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  1. Honestly I’m going to have to give a fat -1. First of all, your past roles in other communities do not help your application. All it shows to me is that you jump roles frequently. This shows that you invest time in roles then quickly get bored of the role and move on. I’ve seen this first hand when you applied for admin on jb. You were on like 1-3 times, then when it was a little toxic, you quickly resigned. You’ve said that you’ve changed or improved, but fundimentally you happened. These type of actions shouldn’t be accepted in a public relations role. If you show you have changed (not just saying it), I will consider otherwise.
  2. [VOTE] Keep Fists?

    The cons outweigh the pros. Sure you can do a fistfight every now and then for a t game, but that is just a slower and more boring knife fight. Another thing is the distortion effect. This can be easily abused and can pester/anger new players. CTs can fuck with the warden by punching him when he’s trying to place a marker or kill a t *cough* *cough* @Big Normie. The only possibility I see of them staying is removing the distortion effect, but they still come with more glitches, for example: on Zeus day you have to kill someone to get a Zeus because the fists clog up a spot. Overall, they just like an inconvience whether it is having 3 different melee weapons or being repeatly punched by a t or ct.
  3. Person above gay ^^^^^

    1. Korowa
    2. Chef.


      well that was quick lmao

  4. AOTM- March

    ACE FACE REVEAL????????????
  5. AOTM- March

    Bow down to unzo and his epic cat and gaming setup!
  6. Keep fists, just remove that stupid ass shake/distort effect that it does when someone is punched
  7. 6. All entrys must be made during the month that it is assigned. Remember to make your creation for this OTM. You can swap out/edit your meme if you like
  8. Welcome to the brand-new OTM, Meme of the Month! In this OTM, you will submit a meme, it can be any kind of online meme you can wrap your head around. If you don't think you have the resources or skills to make an intricate meme, just make a simple meme from a format, it's simple and effective! GET CREATIVE! Because this is the first MOTM, the theme will be: ANYTHING! Rules can be found here All submission will be accepted until 4/1/19 Good luck and have fun!
  9. Aren’t you younger than me? Certainly look like a toddler xdd Fat fat
  10. If you don’t like square, just have a png background to make whatever shape you want. Why restrict it to circle with little leeway?
  11. Fuck you I don’t want no ravioli nigga

    1. Chef.


      How about some ham and Swiss lunchables? 


      it would be good for your diet

  12. Aight boys you already know I gotta get in on this action. Here are some of my old and new unzo memes:
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