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  1. period blood red, its just such a pretty red.
  2. I fucking hate you.

    1. rapperdan


      nice christmas hat bruh

  3. Mine just broke 1GB of memes I also have sub-folders of memes in my meme folder.
  4. Ummm where are the tacos? I came here because I was promised tacos.
  5. Don't do it it's not worth it

  6. Image result for middle finger gif

    1. SashaGrey


      Fuking bring it, 1v1 on CSS to decide if we SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

  7. What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? SashaGrey (TS) SashaGrey#9526 (Discord) Which of the platforms do you use the most? TeamSpeak How would you describe your activity there? I am always on teamspeak. Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? I was one once before and just want to be apart of the team again. I miss being able to take care of mic spammers and ear rapers. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? Like I always did when I was admin and TS Admin before, Listen to both sides and making my decisions that way. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. Never, imma good boy!! Moderators and Trusted+, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  8. Get tf outta here...

  9. nice to see you back. and always remember...


    :duck: F R E E D O M  S Q U A D :duck:


    saving our fellow ducks from injustice!



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