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  1. Happy Fourth Of July! I hope you guys have fun celebrating, eating, and setting off fairly illegal fireworks. I hope you have a happy and safe holiday to you and your family! :D
  2. I'm decent at Photoshop, but I just can't think of how to draw something and then proportion it correctly. Although I've taken art classes where they taught me how which some what helped. Haha, but thank I will give it a shot!
  3. Dang bruh you talented but tbh @Syrus might just have you beat
  4. I love TTT as well and I love GFL, it is an amazing server and theres no toxic people!
  5. The games pretty fun, I'm in arena 7 almost 8 : p
  6. Sup Animator, Welcome fam! Hopefully we get to know eachother : p
  7. What's your guy's favorite esports team in CS:GO and your favorite player from the team, and how come?
  8. What's your guy's favorite knife in csgo and your least favorite, and how come ?
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