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  1. unban

    Lock this @JGuary551 thanks ❤️
  2. Soo I followed everything step by step and shot into stack for some reason. Worked tho thanks!
  3. This is why this will be locked if @BamBoozled is fine with it. Personally VuDu has explained you well and you need to wait it out.
  4. Exactly how many T’s did you kill? because “1” T is not enough for a week ban.
  5. Honestly the LR rule doesn't matter. They should be waiting to be selected for LR not off doing T secrets and getting stuck.. Hour requirement would help but would not stop some people.
  6. If you wanted unbanned why did you ban evade?? All you had to do was wait 7 days.
  7. That's what we consider "toxic". Meaning ( I know this is Bam's but) you for sure should wait out whatever time your ct ban is...
  8. Literally what @Chef. said sums this suggestion up. Poo Poo.
  9. This other situation I feel would not be baiting. They are detouring and attempting to kill you so its not Freekill. I don't believe anything about this rule needs change its also sort of common sense. If they have to physically move towards you to knife, its not baiting. There are also other situations where a CT may not be baiting, but is attempting to get T's to rush him so he could kill him, I personally would consider that baiting. Just my thoughts on what you said tell me if I don't understand the situation.
  10. Honestly if you haven't, and are in to Detective/Gore (Sorta) you could watch Criminal Minds. I just finished that and it was amazing.
  11. ???

  12. Kawa's ban appeal

    I remember this happening once and I had talked to you about it and we resolved it but the server still thinks that you are scripting/jump hacking so it bans you. This is my input on it but Leks would have to speak to you.
  13. Most of the time T's get into armory fairly quickly and go and kill the CT's. As for the time limit you can't really control it each time, sometimes you don't know when a warden can randomly call a Freeday. Which they do.
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