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  1. If I may, maybe a similar command or feature to preview something in the shop or maybe a short detailed description of what you’re buying from the cosmetics shop if possible or a possible refund feature that isn't spammable on everything or a preview that just acts as a temporary loan of the cosmetic that also isn’t spammable.
  2. Maybe something similar like idea wise... I can't help but notice every time I see the server peek over 16 players or so at the beginning of every round you will more than likely hear 3 or more "squeakers" start yelling in their microphones, I don't want to be rude or disrespectful but it is something I find disturbingly annoying. Maybe a yelling rule or something, any simple reminder you could give someone to make them a little more bearable to listen to would be greatly appreciated! Just give the idea some thought.
  3. 4/5 of the friends i have who own gmod have over 1000 hours and I’m like 90% sure they would all say gmod and prop hunt are married.
  4. If not decrease it, then make it more rewarding maybe add an extra member slot per upgrade.
  5. When someone starts your favourite song on jb_undertale_v1 http://ifunny.co/fun/ZTdhHFc25
  7. Current Average of all ranks posted before this post is 9.5 so gn3/gnm Keep them coming
  8. This is somewhat for my personal curiosity. I simply want you to post what rank you are on CSGO MM. (if you have one) The main reason if because I sort of want to know if there is a relation to rank and I want to know a general average from people who are active on forums. Just post what you current MM rank is and when the last time your rank changed was. (if you know) Current Rank: Gold Nova 3 Last Rank Change: June 23rd (de-rank)
  9. Its not completely useless?? First off a lot of people might care which is why it should be toggleable and also why it should default be turned off but what if you want to know who might be ghosting you or if your trying to show somebody something? There might not be some entirely obvious reasons but definitely some useful ones and I for one would enjoy and utilize this feature.
  10. Make it toggleable but I was also thinking it would show in chat or maybe work like the !showcredits or !credits commands
  11. Not entirely sure if this has been suggested before, I tried to read most of this thread but its huge... Possibly a Notification System for Specs like on surf servers when someone is spectating you maybe a box appears telling you who? how long? and how many?