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  1. Hey! Is this your steam account? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019355997 If not, can you link me to yours?
  2. Denied. We have an anti-cheat for a reason. You can appeal on 10/7/2020 or anytime thereafter.
  3. Unbanned. Keep an eye on your karma.
  4. Issue should be resolved on mapchange. Thanks for reporting it!
  5. Hey, thanks for reporting the bug! I'll look into it and comment with the solution.
  6. Mask request, SANS

    Added. Why is this mask such a big deal?
  7. Unbanned. Do it again and I won't be as lenient.
  8. appeal :'(

    Hi there! It's a bit early for an appeal since this was a permanent ban and it's a minimum of a year, but I'll let that slide. If you advertise another server again, you'll have to wait the full year before you appeal. Unbanned. 🔒
  9. +1 Helped me for a long time with anti cheat measures. Is the cause of multiple recent player bans from cheating software, and has proved his usefulness in the cheating scene, especially for lua. If he doesn't get accepted, I will throw a tantrum.
  10. Erm, going to close this. If you were waiting: Your ban expired a long time ago.
  11. Hi there! Your steamID is STEAM_0:1:53498388, for future reference. You're unbanned, sorry for the wait.
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