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  1. @Fafy I'd presume he does. Nothing in here is related to even being a developer, no work was linked, etc. @Nick assuming you can, can you lock this? I don't see why it should still be open.
  2. Sorry, I probably should've found the time to vote way earlier as I read this and then got sidetracked and ended up not voting at all, however, I'm going to give you a +1. Good luck!
  3. -1 You haven't provided any work within a full week. You're hours is only 2 per week, and you're "My talent" section is less than 1 line. Last visit to forums was May 12, so you're not even staying up to date with this topic.

    Was going to snag this playermodel for Rot TTT but I noticed an issue. When I put it on my test server, it's made of missing textures, is this my PC only? I'm not sure. But you should test this before you put it onto the server and see if you can get it to work (granted you accept this suggestion) (more or less this message is for the SM and Idk who that is so rip)
  5. [POLL] Non-Minecraft maps

    We also didn't have any sort of anycast beforehand. We could put up the shittiest TTT server and we'd still get a good amount of players.
  6. Moo did this same thing but his was a shitpost. I'm assuming this is as well?
  7. ban appeal

    Hey there! I'm happy to inform you that this ban appeal has been accepted. Reason(s): Sent me this in PM's: Apparently this is a legitimate issue. Have fun on the server!
  8. ban appeal

    Yeah, I pm'd you multiple times to answer me in-game and you ignored me at least 5 times and wouldn't explain yourself. Nobody else got the same error that you did, no where in any code in any addons in the server use runstrings, and again, you ignored me when I asked you to explain it. I told you that you can appeal on the forums if you'd like an unban. RunStrings are sometimes used to bypass CAC, and I've definitely seen it used in cheats a lot. Here's the image: Now that you're here, I'll allow you to explain this, though, I don't see much of a chance I'm going to unban you. There is literally not a single spot in the server code that has an erroring RunString, let alone use a RunString.
  9. Man I hate getting notifications from this.
  10. I've decided to make a post about this, considering some people are already aware of my situation with murder, and a lot aren't, I figured I'd just make it public knowledge. I believe everyone knows that I haven't been paying much focus on murder. I've made polls from roughly 3 weeks ago with what I wanted to do and ended up never doing any of it. I'm sorry to say, but I don't believe you should expect to see any of those polls in-game. I'm focused on TTT Rotational now as many already know, and I don't believe I'll be switching focus anytime soon. This is why I believe it's best that I step down from my position, I've made DL's aware of this a few days ago that they should start looking for a new manager, however, I've decided to step down so it's made clear that the position is available. There shouldn't be much to be sad about here, just wanted to make sure this was all cleared up. If anyone has management experience and wants to give murder a shot, feel free to PM a DL. I can help you revert/revamp what I've already done if you send me a PM. Also, considering I've done a lot with lua on the server, you may need me for a few things to remove/edit or whatever. So yes, this is my resignation from murder. As I've stated before I'm focused on TTT and I'd like to keep it that way, especially seeing how well the server has already been doing. And once again, For those interested in becoming the new Murder Manager, PM a DL ( @Fafy & @Zebra ) about it. Thanks for reading!
  11. Closing. Ban appeal was denied by the banning admin.
  12. Closing appeal. Reason: Duplicate Appeal.
  13. 32 Bans? Honestly, good luck, lol.
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