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  1. Twas fun!

    OMG Remuchu, sad to see you go We definitely got off on a rough start but I think we've become chill and even friends. Will miss you on for sure. Hope to see you on JB some time ✌️
  2. We did our part! Did you?
  3. I voted no because I think this has a simple solution: Remove armor, give CTs unlimited medishots. This would restore it too just like the old server and I think its pretty balanced. Armor can ruin many games (for example Pokemon day).
  4. Add unzo walk (shift walk on sand, no jumping, stairs count as sand)
  5. [VOTE] Keep Fists?

    The cons outweigh the pros. Sure you can do a fistfight every now and then for a t game, but that is just a slower and more boring knife fight. Another thing is the distortion effect. This can be easily abused and can pester/anger new players. CTs can fuck with the warden by punching him when he’s trying to place a marker or kill a t *cough* *cough* @Big Normie. The only possibility I see of them staying is removing the distortion effect, but they still come with more glitches, for example: on Zeus day you have to kill someone to get a Zeus because the fists clog up a spot. Overall, they just like an inconvience whether it is having 3 different melee weapons or being repeatly punched by a t or ct.
  6. Person above gay ^^^^^

    1. Korowa
    2. Chef.


      well that was quick lmao

  7. Keep fists, just remove that stupid ass shake/distort effect that it does when someone is punched
  8. Aren’t you younger than me? Certainly look like a toddler xdd Fat fat
  9. If you don’t like square, just have a png background to make whatever shape you want. Why restrict it to circle with little leeway?
  10. Aight boys you already know I gotta get in on this action. Here are some of my old and new unzo memes:
  11. Hey all of my fellow kiddos, Just letting y'all know that I am going an vacation away from my computer. Don't cry man it'll only be a week. So when I'm inactive on PR and JB, that's why. Stuff to remember when I'm away: Paula has earrings Unzo is from Egypt Just because someone's name is "Chef" doesn't mean they are fat Nocheat's Naruto trivia is the best thing JB has ever seen
  12. Every other GFX member be like
  13. Read all button

    It's already a thing. Look at the top right of the page. I don't know if this is the most convenient button, but its there.
  14. I'm assuming your the next person to join the line?
  15. I think JB is basically back, (manager and all) so we good. I will, however give you one last image of the Swedish Chef to ingrain in your brain.

    Related image

  16. Posting pictures of the Swedish Chef until JailBreak is back

    Day 4:

    Image result for swedish chef in suit

    look at this sexy beast

  17. Posting pictures of the Swedish Chef until JailBreak is back

    Day 3:

    Related image

  18. Posting pictures of the Swedish Chef until JailBreak is back

    Day 2:

    Image result for swedish chef

    I will never stop until JB is restored!

    1. Zexired


      Posting pictures of 'Chef_ posting pictures of the Swedish Chef until JailBreak is back' until JailBreak is back
      Day 1:



    2. Chef.


      Oh my god that's meta

  19. Posting pictures of the Swedish Chef until JailBreak is back

    Day 1:

    Image result for swedish chef

    Edited by Chef_
  20. GFL get your shit together, this is a GAMING community..... meant for fun. We should not be losing such talented staff over toxicity. Thanks for everything Virus
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