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  1. Successfully added the mask to the server. Enjoy!
  2. Successfully added the mask to the server. Enjoy!
  3. To avoid repeating myself, I'll give you a link to another person who already appealed. I'll lower everyones bans to 3 days. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say it was a dumb mistake on all your parts. I don't want to see it again or I wont be changing the ban time again.
  4. It wasn't Pancake who banned you. It was me. You were sitting in the back of the map with 3 others at the beginning of multiple rounds and you proceeded to kill everyone who entered, regardless of your roles and theirs. Once I was made aware of this, I waited until a round started and walked in their myself. I was killed by a traitor (you were that traitor). I then gave 10 seconds to see if the people around you would kill you or if you were cheating. I waited, and none of them started firing at you, you never started firing at them, and no one even ID'd my body. You were clearly breaking the rules. I can't imagine there is a possibility this was an accident. You cant just not kill someone because they were sitting in the back of the map with you before the round started. That said, I'm going to deny this appeal. When you come back, I don't want to see it again. Here's your ban details. Player theaztecwarrior No Demos Steam ID STEAM_0:1:116038607 Steam3 ID [U:1:232077215] Steam Community 76561198192342943 Invoked on 07-13-19 16:10 Banlength 1 wk Expires on 07-20-19 16:10 Reason Ghosting/Cheating Banned by Admin Zero Banned from [GFLClan.com] TTT Rotation | Custom | Knives | P... Blocked (4) theaztecwarrior, theaztecwarrior, theaztecwarrior, theaztecwarrior
  5. Updated: Added @Magiconix (late lol)
  6. Ban appeal BattleJo

    The anticheat I put on the server sucks, didn't realize it was going to do that. I've unbanned all players banned from it and removed it from the server. Sorry about that, it shouldn't happen again.
  7. Updated: Updated @Lunar Blade's @ Added @Tonyyy & @Price to admin. Removed @JadedJade (for now)
  8. The reason we added supporter+ sprays only is due to the fact that we are CHILD-FRIENDLY. It doesn't matter how long a child sees that spray, it's going to be retained in their memory. Violator had a script the entire time he was a division leader but from what I can tell that script broke. So I decided to re-create it. Really it'd be Squid & Milkman's choice if they want it on the server or not, but I believe it should stay. I've seen way too many bad sprays to think non-supporters & non-VIPs deserve to use sprays. It's been more than convincing.
  9. Mask Requests

    NOTE: This is for VIPS ONLY, any non-vip's who try to submit a request will be closed and hidden. (Full admins may also request masks) Hey there! If you're seeing this, it must mean you want to add a new mask into the game. I'll teach you how to create a proper request using this post as an example. This process is very easy for you, you make the request, and I'll do most of the work. It's pretty simple: Open this link. Put the title like this: [MASK REQUEST]: mask_name_here Copy the format below this line ____________________________________________ Mask Name - mask_name_here Mask Image - mask_image_here ____________________________________________ Paste what's between the yellow lines into there. And replace both mask_name_here's with what YOU want the mask's name to be in point-shop. Replace mask_image_here with the image of the mask you want to use. Submit the topic, and PM me on discord ( Zero#2784 ). You're done! Leave the rest up to me!
  10. Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Have an admin reset your karma when you're in-game.
  11. ban appeal

    Everyone takes high sus differently. I'm going to repeat myself for the third time. "Everyone takes high sus in different ways. I.E I take it as "Watch this guy closely, he's almost definitely a traitor". Some ignore it, etc." that being said, it really depends on everyone in the game. Calling high sus is self-explanatory. By the default game standards, high sus is someone to keep an eye on. Going off by this, you hinted towards your T buddy and fucked him over because people are going to be watching him more closely. However, no-where on the motd does it say you cannot specifically high sus traitors. I will update this to make sure this doesn't happen again. On the other hand, even if it did, your T buddy didn't give you consent to do so. You just did it. You then went on to call it a "tactic" when I've heard from a friend close to you, you did it out of anger towards the admin. The scale is still more or less against you, Eehab. I'm lowering the ban time to 5 days and updating the motd. Any other actions will be taken by Tony.
  12. Jims Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Watch your karma.
  13. Look's to me like a player shot him in Log 1. Meaning even though he's RDMing, that one is excused. So he RDM'd two. I can't really do much for that though.
  14. Can you give me the full logs pictures if possible, I need to make sure that none of these players provoked him, and it was indeed mass rdm.
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