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  1. don't diss butter like that >:((( anyway like people have said before, purge is not coming back. wait for darkrp.
  2. +1 duh it's jguary. plenty of experience, knows what's expected of him. if he's got the time to help then he'd be an amazing addition.
  3. Hi ❤️

    1. flyingjoe32


      hi dad how r u ❤️

    2. JGuary551


      I am good my son how are you  this fine day 

    3. flyingjoe32


      i'm gr8, still miss u tho 😭

  4. please do not comment on this app if you are not part of the moderation team. thanks
  5. Happy Canada Day! idk about y'all but i'm getting ready to launch some fireworks in my backyard (safely)
  6. BLM

    Y'all really need to learn how to be respectful. Locking this as no one seems to be able to hold a civil conversation.
  7. Could you provide us with your Discord username and/or your Discord User ID? To get the ID, please refer to this: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/206346498-Where-can-I-find-my-User-Server-Message-ID- EDIT: Nevermind, found it here: It isn't my call but I highly doubt you'll get unbanned.
  8. My apologies for the wait, I'll tag @motorsteak to deal with your appeal since the person who originally banned you is gone.
  9. Thank you for the recommendation but I doubt we'll put the community in a standstill. However you do raise a very important point, and that is that we should all try to contribute to the cause. Since not all of us are able to go out and march in the streets, I'll be leaving a link here with donation pages and other information. Supporting the cause is very noble but we shouldn't shame others just because they don't reach the level of "activism" that we do. https://blacklivesmatter.carrd.co/ ALSO: A reminder not to donate to every site you see. Verify for yourselves that the site is legitimate and that the money goes where it is promised: in the hands of the victims rather than the hands of some corporation. Sites such as Change may not donate the money they receive directly to those affected. Once again, common sense prevails.
  10. Locked at the request of OP. This man was taken from our us too soon, may his friends and family grieve peacefully. We appreciate the political discussion but we request that everyone remain civil and respect the deceased.
  11. @Daystar it's ok i'm canadian i gotchu
  12. back when purge was still a thing (first time round ), me and @Dreamm would run this little gun shop. i can't count the amount of summer nights we spent on there together also general shenanigans with the old staff team, mostly @DoctorDJ, @Dreamm, and @PotatoMum also also can't forget about @zoroark, he's the reason i woke up most mornings i'd tag a dozen other people i'm glad i met through purge but most of them are long gone from the community. they'll always hold a dear place in my heart
  13. -rep super rude

    1. flyingjoe32
    2. yoshiw2


      +rep promised to take my mom out for dinner tomorrow

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