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  1. GFL get your shit together, this is a GAMING community..... meant for fun. We should not be losing such talented staff over toxicity. Thanks for everything Virus
  2. Honestly just shut up and finish Jailbreak. We shouldn’t rely on one person to make the server
  3. Here are some suggestions that I thought up (many may be from OG Jailbreak) /redie I think this is important because it keeps dead players engaged (servers that don't have this can get very boring very fast) As Worgee said, gangs Maybe not too elaborate of a shop system, because it can cause problems (as seen with our last JB server) Keep events + event coordinators Keep old admins (for the most part) and also add new ones (more admins are needed because of this new influx of hackers from the FreeToPlay update) A more defined rank system, the last ranking system from old JB was confusing (I never understood how you got points) maybe have a ranking system that tracks CT kills, successful days as CT/warden, etc. Basically all old plugins as JGuary said, !o, !w, !voteday, !vg, !rtv, etc. Make it so ts can talk to CTs 30 seconds after round starts (like old server) and dead can talk to alive Also I didn't really understand the !deputy command, didn't really see its purpose Thanks
  4. Update please

    Not trying to be a dick or anything, but cmon, this should not be taking this long. There are many good possible managers. With the success that our other CS:GO servers are having right now, I think that is a no-braining to have the making of this server a top priority. Many people are waiting patiently and being left in the dark. I suggest asking the community what they want (join the discord if you haven't already). The least you can do if have more transparency imo. Thanks
  5. You must be crushed now that hentaihaven.com is shut down
  6. Happy birthday JGARRYY

    1. JGuary551


      THANK YOU CHEFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️

  7. Damn, sad to see you go. Hope you can hope on some time when JB is back up. Had some fun times
  8. LLJ's Art Request

    Here is what I made:
  9. LLJ's Art Request

    Hey Riggs, I can take this up. What kind of face/facial expression are we talking about?
  10. Congrats to @Finnick (:deletethis:) on winning this month's EOTM!