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  1. I mean we should have like the octodad skin and the deadpool skin and the Lara craft stuff like that
  2. I think there should be player models in the shop. Hear me out a lot of severs have player models and they look really cool. And maybe put them at a pretty high price like 7000 or 6000 credits.
  3. I think that shot for shot should have primary weapons like the nova,Negev,XM,m249,M4a4,sg,aug,p90,mp7,famas, and galil etc. I just think that the last request should have shot for shot with primary weapons (this would not include snipers like the awp the auto sniper and the scout). I hope you consider this I think it would be cool to add.😃
  4. Idk if that sounds like a good idea because like what if they are muted and a t gets away and they can't ask to peruse because they are muted and the t rebels or like what if they are muted and they want to ask the t to drop the weapon but they are muted so the t gets away with the weapon. Also what if they don't see chat and don't realize they are muted so they freekill because they don't know the t can't hear them so idk if it's such a good idea.
  5. There is a bug with ghosts. Every single time I am a ghost on ANY map when I want to do bhop I get teleported back as a soon as I enter it would even let me do bhop it just teleports me if you could fix that, that would be great thanks👍
  6. Yeah that's sound cool I think if a vote day is used 3 times in a row it should have a cool down for like 3 rounds that way ffa is not used way to much or any other vote day cause ffa gets boring cause almost every time it's a vote day it's also ffa
  7. Ghost have been fine with lr I have no problem with ghost during lr but they can't use teleports which defeats the purpose I think ghost should stay but be fixed and I like the /ganginv player idea
  8. Yeah I like it the way gangs are like Leks said
  9. I think it's fine like tom said it should not be that hard for 7k credits between your gang
  10. I like coke a lot more then Pepsi because it just taste better what about u coke or pepsi
  11. I love both but I would have to go with soft serverd custard because it taste so good I know ice cream and custard are like the same thing but I just like custard way better! Ice cream or custard?