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  1. someone said this there CST commented · November 16, 2017 18:10 · Flag as inappropriate If it’s iOS, go to Safari, then search, then click the open on the top right. This will allow you to access the desktop version on mobile, then you can add emoji. I’ve never owned an Android though so IDK about that.
  2. hmu when you get the creators of a reddit page ment to bring you down to report there own creation for harassment over and over again at first I took the cincinnati zoo route then I switched up to the dj khaled route the second route worked out very well tbh.
  3. Ya I had to avoid showing some what sensitive pics I might have pics of other people in gfl stored on my pc strictly memeing purposes of course. I still get people asking me for pics of other people also whats even weirder is I've taken none of the pics people give them to me and I don't understand why tbh I get random messages of people sending other peoples pics to me I may or may not save them sometimes :L
  4. I hate to break it to you but @Riggs is not wrong if this is about adding an emoticon to a discord server or even the forums no joke it takes less then a minute I shall make a video showing how simple it really is right now tbh.
  5. I enjoy throwing coffee mugs like they are a football in order to see how tough the product is of course. pretty much me in my room testing products of course
  6. my chair what I need for chair or else tail bone be mad hurting like I got screwed in that ass by 5 dudes at once hurting dats two pillows one being a pillow I sleep on and my ass goes on top of the pillow beneath that one so I wonder do I taste my asshole a little while sleeping? my keyboard showing the ware and how mad dirty it is I totes don't shed mad hair from my body and since many people some peeps asked about my phone have a phone selfie hahaha ecks dee dee dee also have my TV in my living room family never payed a dime for that TV we got it in some shitty raffle from the electrical company my father works for it was a christmas party that had a raffle and we got a free smart tv
  7. last time I checked they are used and there is no plus in getting rid of them other then saving 500 kb of space if we are lucky that would be a lot for emoticons btw so ask yourself do we really need to save 500 kb space max? what do we even get out of getting rid of some emotes for people to use? if you are a sick person and enjoy people having less emotes and get off to that I guess that's a plus but hey what ever you're into right? these pics are 50x50 max my pics taken off my phone tend to be high res pics my tablet that I upload my pictures from so thats what atleast 1440p pics? after being compressed here is a pic to show you how much a 1080x1440 pic should take up space wise as you can see here the file size of a 1440x1080 pic is only 367 kb so what space are we even gonna save for 50x50 pics let alone 8x8 which is what I believe emoticons should be in 8x8 which is why my dan emoticon is very small it was made for ts3 in mind if you where wondering. so I downloaded the largest emoticon to see how much space it takes up and well here are the results along with how much an 8x8 emoticon takes up now you can also see how large that wutface is and it's pretty big tbh also not to mention a 8x8 emoticon is less then a kb aka it's 810 bytes so what space are we even saving?
  8. hey guys nicole here and I'm here to talk about :dan: @JerryBomb I was unaware that emoticons took up lots of space can you explain what you mean by that? if this is about not seeing all the emoticons click the custom tab there's a custom tab? ya right here down arrow top right click custom ez. fyi something tells me that people want this emoticon Not sure what tells me but I think it might have to do with the likes :L
  9. I make bots that are smarter then me homez


    1. Duc2000




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      I fucked up.
    2. transperodan
  10. fags this is clearly the definition of a fag if you are thinking of something else I'm afraid your head is in the gutter.
  11. hey so who the fuck adds people on discord? also this is the first time I've ever opened this and here are the results what discord is recommending me to add?948cdfaef89490ae77ececd261651ae4.png

    then I have these pending friend request why? 



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    2. transperodan


      Well looks like I'm about to be mad gay because if they want to rape me just gonna do this real quick 99b2408fd69c8ca6ca74f6abc827fe2a.png

      I accepted them all ;) 

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    4. Duc2000
  12. b267a59f12d38121d8028d2c2ff77d48.png.04add6710a72092909cc048260740b0c.png

    1. Darkling


      I'd prefer you didn't post things like this... No content for me to read. At least add the story.

    2. transperodan


      wait hold up there was a story behind it? also I just posted this after your remark on the demographic, fluff made it ages ago and I figured it would make you laugh idk..

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    3. Darkling


      I love the picture :P 


      I just want some context like who made it and why they made it and my reaction initially. 


      Do your research Dan.

  13. next time they in ts3 I gotz this just hmu if you see them.
  14. where are those serbs at that use our ts3 server?
  15. Some times I think to myself I don't see a problem either when I can ignore the giant purple elephant in the room there tends to be a lack of a issue right? if I scroll down and don't see it. the issue is still there and I would just be ignoreing the issue that is above also I'm sure there might be some people who the snow takes up some process power that is well simply not needed to be used so again stop with the remarks if you can k danks.