just move on with your damn life I don't care about my ban stop harping over it it's not even relevant just move on with your lifes and focus on what matters for once in your damn life I don't wanna get any more messages of people being offended also nfo recently had hardware issues as have countless other places sadly there is no menace harming gfl other then bitch bois like yourselve stop offending people and just let me die off ffs.


      I wanted to be banned and I got it but you can't even let go after I gave you what you needed so badly I legit went out of my damn way to give people peace of mind that I will be gone but you are to damn attached and can't get over yourselves just move on go outside do something with your damn lifes other then being a bitch on your keyboard.


      Go help what you needed to help and stop giving me issues because of your stupid shit.

    3. transperoman


      good bye I don't want to hear anything else and of course yours truly the bitch who made sure things got fixed :) 

  4. rip, rapperdan, i hope we be coming back ~_~

  5. Dan being banned? Poggers.
    Hotel? Trivago. 


    (Apologies. I couldn't pass it up.)

  6. Gary: banned

    rapperdan: banned

    Damn, GFL's boring now.


  7. rapperbanned has left the chat.

  8. this community stinks W5O4Ymp.png

  9. hahahaha you fucking retard

  10. You can officially be rapperbanned now, congrats!

  11. I've never understood that one my self doing that just creates more dans there is a reason for my thick skin and it has nothing to do with my irl life and everything to do with GFL beating me up over the years and the need to simply over power anyone who is stopping me from helping others anyways the whole autistic shit will always matter to me but not showing my emotions to others so they are not effected by it then completely and utterly destroying someone because of what gfl has made me into anyways @Malal do you really want more dans running around who will make you question your very existance if you damage what they care about which is others? cmon dude no one wants more dans there is a cost to desensitizing people and the outcome is me do you really want to create more of that? I mean I can deflect really any attack on me and make people question there place in GFL entirely I could make countless people out right quit GFL but I know the damages of it so it is something that I do not like it is why I am not a fan of demotions and a fan of working with others trying to retain something is more important then removing it but think about the damages if that is done to someone who is well selfish by nature and not selfless at heart which the later is something that is a lot harder to come by mind you so do you want someone who will seek the complete destruction of every thing that is well life because that is what desensitizing people does to most people I am a very small percentage of people the majority has very very bad outcomes when done. anyways if I'm being honest here the only reason why I am saying this stuff and opening up at all is simply because I don't care about what I once cared for which always was GFL as I've lost hope and tbh if GFL destroys it's self in attempts to get at me I simply don't care but I can say it many times over that purge or what ever happened due to how damaging people truly where I'm sorry if I have gotten a little off track on this thread or what ever but that whole desensitizing shit kind of hit close to home and well I am not exactly actively tending to what I cared for simply because ik it can be better else where anyways it always will be about the community and the playerbase and tbh I'm kind of annoyed with many who are actively trying to change ze when there was a reason why I never touched it or any ideas I had where implemented on it if something works it works you don't fix what is not broken because that very fix may be the thing that will destroy what many care about. TL:DR try your best to keep to your servers and not harp over things that are actively doing well indirectly taking it all down and dismantling it all if something works why change things?
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