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  1. why does your tag say ur currently a jb admin :omegalul:

  2. Marty Music is a fucking beast, all praise Marty. Another youtuber thats been helping me a lot is The-Art-of-Guitar, he has a lot of helpful tips and practicing techniques. So far I have memorized the main chords and can switch between them fluently, I have been doing certain techniques like this, and I learned the beginning of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd thanks to Marty.
  3. What’s the best way to learn the guitar online (preferably for free)?
  4. Here’s thing tho, do you really think you deserve not to be perma banned? The amount of times you joined the server with a vpn to ban evade is stupid

    cringe retresf

    1. Chef.


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    2. Flops


      Obesity is a complex disease involving an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity isn't just a cosmetic concern. It is a medical problem that increases your risk of other diseases and health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. fat

  6. I’ll just give the long answer and hopefully we don’t have to ramble on any longer about this bafoonery. On the server we go by certain rules applying to admins, for example “Admins rule is final”. There is a reason the people that are admins are admins. They are trusted by the manager because of their dedication to the server. Because of this trust. Other staff members trust in their judgment over that of a player. This means that YOU are the one who should be supplying the proof. When an admin bans someone for something like MFK (1 week like yours), do we question them? No. There should be no difference here. This situation is definitely a cloudy one with both sides not supplying concrete facts, but at the end of the day, staff members will trust in staff members. You aren’t making a point. You aren’t shining a light on anything. No admin is out to get you (in fact it is arguably the complete opposite). There is no need to continue this conversation because it has boiled down to a circle of retardation.
  7. Ever since you’ve started playing the server, all you’ve done is cause drama. I wasn’t on or around when you got banned but I trust beanbag’s decision, and unless you can prove him wrong to some extent, this ban will stay. I don’t understand why you are still trying to appeal. The person who banned you isn’t budging, and like I said before, unless you can prove him otherwise nothing will happen. Also for future reference don’t leak private messages.
  8. Ban Appeal

    My thoughts: I have talked to aqqle a lot since he’s been perma’d, and to my surprise, he actually seems sorry for what he did. Because of this, here are my thoughts: unban him, but perma ctban to him. Us admins can watch over him for an extended period of time to see any improved behavior, and if things get out of hand, a ban can be applied. Your behavior and actions were far past toxic, but I think you might just have room to improve. If you do get unbanned, live up to this to prove yourself. Don’t act nice just to mfk, because you will end up just where you started, and maybe just where you belong.
  9. You have taken my answer completely astray from its meaning and out of context. The context was what you said here: I allow this because it is permitted cheating and all, and because it is fundamentally still the LR, a race. However, this is still borderline loop-holing so I don't know fully what to think of it. But for now, I will permit this as an admin. Now to the other, more blatant way you loophole to your way in LRs; Unlike your last act, this is way more black and white. Why on earth would this be ok? Think about it. You're totally straying from the "gun toss" and just shooting/knifing them. Unlike the race, it is not longer fundamentally gun toss, but some cheap way to get kills and to get people to hate you. Use your big boy brain and don't be an asshole, that simple. There's this crazy thing members trying to keep the server clean do, its called "reporting". With video evidence given by someone that was there when it happened, an admin can punish off of that. This doesn't help your argument at all. You and your little buddy have always just been toxic; breaking rules and making the mode less fun for the rest of us. For example, just today, I had to ctban mr. fortnite over here for pressing the lava climb and deathrun buttons after I specifically told him not to. You insult the community and praise yours, then you come running to forums for a weak one day ban? Makes no sense to me. Also just to add, your title is "vin totally false ban", but then you just say:
  10. The point of the wording is to get people to apply for member. Its encouraging the thought that you aren't a recurring player like the rest of the GFL members until you join the community. The member tag is a perk and people developing the server aren't going to go out of their way to change or make a new plugin for non-members' tags because they have accumulated a lot of hours. The New User tag is not meant to be cool or flashy whatsoever, for reasons stated above. This doesn't make sense because most new users aren't recurring like you. This I can agree with, but only if it is exclusive to members, and that it is somewhat of a ranking system for hours played (kind of like a surf server for times). Something like: 0-10 hours: [GFL Member] 11-100 hours: [GFL Gamer] 101-200 hours: [GFL JB Master] 201+ hours: [GFL JB GOD] *Of course names and hours can be changed, but I think I'd be a cool concept and would be another way for casuals to continue coming back and grinding. Sorry I'm bored
  11. Okay I saw this theory on a video yesterday and I’m going with it, because it’s fucking cool. What if the Mind Flayer is 001? The theory makes a lot of sense and brings the show to a full circle; it relates the lab to eleven and the upside down. This theory gives more context to the Mind Flayer’s intentions and has us see him less of just a shadowy figure. He is less of just a senseless monster and more of a Voldemort (as seen and explained in the video). I think I’d be pretty insane if they managed to show all 11 and their powers, and maybe they band together to fight the powerful 001.
  12. Hey @soyoung, here is what I have as of now for your signature request, any thoughts before I move onto your profile picture?
  13. I will be taking this, thank you for the well thought-out request! Question: should the avatar be animated as well?
  14. I know how you feel bro. I feel the server is taking a dive to being more toxic again. You were one of our best admins and I am extremely glad I sponsored you. Stay chill and in touch with the boys. Good luck in your work.
  15. MW2 highkey, simple and classic. Literally played it with my buddy today (1v1 local) and it was a blast. Also BO2, I have too many memories playing zombies and such on the game to ignore.
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