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  1. I remember wanting to change my skin every second I could for some reason lol.
  2. Shout out to the people who have had it for like 4-5 years.
  3. Like a few people have said it is easy abusable and should probably stay like the way it is. (VG/VW)
  4. Im gonna go with @AceOfSpades here cause man do I love the way his bunny looks hehe.
  5. I am sorry about your grandma and hope she has a speedy recovery. As for you have a safe flight.
  6. I already downloaded the CS:S textures so I should be good to go.
  7. IP to the server? I just got GMOD and would love to play this.
  8. I just tried this on the same post you tried clicking on. It doesn't work for me either.
  9. None. I'm stuck in non prime. I get spin botted every match or have 3 of my teamates leave. My best one was probably my recent one.
  10. Thank you for making me this. Looks really cool.
  11. Changed it. hope that helps.
  12. Mine on Netflix right now is Arrow. Whats yours?
  13. Natus Vincere

    I am not really into the pro scene. I have only watched them for the cases.
  14. Hi Cat, I'm new to this community only been playing for a few months. I only play JB but you sound like a really nice guy. These post always make me sad because as you say in your post your head admin in a server. Obviously you have worked hard. I don't know you but you go enjoy your life outside of video games
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