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  1. Bizon fires more bullets per minute normally, P90 fires more bullets per minute when using rebuys or with an infinite ammo item (so it can be situational). Using base damage value (which is then multiplied by a modifier based on which part of the body you hit) * bullets fired per second, bizon gets about 229 dps reloading like normal and P90 gets about 212 dps reloading like normal. Here is a spreadsheet that roughly compares the values, pink values are for GFL's current ammo settings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nup8e-kr5RfnQMRSKyvQtkW-2wqTyLzHYv8oU0ce0FQ/edit#gid=0 Obviously this is just theoretical data though, as if you don't know the recoil pattern with one or are just bad at aiming, it may differ in practice.
  2. It looks like v3 is already on the server? If people are abusing exploits on the map, simply record them and send it to an admin or use the !report feature in game to call an admin. Unfortunately, since MG currently has no dedicated manager with mapping experience, I doubt it will get any map specific strippers to patch map exploits unless the mapper themselves puts out a fix.
  3. Are you sure it was broken? From what snowy said in discord, it made it seem as if the plugin was working fine but was removed due to being undesirable.
  4. STEAM_1:0:40636353
  5. Upgrading Weapons Map(s): dz_blacksite, ze_icecap_escape_v5_p, ze_onahole_v3_3_3, ze_frostdrake_tower_v1, ze_Kitchen_v2 Restrictions/Limitations: dz_blacksite: No guns, nades or knife knockback (aka hide and seek). 10 minute round to start off. ze_icecap_escape_v5_p: No guns, knife knockback enabled, fail nades enabled. ze_onahole_v3_3_3: Pistols Only. ze_frostdrake_tower_v1: Primaries with default, limited ammo (rebuys allowed). Pistols have unlimited ammo. ze_Kitchen_v2: Map Items are unable to be picked up. If the same level of any map is lost 3 times in a row (blacksite change with each loss) with legitimate tries (not fails right out of spawn/first round if only a few people spawn in as CT), upgrade the weapons as follows: dz_blacksite: Each loss, half the round time. ze_icecap_escape_v5_p: Upgrades to unlimited nades. ze_onahole_v3_3_3: Upgrades to primaries with default, limited ammo (rebuys allowed). Pistols have unlimited ammo. ze_frostdrake_tower_v1: Upgrades to normal ammo settings (unlimited reloads and custom ammo amounts on some guns). ze_Kitchen_v2: Upgrades to default settings (allow item pickups). Event Time Preferred: N/A Others: If you would like to change the maps to anything else that would fit the category and also fit a theme together, that is fine (since frostdrake I guess doesn't really fit in with laser maps).
  6. As an alternative to fully removing the cooldown sharing, so we don't go from 1 version straight to another version of the same map, could it be made so that the other same versions get a half-cooldown instead of full? Half cooldown would insure that it never over-writes an existing cooldown on a map with a shorter one (ie. changing a 50 cd left to a 10 cd left), since last played version would already have to have used up have its cooldown before the other versions are playable, so there shouldn't be any technical issues with that (unless the current system only alllows full cooldown). This would allow people to still play the main versions they like, while also preventing marathons and encouraging more variety because people could nominate the lesser-played versions before the last played version comes off cooldown. Just a suggestion as a middle ground between the current version and fully unlinking them.
  7. Admun, lasers are mg, not ze, please remove all lasers maps. Admun, boss fights are mg, not ze, please remove all bosses maps. Admun, items mean you don't have to shoot zombies, so they are mg. Please remove all items maps. Admun, ze_defense is actually zm and not ze. Please remove all zm maps. Admun, I dont like ze_mojos and ze_games even though they has plenty of defense related maps, so they must be mg. Admun, I also don't like crazy kart since it has karts and I dont has to shoot zombies; this makes it mg map. Admun I don't like weeb maps because they has anime and anime is mg, not ze. Please remove mg maps. In all seriousness, zombie escape is what the community has decided it to be. Since the community is fine with these mechanics in zombie escape maps (even if it isn't literally escaping zombies sometimes), it should be fine for maps to include such mechanics as well as new, original mechanics. If the admins were to simply remove maps because they deviated from the norm, it would stem a lot of the creativity that has made zombie escape into the gamemode that we currently enjoy today. If you don't like a certain map type, you can always nominate or vote for other maps, rtv on the map in question, or simply leave the server until you see that the map has changed (If you check the map tracking channel in the GFL ZE discord, you can join back right when the map changes).
  8. Couldn't you have just set sv_infinite_ammo to 2? That should be infinite reloads (how the server is normally), unless it is bugged in some way I don't know. (Just asking in case this ever happens again)
  9. STEAM_1:0:40636353 Won 5 maps: ze_rtv_one_more ze_rollermine_factory_2010_p ze_rainbow_factory_v2 ze_interception_p2 ze_forgotten_facility_p3
  10. Since wanderers has basically taken up a permanent spot on the ff rotation, just switching between its versions like with mako (when a stable v6 comes out) and westersand (with v7 and v8), we only really see this ff rotation changing 1 map at a time. When the ff rotation was introduced, it was 2 maps swapping out, but then 2 new wanderers version came out to basically lock it onto the list since then. Due to this, it would at least be nice for 1 more ff slot, just so we see 2 maps rotating each time like how it was when the ff list was first introduced.
  11. You can view which skins you have access to and equip them by typing !zclass in game. Then, once a skin is equiped, type !tp to go thirdperson to see what the model looks like.
  12. There is a !calladmin and !report in game though, as well the fact you can report on the forums if you want to... The ZE Modmail is only an alternative to those to make it a bit more convenient if you want to use discord instead to report.

    For anyone that uses the forums instead of discord:
  14. On skyrim, GFL fixed it with a stripper; that is why you don't do it on GFL.
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