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  1. Singles is a BMD thing, I believe it's to act as more incentive for someone to donate.
  2. There is nothing forcing you to sell shipments for low prices. You can over charge a good bit if you want.
  3. Jobs

    Godfather used to have an Un-arrest Baton, I don't know why they decided to remove it. Would definitely be all for this being added back again. Also add back IFAK scream, and if you think otherwise you just a bitch
  4. Ah okay, thanks last time I looked at the Changelog that wasn't on there
  5. Can you for the love of god please add singles for the weapon attachments.
  6. Minecraft

    You must have been inactive/blind the past two recent times a Minecraft server has been done then.
  7. Made you look :lenny: 

    1. Korowa


      You fuckin nerd

  8. From one Tyler to another, you have the big gay :lenny: 

  9. Damn that kid has grown up. I remember seeing the pictures shortly after she was born and anything else you would post on Instagram.
  10. I haven't even touched the game lol. Now that I think of it I haven't really used my Blizzard account in probably close to a year now. Might check it out sometime in the future when I get actual internet again.
  11. Stop lookin at my profile hoe. Just because we got the same name doesn't mean you can just come by and creep all the time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Boxy


       this is merica. so when you gonna stop by ph

    2. Bigtime388


      Never because I don't play Gmod anymore. 

    3. Boxy
  12. Yes this was an issue I ran into in the past when I tinkered with making Walter White house into a rotation server before ultimately making it Hide and Seek.
  13. oi

    I didn’t read most of this as it was fucking long. Only read the last paragraph and from that at some things I kinda glanced at. Anyway this all seemed really useless to post. Also I’m sure like me most people don’t give a fuck about most of these things with maybe the exception of Winter. Also since you were including so many things from irl probably should have included how the entire thing with you trying to stab your mom or whatever went down. That’s always a good attention grabber.
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