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  1. my favorite color is emerald. becuz no one can just deflect the emerald splash.
  2. Outright removing it is the best IMO. but T-pass should be at least nerfed. Either raise the price. If I want i can buy it whenever i want and i still make points overall. Maybe 4 or 5 rounds instead of 3. supporters at like 6. members stay at 7. also adding sprint and new guns would be cool.
  3. There isn't even a gmod zombie survival server anymore. Although we do not ban for ddos threats anymore so @Zero or @MilkMan may be able to help u appeal the ban
  4. congrats on member

  5. Ain't no one is going to stop the Red Sox from winning the finals.
  6. If STEAM_1:0:510978143 is not your STEAM id. Then you are not banned enjoy your day. If STEAM_1:0:510978143 is you STEAM id and you would like to appeal your ban. Try the CSGO arena 1v1 ban appeal section found HERE. Although the ban was on the CSGO server. GFL bans are global across all gfl server and games.
  7. You can tell an inactive admin when you see one that doesn't know that the intervention was fixed and is now hands down the best sniper. Trick to intervention is using shotgun and intervention combo. Best close range and long range.
  8. I broke 1000 hours on Gmod TTT Minecraft 24/7. For helping me get here, I'd like to thank my mom, @MooTheCow, crippling depression, sleep deprivation, and failing my classes. Joined 2015. Now going into 2020.
  9. I know what W1 means. Im not mentally handicapped. I was just using theoretical scenarios that could happen to new players. I was basically saying that the rule should be either removed or changed so you have to type out both the name and warning out as in just get rid of type warnings in chat or make it something along the lines of Moo Test Warning 1 Moo Test Warning 2 Moo Test warning 3 none of this moo test w1 w2 w3
  10. Reasons i don't lie this new "type your warning in chat rule for [GFLClan.com] TTT Minecraft 24/7 | Jihad | Pointshop | DM Moo Test W1 W2 W3 kos moo If i missed the first warning how the fuck do i know W2 and W3 are for me WTF does W3 W2 W1 mean i never played TTT Half the time detective gives these warnings they are not in tester. if u are warning me u should be there. TTT is a verbal game with microphones we should be able to use them. Why stop at just warning people, lets make KOS only in chat. That way we can report innos that false kos and have evidence of it. no more of the "he said she said" to kos you.
  11. I played god knows how many hours to save up enough points for my god dam for my dream butterfly case hardened and u went and removed it. Now I decide okay no more pointshop items for me, waste of points when they remove stuff i buy. i will just buy t passes. BUT IT DOESNT EVEN LET ME BUY TPASSES BECAUSE ITS FOR MEMBERS ONLY NOT VIP WHERE IS MY $50 VIP MONEY GO
  12. @SwegBuster will pvp be allowed in survival. If so is it the older left click spam combat style or the newer left click wait to charge and hit combat style personally i prefered the older left click spam.
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