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  1. I like coke a lot more then Pepsi because it just taste better what about u coke or pepsi
  2. I love both but I would have to go with soft serverd custard because it taste so good I know ice cream and custard are like the same thing but I just like custard way better! Ice cream or custard?
  3. This one is a very hard one for me I love bot cheese burgers and beats but if I had to choose I would totally choose cheese burgers because I love putting fried onions and bacon on them and they are just amazing what would you choose comment below brat or cheese burger
  4. I have never gone to private school my self but what I have heard (some of my friends went to private) that it is bad. My friends have said they love public schools so much better. I love my public school because a lot of my friends are there and I don't think I would ever want to try it my pick is public how about you? Private or Public?
  5. Showers are for people who like to get it over with done with so they can do whatever they have to do baths are for people who like to relax/rest enjoy their time. I like both but I would pick baths because I like to sit their in the hot water soaking playing games and watching tv and it is so relaxing but sometimes I like showers when I have to go and do something but I still would pick bath if I had the choice. What about you, bath or shower
  6. What is your guys favorite food/foods I love pizza and steak and bacon cheese burgers what about you
  7. What GFLClan Severa do you guys play I have played jail break the most but I have been on zombie escape
  8. would you rather have something sweet or something salty I love both but i like sweet a bit more
  9. Would you guys rather have coffee or tea I am just wondering I would rather have coffee cause I love fraps
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