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  1. This would be a nightmare to inforce. Why discriminate against kids that are just trying to learn the mode? What about people that sound like kids but are actually older (like my boy @smiley, he is not twelve )? This proposed rule would just become a witch-hunt on the server on squeakers. If someone is breaking rules, young or old, there are things to stop or prevent it. This rule would just make the server less fun for new players trying to learn about Jailbreak.
  2. English please 😔
  3. I would like to see more examples of what you mean, but I will explain this one. The current LR of our server only activates when there is one person and does not recognize freedays. The warden to trying to progress to LR, because that is the final goal of the day. Because of these two reasons, the glowed person is unglowed to prevent delaying (which is a rule), because if the glowed person wasn’t unglowed, the round wouldn’t progress. I do understand what you mean, but when admins are on, they’re meant to do whatever’s most fun for the server, which might mean they tell the warden or terrorist something that isn’t explicitly stated in the rules. Casuals tend to follow these rules because they make the server better.
  4. Best doggo of GFL 2019 change my mind
  5. ???

    Can we not post useless topics...
  6. 1. Yeah I like a good rgb keyboard, but I’d rather have quality than show. 2. My current keyboard is extremetly loud and that’s one of the reasons I dislike it (like said above). I would now prefer a quieter keyboard or something in the middle (like red switches if I remember correctly) 3. US bb 4. Yeah I’d most likely I’d like macros, but it’s not essential. 5. I am familiar with synapse and logitech softwares but I have no preference
  7. Hey everyone, I am currently looking for a decently priced, good mechanical keyboard. My current one I have is VERY loud (blue-switched) and a little fucky at times. Nothing over $100. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hey, thats pretty good! I've had this idea for a while now but I hate OBS and I don't want to deal with .dem.
  9. From my experience playing with you, you have been extremely toxic, always getting into arguments, micspamming and such. If you "loved the server" so much, you wouldn't of MFK'd. Your appeal openly contradicts itself which does not help your case. Your actions are rash and impulsive, and I do not see any clear change, so I will give a -1.

    After all the chances you were given, you lost your credibility. You ignored admins orders and continued to spam admin chat. Then, when you got a short ban, you spammed forums and discord like a maniac. Then, you got banned again for a couple days for the same type of reasons. AFTER ALL OF THIS you tried to join the server with a duplicate account, and you got perma'd. I think you've caused enough trouble and you've deserved your sentence. Because of this lost credibility I do not believe you have "matured".
  11. Imma just list off everything wrong with this map: Bad/basic/bugged games: The games are very bland, the only game that is successfully played that is fun is climb, and then that is just overplayed. Ga,mes like jumprope had to be removed because of their bugs. Basic textures: The textures are also very boring, they use the "dev" texture, which are overused in basic maps. Overpowered secrets/One-sided main cell: There are secrets for example the scout secret in main cell, that basically are impossible to stop. Whether it is the armory secret above cells, the easily accessible vent, or the gun in cells, the CTs are overwhelmed no matter the amount of Ts. Bad map layout: The hallways to different rooms are very thin, the rooms are weirdly connected and somewhat bare. I'll agree it was an OG map back in the day, but I don't think it can hang anymore with our current map pool and it is very frustrating to play.
  12. Twas fun!

    OMG Remuchu, sad to see you go We definitely got off on a rough start but I think we've become chill and even friends. Will miss you on for sure. Hope to see you on JB some time ✌️
  13. We did our part! Did you?
  14. I voted no because I think this has a simple solution: Remove armor, give CTs unlimited medishots. This would restore it too just like the old server and I think its pretty balanced. Armor can ruin many games (for example Pokemon day).
  15. Add unzo walk (shift walk on sand, no jumping, stairs count as sand)
  16. [VOTE] Keep Fists?

    The cons outweigh the pros. Sure you can do a fistfight every now and then for a t game, but that is just a slower and more boring knife fight. Another thing is the distortion effect. This can be easily abused and can pester/anger new players. CTs can fuck with the warden by punching him when he’s trying to place a marker or kill a t *cough* *cough* @Big Normie. The only possibility I see of them staying is removing the distortion effect, but they still come with more glitches, for example: on Zeus day you have to kill someone to get a Zeus because the fists clog up a spot. Overall, they just like an inconvience whether it is having 3 different melee weapons or being repeatly punched by a t or ct.
  17. Person above gay ^^^^^

    1. Korowa
    2. Chef.


      well that was quick lmao

  18. Keep fists, just remove that stupid ass shake/distort effect that it does when someone is punched
  19. Aren’t you younger than me? Certainly look like a toddler xdd Fat fat
  20. If you don’t like square, just have a png background to make whatever shape you want. Why restrict it to circle with little leeway?
  21. Aight boys you already know I gotta get in on this action. Here are some of my old and new unzo memes:
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